Tolerance & Liberty Memes

The smallest minority on earth is the individual.
Those who deny individual rights cannot claim
to be defenders of minorities.


except schools, guns, trade, healthcare,
energy, smoking, unions, lightbulbs, 
plastic bags, walmart, foods, drinks, etc.

Nanny-state: it’s for your own good!

Ending the debate

Slavery, Holocaust, Segregation was Legal
Don’t confuse Government/Legality with ethical/moral

Don’t blindly follow the masses
or you might find the ‘M’ is silent

If you think our problems are bad,
wait until you see our solutions.

What are you in for? 
Prices too high, too low, or just right:

So let me get this straight…
SpaceX just did something NASA never did
And you’re telling me we need government 
to build roads? 

Democracy without respect
for individual rights sucks. 
It’s just ganging up on the 
weird kid. And I’m always
the weird kid.


when government takes your rights away
then sells your liberties back to you

Pass another law, that’ll fix it!

Let’s get ready to regulate!

Everyone is offended by something,
if they’re not, they try to be…

Why is greed trying to keep
the money you earned,
 but generosity is taking
what someone else earned?

The further we drift from the truth,
the more it will hate those that speak it

America had roads, schools,
colleges, railroads, and a military
before it had an income tax

Mel: They may take our lives!
and 40% of our income,
our rights to smoke plants,
fish & hunt without a license,
collect rainwater, drink raw milk,
sell lemonade in our front yard,
travel freely between countries,
purchase alcohol on Sundays,
our choice to wear a seatbelt
or buy health insurance….
but, they’ll never take our….
wait, where was I going with this?