Jeff Sessions, Russians and Fake News

Few things demonstrate faux scandals like this whole Attorney General Jeff Sessions  must resign thing. 

The basics as told by the fake news site (CNN), was they used deceptive editing to make it seem like Jeff Sessions was asked a direct question on whether he met with anyone from the Russian government, and he lied (perjured himself) in his confirmation hearing, and this was part of a larger conspiracy by the Trump administration to collude with the Russians to fix an election. Everything about that is a lie, if you’re the slightest bit informed. 

(1) Begging the question (petitio principii)

The question at the time, by SNL Comedian Al Franken was unintelligible word salad of confusion that conflated “Russian operatives”, a different CNN published fake news story about a conspiracy that has been discredited, a “continuing exchange of information” by Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government (not direct representatives of both), and not asking Sessions if he was a surrogate but what he’d do if this story pans out (which it didn’t BTW). The whole line of questioning was whether Sessions knew of anyone that discussed the 2016 election with Russian officials (not whether he’d ever talked with them), and that’s what sessions answered. And in the full context (omitted by CNN and other fake news agencies), Sessions was saying he has no idea what Stuart Smalley was talking about, and that as a Trump representative, he hadn’t met with any Russian intermediaries. 

Aha! Gotcha politics and the partisan fake-media (yellow journalism) pounces. As part of his duties as part of the Armed Services Committee, Sessions had met in non-private meetings with 25 ambassadors, and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was one of them. If you squinted your eye’s, or are gullible or partisan enough, and removed enough context from Franken’s question (as CNN did) it looked like Sessions had lied. But to anyone with a clue, this was complete bullshit. 

Now Sessions probably could have been clearer in his response and later said, "I never met with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign. I have no idea what this allegation is about. It is false.”, which is all true. But at the time, Franken’s question was all about the CNN story and clandestine meetings with go-betweens (surrogates), all of which has turned out to be unsubstantiated bullshit — not direct meetings by Senators with witness and no discussions of the campaign. But the media omitted that context — and colluding with the Obama administration surrogates, Democrat Never Trumpers (who were committing a campaign of obstruction and disinformation), to all start calling for Sessions impeachment. 

Of course anyone with a legal clue knows lawyering a vague question, is not perjury. If there’s a problem, it should be against the Franken-senator for being unable to ask a clear question. But he was too busy grandstanding and pontificating. Here’s a real legal opinion on the topic:  

Well, if it isn’t perjury, it still brings up all sorts of questions about whether what Sessions did was abnormal, wrong, or was to a lower level of standards for impeachments (assuming that "high crimes" is a lot lower standard than perjury). 

(2) What are the standards

The loudest two voices calling for Sessions Resignation (or impeachment) were Nancy Pelosi, and co-Senator Claire McCaskill, both known as shrill hyper-partisan party-liners. So both of them were asked if they’d ever met with the Russian Ambassador (to see what the standards were). And both of them said unequivocally “No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever”. And both got caught in a bald-faced lie (worse than Sessions), since the questions were far more direct. The talentless idiot savant McCaskill had even tweeted about her meetings, twice. 

The NYT tried to cover-up or doctor history for her, proving their Fake News / Yellow Journalism, by airbrushing away a tweet she had made, and editing a story (without noting the changes). But I don’t want to get off topic with how bad the fraudulent leftist Press has been in all this, and just stick with how much a non-issue Sessions “crime” is. 

So any standard that would demand Sessions resignation or impeachment for the scandal, would also have to cover Pelosi and McCaskill. And that’s a fair trade to me. If both of the Democrats resign or are impeached as an example, while Sessions lesser crime (to a much more obtuse question), would mean the example was set, and maybe he should resign or be impeached too. But there’s no standard where Sessions should be driven out, and Pelosi and McCaskill go free, for what was a far more blatant crime. So pick one standard, and let’s live by those rules — Democrats want the standard to be not remembering who you met or when, then fine, lead by example and fire Pelosi and McCaskill and we can shame the Republicans into a higher bar. But if they give their side a pass, then they should be shamed for trying to have a different standard for the Republicans. 

The faux defense by the dishonest media and dishonest partisans is that Pelosi and McCaskill never met in private (implying that Sessions did). But anyone with a cursory understanding knows that’s false. Session bumped into Kislyak at a Heritage Foundation event (a public party), and during a series of official meetings with his staffers present. If you’re having clandestine meetings to commit high crimes (like election rigging), are you going to do it at a party where you can be overheard or in your office with multiple people present? It’s an asinine claim. 

If the standard for resignation/impeachment is meeting with the Russian Ambassador, then Pelosi and McCaskill were far from alone. Senator Chuck Schumer, another loud partisan voice in this, had private meetings and public photo-ops over donuts with Russian ambassador. Along with Democratic Senators: Mary Landrieu (D), Maria Cantwell (D), Amy Klobuchar (D), Jack Reed (D), Robert Case (D), Sheldon Whitehouse (D). And that’s not even touching on the 22 times that the Russian Ambassador colluded with the White House (Obama administration), in secret meetings. Again, if Democrats want to lead by example, and say meeting with the Russians is reason to resign or get impeached, let them start swinging the hatchet in their own party, and then we can talk about whether Republicans should follow their lead. 

