Gun Memes

This wouldn’t have happened
if only we banned guns. 
Yeah, because a ban worked
so well during prohibition.
Nobody ever blamed the lightsaber
What’s the worst that could happen?
You don’t need an AR-15 to hunt,
but we need this to direct traffic.
Who thinks what
I didn’t need one, until you told me I couldn’t have it

No matter how peaceful your goals,
when you ask for a law or regulation,
it will be paid with property and liberty
taken from others at the point of a gun 

These are all just rifles. Assault is an action, not an object

Best and worst countries
God gives guns
Homicides and timeline:

Never underestimate stupid people
in large groups (especially socialists)

Gun control works:
a wall inside a gas chamber

R: You can’t write laws you know nothing about!
D: Why not? We did it with healthcare!
Murders are 0.6% of deaths in America
Mass shootings are 0.2% of Murders in America
What we defend with guns is what we value:
Politicians, Celebrities, Sports, Banks, Courts, etc.
Children are on their own. 
Safest sport in the world: Marksmanship.
Strictest laws in Western Hemisphere = Mexico
How’s that working out? 
Guns and Rosas:
Rights aren’t predicated on need 
ISIS attacks Paris, Russia, U.S.
who do they each blame? 
Clip or Magazine
What “High Powered” means
Fear + Ignorance =
Gun Control
Poor France: ISIS did it
USA deserved it: because Guns

American Breakfast (done right)
Keenesaw, Georgia
Manditory guns = no crime

Out of concern for the President
 the WhiteHouse is now a Gun Free Zone
Fake Racism:
What blacks with guns at a protest looks like
Background Check Hypocrisy:
We need stricter background checks for gun owners, just not Syrian refugees. 
Obama = Biggest arms dealer in history!
What Freedom Looks like: 
When the prey is armed, predators think twice
Relative Power:
2nd Amendment had equalization of power
Today, government has tanks and drones.
Thinks outlawing guns will help:
smokes pot
Gun control worked great for us
Your posts are futile
Response times
Spock on guns: 
Logic dictates:
if fun owners were as violent
as anti-gunners say, 
then there would be no anti-gunners.
I like my guns and immigrants undocumented
Remember school shootings,
just not this one

Don’t just all Muslims by the acts of a few,
only do that to gun owners.

The deadliest assault-weapon by body count
is a box-cutter (more than 100 years of guns)

New rule: you don’t own it,
you can’t regulate it

Gump: I may not be a smart man,
but criminals don’t obey laws
Please let the shooter fit our agenda, please
More lives are lost to this,
than assault weapons: ban it!
(Obesity, Heart Disease)
Ban all the things
Ban Florida
(It looks like a gun)
Wolf Free Zone
Gun Free Zones worked:
Virginia Tech,
Arkansas State,
Louisiana Tech,
U Memphis,
Pen State,
Delaware State (Twice),
U of Iowa, Bard,
U of Alabama,
U of Arkansas,
Case Western,
U of Arizona,
Fairleigh Dickinson,
Appalachian School of Law,
South Mountain

How liberals think 
Gun Free Zones work
Brace yourselves, posts
about gun-control are coming
NRA vs Hollywood:
Which is more responsible?
Original Intent
Laws aren’t about likes
Which sign works better?
Coming for your guns
Here, you can have my gun,
but you have to promise me
If you ever become a fascist
dictator, that you’ll give it back.
Grabbing guns because 
criminals have too many
is like castrating yourself because
your neighbor has too many kids
Stalin: Been there, done that.
Cops are racist monsters
only cops should have guns!
If I have 10 guns and a federal law
forces me to turn in 8 of them, 
how many will I have left?
That’s right. 10!
Gun control is the theory that:
Becoming a victim is morally 
superior to defending your family!
Arms <> Muskets
Back to swords and
the one punch kill!
Want to piss off a gun control advocate? 
Gabby Giffords shooting a target of a child with her AR-15