– Guns: Fallacies – Fools or Frauds

NOTE: This is a work in-progress – I post it partially incomplete so I can start building references to it, from other places on iGeek.

I’m not saying everyone that posts one of these links without knowing better is a fool — but at best, they definitely got played for a rube (and aren’t skeptical enough). At worst, they’re knowing writing or repeating stuff that they know is falsehood (not the whole truth and a lie of omission).

This is a great article for that, with 17 lies in one, and 10 in the other:

But I’ll break them down, and add more articles that are in the same categories.

#1 – U.S. Gun Homicides are higher than nation(s) {x}Cherry Picking Fallacy

Let me ask you, if you had a choice of being shot to death, stabbed and beaten to death, or having a gun to to try to defend yourself against on of the first two, which would you choose?

Yes, when you outlaw guns, in some countries, gun homicides go down, but then usually other homicides (and violent crimes) go up by even more. Is that a net win to you? If I told you your odds of getting shot go down, but of being raped or beaten to death would increase by more, would you go for that tradeoff?

The question in how safe/secure you are is not based on how safe you are from getting shot, but how likely you are to get murdered by any means. The United States is 121 in list of 218 countries for murder rates, but the only reason it is that high is due to gang activity in a few democrat controlled cities. Our white murder rate is somewhere around #200 in the list of 218. Just barely worse than Switzerland (at 210), which is the second highest country on the list with regards to gun ownership, and just a little better than Sweden (which is just below Switzerland in guns per capita). If you read VOX, you’re asking to be mislead.

#2 – Gun ownership is a bad thing, so by having gun ownership, you’re a bad country. – Guilt by association

By their reasoning, the more guns a country has, the worse it is. So do you think the worst countries in the world (in human rights, civil liberties, murders, or whatever metric of evil you can think of) would be in order: United States, Switzerland, Cyprus, Sweden, Norway, France, Canada, Austria, Iceland, Germany? Because that’s 10 of the top 15 countries in the world in gun ownership per capita. (The other 5 were omitted for brevity). If you don’t think the other 9 countries besides the U.S. are horrible places to go, then what makes us so different on this metric?

#3 & #4 – They claim there have been over 1,000 mass shootings since SandyHook, or roughly one per day. There have actually been about 4 in 2015, not the 350+ reported. There’s no way to reconcile those two, without one of them being a lie. Moving the goalpost fallacy (or just outright cooking/falsifying the data)

How do they make it seem like there’s a Sandy Hook shooting every day in America? They change the terms — both from what the FBI and Congressional Research office uses, and from what common sense dictates.

When I ask you what’s a mass shooting? The kind most people are thinking about is any where some lunatic goes somewhere and starts killing innocent people (or workplace violence), etc. What they did is change the term to mean any shooting with more than 4 people involved — and since we have a gang problem, any gang shooting where two rival gang members shoot at two others (and they shoot back, or civilians are hit) is considered a mass shooting. Which would be a surprise to most people who read the point.

There are many sites and articles that have repeated this lie, showing they’re firmly on the fool or fraud spectrum — if they report this, they either ALL don’t have fact-checkers with triple digit IQ’s, or they trust that their readers are gullible enough to buy whatever disinformation they peddle:

Either way, trying to peddle those lies makes them everything they accuse the other side of being.

#5 –  States with more guns have more gun deaths – this is called misleading vividness fallacy (where you offer an anecdote without context to hide the statistical facts). I think of it as “look a squirrel” fallacy. 

We’ve had dozens of studies (and many books) that have shown that more guns does not lead to more deaths (and leads to less crime). We’ve had one or two that concluded some subset — but how? 

Well the don’t filter out suicides, and they have a lot of older folks in them (end of life, where they commit suicide), the don’t adjust for income or racial breakdown, and they look at data at a misleading level (state instead of city/county).

#6 – Homicides are correlated to gun ownershipcooking/falsifying the data

I’ll tear that apart

Man charged with murder for defense. 

#X – Not coming for your guns – Lie / Self Delusion