If the standard for resignation/impeachment is just telling a lie, then I think we have to start looking at previous standard AG’s were held to by Democrats, and whether they were worse or not? Here’s 5 Things Obama’s AG Eric Holder Never Resigned Over — which included gun-running (Fast and Furious), lying about it under oath in direct questions (not obtuse non-questions) on multiple occasions, obstructing justice (stonewalling the investigation), letting Black Panther felons go unprotected for Election Tampering and intimidation (weapons at a polling place), extortion of banks, and letting off a Democrat operative Bill Richardson (Commerce Secretary) despite evidence of "pay-to-play. He became the only cabinet member in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress — and instead of asking him to resign, Obama gave him executive privilege, had his Justice Department decline to prosecute the attorney general on the contempt charge and clear him of any wrongdoing despite evidence to the contrary. 

Democrats had no problems with any of that behavior, and never called for his impeachment/resignation. To show how balanced the media is in all this, they had 7 times as much coverage of Sessions than of Holder, despite Holders actual crimes (not weak-sauce allegations of them), and Obama administrations real abuse of power with the DOJ and coverup. Again, there’s no standard where Sessions should be considered guilty, and Obama and Holder should get a pass. And we’re not even touching on the obstruction of justice, or real clandestine meetings to unethically meet and collude with the Clinton’s in an investigation by Holder’s successor Loretta Lynch.

The counter argument I’ve heard by partisan, is that one crime doesn’t excuse another, so we should stop paying attention to the context and low standards set by democrats and demand better as of now. 

Few are gullible enough to not see through that, and think that the Democrats are suddenly sincere in their new found quest for ethics. And it ignores common sense. We are not talking about murder or rape (where wrong is wrong), we are talking about the far softer standards for when to fire people for not telling the whole truth (or when to even consider it worth prosecution). 

And on one side, we have Democrats that have no problem with their side committing real high crimes and making excuses and defending them, versus, maybe Sessions was sloppy in answering a question on whether he met with someone as part of his official duties as a Senator versus as part of the Trump Campaign. The Dems will play this is part of a grander conspiracy by the Trump administration (and thus Sessions) to rig an election — even though they have no evidence of that, that Sessions was investigated and cleared, and the only Senator to ever knowingly do that was actually a Democrat Senator named Teddy Kennedy trying to rig the election with the Russians against Reagan — and the Democrats never censured Teddy. 

So Democrats have behaved far worse in degree, for decades, those are the accepted norms by the Press and Democrats towards Democrats. Fine, those are the standards. If they want to change the standards, then lead by example. Let’s start with the prosecution of Holder and Obama for worse, firing Pelosi and McCaskill for worse, and impeaching Teddy Kennedy for the record. Not to mention Trump should re-open the investigation into Hillary for her far higher crimes of perjuring herself, multiple times. If you want to raise the standards of justice, then let’s do it, and start by prioritizing from most severe to least. Of course the Democrats would scream about what a tin-pot democracy we turned into, if we start trying to hold Democrats to the same standards they want to hold Republicans.


So this whole thing is absurd. For there to be a conspiracy by Sessions to defraud the public on whether he colluded with the Russians, there first has to be a conspiracy by the Russians to put Trump in the White House, something that’s been investigated (with more in process) and so far, they have found no evidence other than the wild error-ridden speculation of Democrat operatives or sympathizers, that later are shown to be comically false. And if the Russians wanted to manipulate the Americans, Hillary Clinton’s failed reset button and uranium deal with Russia, showed that she was far easier to manipulate. 

We have someone at worst mis-answering a poorly worded question, after Democrats and the Obama administration has set the standard for an AG getting fired at murdering a baby on live TV. Now they want to change those standards to not understanding what a dimwit was asking. Why? Because the Democrats can’t find any evidence of Trump and the Russians colluding to corrupt an election, like one of the most famous modern Democrats did (Teddy Kennedy) and was never punished for.

This is all in the context of the Obama administration illegally investigating his successor, and then setting up a stealth campaign to undermine the office of the President — and the media is being oblivious to that. The Democrats have openly admitted they’re starting a campaign to obstruct and distract on everything to try to prevent the President from doing the duties of the office. The media and Democrats have been inventing this "Russian investigations" with exactly no credible evidence of any wrongdoing offered, because they want to undermine the government, and we have dozens of examples of fake evidence that later proves un-credible, and then the media/DNC (but I repeat myself) moves on to the next distraction. And the Media and Democrats want to ignore this context, and focus on pillorying the innocent (by their standards), and make shit up about how someone in the Trump administration was seen buying Russian Salad Dressing at the Grocery Store and that is proof of a conspiracy to defraud the American people?