Trump Accomplishments – Week 1

So far, Trump is hitting the ground running, with some major moves. Whether you like the moves or not (I’m a bit mixed, but more positive than negative), he’s certainly getting a ton accomplished. 

Even before taking office Trump managed to do the following deals towards Jobs and Deficit Reduction: 

  • Carrier, Ford, Black and decker,  SoftBank, Boeing on $4B AirForceOne, Lockheed on F-35, IBM, others [1] – whether you agree with “made in America” politics or not, he made a difference to a lot of people who won’t soon forget it. 
  • A buried Pentagon Report on $125B in government waste, suddenly saw the light of day (as part of a much larger waste cuts that are being prepared)
  • Trump’s appointments: unlike Change-Agent Obama’s hand picked list (given to him by DNC bundlers and DC insiders to perpetuate crony capitalism and the status quo), Trump’s is industrialist, outsiders, businessmen and reformers (lots of billionaires and strong personalities). He was reaching across the aisle, talking to enemies in the campaign, and it wasn’t just donors or allies like Obama. Whether you like them or not (and there’s certainly some personalities that people won’t like), they’re very aggressive and much more outside the beltway thinking: the message is "we’re going to shake things up more than Mr. Hope and Change did".  
  • Amazing that Trump did all that before his first day in office, and Obama had not managed to in 8 years (must have been all the golf and vacations). 


  • 2017.01.20 – Very aggressive inauguration speech about reducing government burdens on the economy and American people — and starts acting on it, immediately. It was 15 minutes (1/3rd Obama’s exit oratory), and a lot less self-centered (use “I" 3 times and “we” 46. Compared to Obama’s 67 times talking about himself [Snopes] ). The media hated Trump’s speech, but forgets in structure it was very similar to Obama’s first inaugeration speech [WaPo], but in how, it was empowering the people instead of the state (that’s what they hated).
  • Trade – Kills the Obama’s failed TPP [NYT], to renegotiate NAFTA [CNBC][Reuters], plays nice with Unions [ZeroHedge], pressures Automakers to expand domestically [Reuters]
  • Budget – Hiring Freeze on federal workers [WaPo], Starts planning significant budget cuts (despite opposition) [the hill], Massive regulation cuts (up to 75%) [CNBC]
  • Foreign Policy – meeting w/Israel (Bibi) [Time], Tells China to back off on their South China Seas (shipping lane) intrusions [Reuters], works with Egypt/Sisi on Terror [Reuters], visited CIA to mend fences [Time], Meeting w/UK (Theresa May) [BBC] and put Churchill’s Bust back in place of honor [The Hill], building the wall he promised and targeting sanctuary cities [Reuters][WaPo] temp ban on refugees from terrorist countries until government improves vetting (extreme vetting promise) [Yahoo]
  • Domestic Policy – becomes english only [DailyMail], puts gag on EPA & USDA [Daily News], After violent inauguration day riots, and peaceful Women’s progressive marches, he’s been using a charm offensive on congress instead of the big freeze [rollcall], and Trump’s approval hits 57% (higher than Obama’s average). investigating defunding sanctuary cities [WaPo], while publishing crimes committed by illegals in them. 
  • Summary links: Time, ZeroHedge,

Fake News –  media spun fake news (lies, distractions and exaggerations)

  • the most attended Republican inauguration ever, was spun as illegitimate because it was smaller than Obama’s (and Trump admin stupidly took the bait in the whiney’est press conference ever)
  • a normal update of the Whitehouse Website was spun as a Stalin’esque purging of LGBT and climate from the historical record
  • Trump admin saying they were hiring based on qualifications and not race/gender was spun as a faux that they said latino’s unqualified
  • Obama lowers insurance qualification standards on his exit (this had contributed to the housing crisis last time it was tried), Trump stops that to keep standards where they were, media spins it as a tax increase for stopping a bad idea that never went into effect (so important that Obama waited until last possible minute to enact it) [Time]
  • Media pissed because Trump keeps saying millions of illegal aliens vote, they lie and say there’s no evidence (but there is lots of circumstantial evidence of it). VoterID and Voter Fraud:
  • The Churchill bust thing is amusing. Obama slights the Brits by returning a bust of Churchill, among other slights, denies he sent it back, after the brits return it (5 years later) Obama lies and claims he loves Churchill and had just moved it to the residence because it would be too cluttered in Oval Office with both MLK and Churchill busts. Trump moves in, and does something the prior administration couldn’t: finds a place for both Churchill and MLK in the Oval Office. [Politifact] [Federalist]
  • Media freaking out that Trump might cut PBS and NEA and spins it as an infinitesimal cut [WaPo], $750M is a larger percent of federal budget than manmade CO2 is to greenhouse gasses — enough to hire 15,000 full time people (with benefits), that won’t be taken from the public.  
  • Summary links: igeek, Federalist 

Executive Orders –

  • Reduce burden of ACA before Repeal  – 13765

  • Withdraw from TPP – 13766

  • Presidential Hiring Freeze (except military) – 13767

  • Stop government funding of foreign abortions (called the MexicoCityPolicy) – 13768 [Time]

  • Two Pipelines (Keystone XL & Dakota access) that Obama blocked for 8 years [USAToday][National Review]
    • I love this, Mr. “All of the Above” Obama found excuses to block and delay these pipelines after campaigning on how he was an “all of the above energy guy”. Trump just did more for energy independence before the end of his second day, than Obama managed in nearly a decade. 
  • Order to streamline permits and reduce regulations [DocCloud], & talks about how they’re out of control [WaPo]

  • Fast Tracking Infrastructure [DocCloud

  • Orders that crimes committed by illegals in sanctuary cities be shared with public [americanmirror]