Hillary and 2nd Amendment

There are meme’s and political propaganda going around that tries to reframe truths, into something they can deny. Like the one above asking “Q: Doesn’t she want to abolish the 2A" (2nd Amendment), and then answering a different question about how hard it would be to do so legally. The question isn’t will Hillary succeed at doing it through the proper legal process (and getting an amendment passed that officially revokes the 2A), the question is whether Hillary WANTS to abolish it, and whether Trump or the NRA believe that. The answer to the original questions is "yes". 

Movie: The Accountant

So I went and saw "the Accountant". Rotten Tomatoes gave me low expectations with a 51% reviewer rating, but the 86% audience score gave me some hope that it wouldn’t be horrid. Of course their audience tends to be younger, and doesn’t always run true to my tastes. But, "what the heck", how bad could it be?

Immigration and balances

Because I have a reasoned view of immigration, some have called me a xenophobic racist, showing they don’t know what either word means, and aren’t listening to what I actually think (or are missing the nuances of life).

Movie: Deepwater Horizon

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss 9 bucks goodbye. You can love it, hate it, or both at the same time. The short version is that I liked it as entertainment, but didn’t as a movie about a real event. 

Trump Taxes

The DNC and the media (but I repeat myself) have been screaming the DNC party line that Trump is the first person not to release his tax returns since Nixon, Johnson, FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, Ford, Truman and the others didn’t do it either. 


Earth has passed the carbon tipping point, and that was 400 ppm of CO2 (which we cross the other day), the first time ever (if you ignore back when we had ice ages and the CO2 level was an unbelievably low 5,000-8,000 ppm). To a few, this increase means 6-7° of more warming coming, which will destroy humanity, cook off the planet, flood our cities, and we’re doomed. So says those who think the Milankovitch cycle is a fancy Polish Motorcycle, in articles like these: