Humor Memes

L’Oréal Chewie


Hulk Meditation

Beating Anorexia

Pooh gets stuck
I hate when that happens (more fiber)

Finding Nemo

Gates counts to ten

Shark Selfie-stick

Great wall of China.
Why not just go around? 

Are you thinking,
what I’m thinking?

Chicken or egg

Uncle Joe (Stalin) cleaned
up his fiends list before it was cool

Inappropriate touching, Jim!
We had training on this!

Why we don’t have 
good picture of T-Rex

Zombie and Necrophiliac
Who chases who?

What did you eat?

IKEA: Job Interview

Latest Celebrity Nude

Chrome for the hollandaise

If snarky/sarcasm was a job,
I could be employed for infinity.

I’m not an asshole,
I’m a hemorrhoid.
I irritate assholes.