Goofy, anti-Trumpers and the Wall

There’s an old joke that sums up every conversation I’ve ever had with trump haters:

  • Judge to Mickey Mouse, “So you want to divorce Mini Mouse because she’s crazy?”
  • Mickey Mouse to Judge, “For the third time, I want to divorce Mini because she’s fucking Goofy!”

The point is that it doesn’t matter what you say, if the other side’s biases prevent them from hearing it.

Trump-Hating-Urban-Groupthinkers (THUGs for short), confuse various things. Like if I enjoy karmic justice (progressives getting exactly what they dished out), or I point out that they’re approaching their Trump problem wrong, they think that’s the same as me saying "I like Trump" and “I agree with his policies" and "I voted for him". That just makes me enjoy the schadenfreude even more

Trump to me is Obama’s (or Hillary’s) anti-politically-correct doppelgänger: Obama’s arrogance, Hilary’s thin skin, and their snide attitude towards those they oppose. Trump is more overtly braggart and accomplished, instead of nose- in-the-air arrogant over divisive failures, but I didn’t like Obama, so I’m not a Trump “fan” for the same reason. They were warned, “If Obama/Reid/Pelosi can do it, think about the next guy”. Since they thought the next guy was Hillary, they didn’t careNow they’re suffering the consequences of their actions: Obama’s rules-for-radicals applied back at them. This angry article sum up the sentiment perfectly: Ace of Spades. The longer it takes the left to own it, and revise their behavior, the longer the sitcom will run in primetime.


A Presidency is a 4 or 8 year marathon, not a sprint. Most fair-minded people giver Presidents at least a few months to see how the policies work before they’re going to turn on him. Thus, the more the THUGs scream before giving it a chance, the more they discredit their side. THUGs have been exaggerating everything Trump is doing as "the end-of-the-fucking-world”, but when we find out it’s never as bad as they claimed, Trump wins. He’s gas lighting them, by throwing them bait and watching them overreact, and training the public to ignore their histrionics. Who knew schoolyard bullying techniques (like calling him a racist double-meany white-privileged male-1%’er with bad hair and cheeto-complexion) was going to eventually get old? Worse, their crying-wolf act is dulling that blade: meaning it will be a less useful tool in the future. By failing at managing expectations, each loss makes him stronger and them weaker (as people are desensitized). This concerns me. They’re wasting all their political capital on the little stuff (now), but what happens if we actually need it and everyone is so tired of their incessant whining that no one is willing to listen? The mainstream medias (being THUG’s themselves) is doing the same thing, and turning everyone against the Press. Instead of raising their standards and being more careful to regain the publics trust, they’re getting more shrill and error-prone, to the point where the previously reasonable won’t listen. We’re going to have to start calling him the Teflon-Don, because none of their slurs will stick.

I keep trying to tell the THUGs how they’re getting played, and they keep telling me I must be "on his side" for daring to offer the introspection they seem so completely incapable of. 

While there’s dozens of examples of their stupidity, the most recent is the Wall:

