Gun Controllers aren’t very bright

When it comes to knowing guns, I’ve never met a gun controller with a clue. I’ve heard of a few, seen scant few in writing, but it’s the 99% that give the rest a bad name. The worst are the legislators — most of them don’t know how to hold a gun, what the parts are, proper terms, usage, history, or function, but they’re sure know they want to make legislation to save people who know more than they do, from them. 

The results are exactly what you’d expect if a primitive Melanesian tribe member of a cargo cult, was elected to congress and put in charge of Airline Safety. Of course that’s not really fair, since at least would be advocates for more air cargo, and congressional anti-gun folks are luddites (and their constituents are worse).

Now that’s not to say they can’t be intelligent and functioning human beings in other aspects of their lives. Many are quite smart and accomplished, as long as you don’t touch the emotional hot-button of guns. But if you do, their brains turn off, and they have the intellectual curiosity and objectivity that the Italian Inquisition had with regards to Galileo’s theories on the cosmos. "Evil boom sticks are the tools of Satans, and must be destroyed".

Their safety ideas are like this one, "let’s require the first bullet to be a blank". Um, even if a blank could operate an automatic (which it can’t), so ignoring that the guy’s a moron that doesn’t understand how a gun works, and even pretending it could work… we still get to the point where there are cases where he’d have to shoot twice, while the other person would have to shoot once. This would end up with many cops dead. How many people is he willing to kill for his cause? 

If you think I’m overstating the abject stupidity of these folks, just scan this page of examples.

> NOTE: some people may think these are just technicalities, but they show proficiency and understanding. Would you trust your life to a doctor who didn’t know what a stethoscope was, or what part went in his ear? 

2016.07.14 ~ Gersh Kuntzman fires a weapon and has a meltdown about how scary it was, and exaggerates (to comical levels) everything to do with the gun and his experience

Here’s the seriously intended piece of satire that shows everything wrong with gun controllers: 

Key points: 

  • It felt to me like a bazooka, the recoil bruised my shoulder
  • it sounded like a cannon. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD
  • The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face
  • The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick
  • Forty nine people can be gone in 60 seconds
  • you can get a military-styled weapon in seven minutes in this country

Every one of those claims is laughably and moronically false. Except that there are gullible rubes that will believe that crap.

  • Children fire the AR-15 because it has a spring loaded slide weight that absorbs the energy and makes it easier to shoot than many pistols.
  • People fire it off their nose or genitals, and 9 and 10 year old girls can fire the gun with giggles and smirks. 
  • There is no such thing as “temporary PTSD” and you don’t get it from firing a gun in a controlled environment
  • These guns intentionally direct shells away from your face (not near them)
  • And the reason 49 people died in Orlando wasn’t because it took 60 seconds, but because the police waited 3 hours to go in while 30-40 of those folks bled to death
  • These are not military styled weapons (they aren’t fully automatic), they’re hunting rifles made in plastic to look like military weapons with accessory rails

So this guy became the butt of jokes and meme’s by anyone with a clue who has ever shot the most popular sport and hunting rifle in the U.S. (the AR variants). 

When Kuntzman was shown that he was stupidly lying, instead of being mature and apologizing for his ridiculously embellished story that would have embarrassed Bryan Williams, Kuntzman doubled-down and claimed he was justified , and anyone that disagreed was just a gun-nut, and that he was the victim (instead of the perpetrator of an absurd set of lies). 

2016.07.10 ~ Jesse Jackson: AK-47’s in Texas, ‘can bring down airplanes’

The dumb is strong with this one. Box cutters brought down airplanes, should we outlaw them? To date, no commercial airplane in the U.S. has ever been brought down by small arms fire. The only way that’s happening is if you got one on-board, with you with it, and that is already illegal. 

2016.07.09 ~ smartest democrat they could find, "forensic expert Jennifer Barringer"

  • guns at grocery stores in Texas
  • Ban scopes, hunting rifles, and adapters
  • "Can add adapters to make the rifle shoot faster"
  • "rifle has a clip" (she meant magazine, I hope), 
  • "where you bullet doesn’t have to be ejected between, like a single action rifle" <- this is too dumb to explain. All bullets have to be ejected, almost all rifles are single or double action. 

Obama says retarded things like, 

> "And then there’s a reality that there are neighborhoods around the country where it is easier for a 12 or 13-year-old to purchase a gun, and cheaper, than it is for them to get a book"

The moron has obviously never heard of fucking (how do you download a gun off the Internet?). Of course if it was true, it would only show the failure of gun control, since those neighborhoods would most likely be ones in Chicago and Detroit, where they have strict gun control. He’s arguing against gun control, and he and his base are not bright enough to realize it, "It’s not working, we need more of it!".

California Senator Kevin De Leon rambles on about Ghost Guns, and rambles on all sorts of stuff he gets wrong: 

13-term congresswoman Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-New York) blamed the Second Amendment for violent crime, saying "Americans aren’t safe anywhere" and gun control "has to be done" to protect citizens from themselves and their constitutionally guaranteed individual right to own a firearm. 

> The Second Amendment only protects the people who want all the guns they can have. The rest of us, we’ve got no Second Amendment. What are we supposed to do?

