Political Memes


Cthulhu 2016
When the lesser evils just aren’t enough


Irony: Photoshop not needed!

Fear + Ignorance = Progressive

Electile Dysfunction

(Never) Question Authority!

Arguing with a liberal
is like debating with a monkey
they throw poop at everyone
and strut about like they won

DNC Seal

Political Correctness =
Suppression of speech

Show me a Ghetto, and
I’ll show you Democrats in power

Rich people
convincing poor people
to vote for them,
because rich people
are the reason they’re poor.

Liberal thinks they’re right
We call that, "Imagination"

Judging people by their race and sex is wrong!
I wish white men would get that!


Don’t feed the bears or they’ll become dependent

Mom enough?


Enduring Clusterfuck

How Stupid do you think we are? 

Does "getting over it" apply equally
to Cuba and Segregation?

Presidential Star Wars
Restoring the Republic

Putin: I named my cat after Obama
I call him pussy!

Obamacare: But I don’t want 
pediatric dental care

Isis executes one of his citizens,
starts killing terrorists.
Isis executes many of his citiziens,
starts releasing terrorists.

Whose keeping score?

Mastering the new selfie stick

Before Obamacare,
couldn’t afford healthcare.
After Obamacare,
still can’t afford healthcare,
gets fined by IRS. 


Stumped, which scandal was phony?

Yes we can

Vice Presidents

Hamas, "We want all the Jews dead!"
Kerry, "Could you meet them half way?"

Biden: Is the alphabet in that order
because of the song?

Getting it wrong 

The difference between Donald Trump and Hitler

Our culture has accepted two lies:
(1) if you disagree with someones choices,
you must fear or hate them.
(2) to love someone means you must
agree with everything they believe or do. 
Both are nonsense. 
You don’t have to compromise convictions
to be compassionate. 
~ Phil Robertson

Arnold for Governor
Democrat civility

Different standards of decency
Gays won’t go to heaven = censored
Gays will be beheaded = invited to speak

Progressives = suppressive

Getting it right 


Helping the poor

Liberal (Progressive) or Conservative

Monsters: Roz is Donald Trump in drag,
or vise versa?

Internet Liberal – claims you
misspelled a word thus you are
intolerant of others, and you’re a racist.

I’m a tolerant liberal!
Agree with me you racist, sexist, islamaphobic,
xenophobic, inbred, redneck, bible thumping, 
nascar loving, gun-toting, America-Loving bigot

Warning Label 

Liberal logic:
Taxes=no effect

Nixon: Not a crook…
By today’s standards

We built infrastructure before
1913. Your arguments that we
need income taxes is invalid


Ben Carson, first black presidential candidate
to have his college records investigated by the media
Carson, highest SAT score in 
Detroit’s history. 
Obama Records Sealed.


Proud to be liberal: genocide, ISIS, rape rates,

sex ed, end of due process, what’s not to like?

Proudly crapping on themselves..
damnest thing I ever saw.

Progressive Tolerance:
FDR & Japanese

Right/Left origins

When you accidentally wasted
your life doing X and getting strange
now you’re alone and stupid


Difference between soldier: Israel and Palestine.