  • (a) Trump said he would make Mexico pay, he didn’t say how. Now he’s claiming he’ll tax any trade-imbalance and the THUGs are furious and trying to claim “that doesn’t count”. But it doesn’t matter, his side loves him for deliver on his campaign promise. The more THUGs fight him on it, the dumber (more shrill) they look. Pick your battles, and this is NOT one they can win.
  • (b) Suddenly the left gets all free market economy and claims, “but a tariff is just a tax on the American consumer”. Yes, just like regulations and corporate taxes. So fighting him on what a tax means, or how it hurts consumers, is just setting Trump up for cutting corporate taxes/regulations as he’ll force feed their arguments back at them. Anything they say against this tax/tariff hurting consumers can and will be used against them in a court of public opinion.
  • (c) The left is wrong even in that: Trump is talking about raising tariffs only for trade imbalances (fair trade) AND he’s talking about lowering corporate taxes for American companies by even more. That means the consumers will see a lower cost of goods overall (and advantaging American goods — just like everywhere else in the world has done with their own). Mexico will be hit hard, and Americans won’t: that will pay for the wall. Screaming against this, is going to destroy the DNC credibility with the blue collar, Unions and buy-American crowd. Which guarantees Trump a 2020 re-election, and possibly beyond (for other Republicans).
  • (d) This faux fiscal responsibility by Democrats just makes them look like hypocrites. The party that gave us Obamacare ($2T/decade), the Stimulus ($1T in partisan hand-outs), Cash-for-clunkers ($3B), High speed rail ($68B so far, likely double to finish it), gets no room to complain about a $10-15B wall, without looking like idiots or hypocrites.
  • (e) Democrats promised as part of Reagan’s Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986, that Regan would give millions of illegal immigrants amnesty, in trade for better border enforcement. Republicans lived up to their part, Democrats reneged, and that’s what divided us on this issue. Despite average of about 1.3 million people a year caught crossing the border illegally over the entire 1990s, Clinton refused to build the fence that he promised in his 1992 campaign (and had been promised to GHWB and Reagan). So the THUGs are going to lose this one, the only issue is whether they look like poor sports about it, or not. 
  • (f) I agree the wall is mostly a waste of money, or that there’s better ways to spend the money on anti-immigration, but the Democrats oppose all of them too.
  • (g) Since the Democrats made it a symbolic hill (and a divisive issue), he campaigned on it, now it has to be conquered. Trump must build it, and make Mexico pay for it, because it’s a promise he made — thus if he doesn’t follow through, he’ll lose leverage with China (in the important negotiations) and the rest of the world. Trump understands the basics of credibility — if you back down on one thing (like a red line in Syria), your credibility is gone from then on: no one will pay attention to you. So Mexico must lose as an example to China. If you care about China trade-imbalance, then whether you think the Wall is a good idea or not (I don’t), you should be rooting for it. The harder Mexico fights, the worse for them it will be.
  • (h) I don’t like bullies, and America is going to be the bully in this one. But sometimes the smaller guy just has to realize the best option is to put your ego aside and not fight with the guy that can kick your ass. We gave too much to Mexico in aid/agreements/etc over the last couple decades, now it’s our turn to collect some of that back. Sucks to be Mexico. Sorry we have to do this. But It can be easy, or it can be hard, but it’s going to happen. 
  • (i) Every time I think the THUGs have exposed the depths of their stupidity, they exceed my lowered expectations. This one was with the latest Gavin Newsom and LA Times tantrum. Their best and brightest think they should use environmental laws to block “the wall”. (1) fed law trumps state law, so the fed can override. (2) The fed could declare all of California’s environmental laws encroach in fed and create a big loss for California watermelons, so this is a really dumb idea to use as a “nuclear option”. (3) federal lands are exempt from state laws, and they can seize lands (this is why you could drink on military bases at 18, or fill them with toxic waste, regardless of state laws). Feds could just declare an easement on fence land or a national park/monument, all state suits are over. (4) almost all of the wall that has to be build is in Texas, California is already 95% complete, so they’re fighting the wrong fight (5) Trump is gutting regulations and wants an excuse to invalidate many of these environmental laws, this would play into his hands. Dumbasses. Again, it’s not that I like the wall, it’s just that their ideas are so fucking dumb — they will lose, after making it an issue, then they look like losers. Pick your battles and save your ammo for things you can win.


As Napoleon said, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” 

I’m not taking his advice, by trying to educate the THUGs, but I don’t want an unfettered Trump regime. I want a party able to provide checks and balances (despite their desperate desire to shoot themselves in the face).

If Trump is screwing up with the wall, the THUGs are being idiots to interrupt him. Shut-up and give him rope to tie around his neck. The fact that they’re screaming so continuously means they’re scared shitless of the opposite: that giving people a taste of the freedoms or security that the progressives have tried to wean them off of, might make them want more. The THUGs know it, and that’s why they’re fighting so hard. Either that, or they’re idiots. But so far, they’re getting played like an instrument. They under-estimated Trump, and every promise by them that he was lying or couldn’t do what they said was impossible, seems to be crumbling. And that’s destroying them as a viable check and balance. 

I don’t even like the wall, but I’m amused at Trump making deals around the Democrats. So seeing him play their exaggerations against them, and do to them everything the THUGs wanted Obama/Hillary to do to conservatives? Delightful. But I’m not defending him, because I don’t like him and I don’t care about the micro-issues like the wall — yet, I will defend the truth against the attempted distortions like pretending the electoral vote isn’t legitimate, that making Mexico pay through tariffs doesn’t count, or not accepting that it’s racism just because the left doesn’t like it. This isn’t the policy I would have picked (I’m more amenable to immigration, and not setting examples I don’t have to). But it’s the policy he picked, and he’s President. That means him getting this victory is probably better for America than him not getting it.

As C.S. Lewis put it, "We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”

Trump is turning many things around, the debate is who was heading to the right road. Democrats got their chance, and the majority of the public hated it, now it’s Republicans (or at least Trump’s) turn. Well see if hes right or not, one way or the other.