Holiday Memes

During their anti-Christmas crusade,
Starbucks slit the throats of
these poor Polar Bear cookies.

Dolphin Free Cranberries

Easter –
No cure for the wicked

Before you laugh at kids believing in Santa,
Remember adults that believe in Obama.

Getting into the XMas Spirit (Bad Santa)– 
"I’m sorry you say me Tommy,
Now I’m going to have to kill you."

Santa: Liberal or Conservative?

Turkey Lamp

You only like us for our breasts!

Bad Pumpkin: Come at me bro!

Shot my first turkey today… 
scared the crap out of everyone in
the frozen food section,
it was awesome!!!

I think this means no candy

That’s a big bird

Easter –
Getting Hammered

There I was at the stable when 
Jesus was born, saying how this
would be offensive to muslims.

Not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse…
’cause I ate him.

Obama voters are like 
Christmas lights:
Half don’t work, and the ones
that do, aren’t very bright. 

Santa TMI

Moo! Moo!

Pass me Turkey Stuffing!

You’re done!