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) has no clue what a “barrel shroud” is, although she wants to regulate it and the term is in her legislation. Best she can do is “it’s a shoulder thing that goes up.”

This started some mocking memes:

A Democratic National Platform Committee member (Bonnie Schaefer) said that no one should own a gun Wednesday, “I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun, I mean that’s just my own — you know — philosophy. Nothing is ever solved when you have a gun in your hand, except the worst possible scenario ”

Yup, worst possible scenario, you weren’t raped, murdered or assaulted while waiting for the cops to arrive. 

Former Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington (D-NY),

> Come on. This is crazy. … But some of these bullets have an incendiary device on the tip of it, … which is a heat seeking device. So you don’t shoot deer with a bullet that size. If you do, you could cook it at the same time

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, Billionaire, Gun-Moron, who always has 5 armed bodyguards around him, shows he doesn’t know the difference between Assault Weapon (invented term by gun controllers to confuse people — basically a regular semi-auto rifle that looks like an assault rifle) and Assault Rifle (fully automatic banned military hardware since 1930’s). He goes on to show he doesn’t know anything about rifles, pistols, or hunting. 

Clips of people blabbing about things they don’t understand, "Assault ammunition clips".

Vice President Joe Biden made this statement in an interview with Field & Stream’s Anthony Licata, "Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door". 

He later repeated it as a double barrel .12 gauge, and just fire two shots in the air. Only a few problems with this

  • If you shoot the 2 shots with a double barrel, you are out of ammo and you can’t shoot if the intruders want to keep coming (or fire back)
  • shooting randomly into the air is unsafe
  • shooting a warning shot may get you arrested and jailed (illegal in most cities)
  • if there are 3 or more intruders (and you only have a double-barrell), you may not have enough rounds even if you haven’t fired indiscriminately into the air
  • A 12 gauge may be too powerful for the person, an AR-15 or some other gun is easier (safer) to control (what know-nothing Joe was recommending against)

CNN explains to us about guns for ants — .223 is caliber is mighty small. (about 1/128th of an inch)

You do not file down a firing pin to make a gun fully automatic — doing so would mean the gun can’t fire at all. 

Now this clip is competent — a guy is shot/grenaded, and he still knows to keep his finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Something everyone with a single gun safety class knows, and no gun controllers posing for the cameras seem to understand. 

Feinstein at a press conference:

Feinstein during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun control, basically claiming her proposed semi-automatic weapons ban would finally make it illegal to hunt people.

> "We have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit hunting ducks with more than three rounds. And yet it’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines." 

Feinstein arguing with Cruz, she and her followers don’t realize that while she’s not a lawyer, Ted Cruz is not only a Lawyer, but the one that drafted the Amicus Brief for the Heller decision that she’s trying to counter-lecture him on (so she’s way outclassed on this topic). Diane claims she saw "kids dismembered’ and torn apart by bullets at Sandyhook. Um, no they weren’t — limbs are not torn off by AR-15’s, so that never happened. She says "weapons of war," (fully automatics), but those have been illegal since the 1930’s, she’s either too stupid to know that, or intentionally misleading anyone listening.  She uses fallacies like Bazookas (no one was discussing those). And so on. Great flourishes to distract from her not answering the question, until her fellows help her out and spoon-feed her excuses. 

During 1994 Feinstein authored the Clinton-Era Assault Weapons Ban and claimed it didn’t go far enough in restricting firearms:

> "If I could have banned them all — ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ — I would have!"

Feinstein explaining how when she dealt with threats on her life, how she was scared so she got a concealed permit and she carried all the time because she was going to shoot them before they shot her. But she wants to make sure we never have that same opportunity. 

Nancy Pelosi, when asked about gun rights, Nancy Pelosi explained, “We avow the First Amendment. We stand with that and say that people have a right to have a gun…”

Rep. Joe Salazar with regards to why women on campus shouldn’t use a gun to stop rape: 

> "It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at… And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop a round at somebody."

Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colorado) made this comment during an April 2 gun control forum in Denver confirming what gun owners already suspected: She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. (Bullets go in magazines, they don’t come in them). 

> "If you ban [high cap magazines] in the future, the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available."

Democrat State Senator from California, Leland Yee Talks about not having Assault Weapons in the Hands of the People, right before he gets arrested for illegal arms trafficking (selling both illegal guns and rocket launchers, from an Islamic Terrorist organization). 

Sandy Sheedy, a city councilwoman from Sacramento, seems to believe that you can be shot by an unloaded gun.

Head of Moms Demand Action (Shannon Watts) explains, "An assault weapon enables humans to shoot 10 rounds in one minute." There were guns in the 1600’s that exceeded that rate of fire, by a lot.

Civil rights failure: Did Vermont State Senator Mary Ann Carlson think this though? It reminds me of the racist T-shit that said, "arrest the black babies now before they grow up to be criminals". 

The View:

Don’t get me started on these klatch of dim-wits. But they’re a good example of people in NY and Hollywood talking about shit they don’t know the first thing about. Whoopi saying "She Wants Automatic Weapons Banned", since they have been since 1934. 

If you don’t know the difference between fully-automatic and semi-automatic guns, you shouldn’t talk about either. Just avoid guns in general, since you’ll just demonstrate a strong opinion based on complete ignorance of the topic. 

Gun Safety:

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