Issue Memes

Islamaphobia / Religion

What were you doing before 9/11?
Defending Islam in Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq, Kuwait

Don’t believe in God? 
Don’t make laws concerning him.

Bacon reduces your chance
of becoming a suicide bomber



Media Narrative Chart
racism, sexism, xenophobia, all-in-one
Media and the cops,
"Behind you 100%"

Race / Racism

Fighting over race is like
fighting over your favorite color of MM’s. 
They’re all made of the same stuff,
thinking they’re not, means you’re stupid.

"I’m proud to be White" said the racist.

Tax Racism & Sharpton


Feminism: Stop oppressing me!

Get out of my bedroom and womb
and pay for my birth control and abortions

Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one!
Don’t like right to life? Don’t create one!

Planned Parenthood Mammograms

Which is it? 
(a) Federal money doesn’t help PP provide abortions
(b) Defunding PP is an attempt to block abortions

Male Privilege
I have tits, 
now give me free stuff

My birth control isn’t your business
but you need to pay for it

Called soldiers "Baby killers"
Fights to kill babies.


Thatcher: Decriminalized homosexuals
portrayed as homophobe. 
Che: Kills and imprisons gays
Idolized as hero of the oppressed.

 Torture / Waterboarding

To any who say waterboarding is
unnecessary and inhumane,
your argument is invalid

United Nations

Time to recognize the UN as anti-freedom,
anti-American, place it is,
and withdraw as a member. 

UNinvolved in peace


Meat is murder.
Tasty, tasty murder. 
Oh, you’re a vegetarian? 
So was Hitler.

Voter ID

Just because you’re dead,
doesn’t mean you’re not useful

India VoterID

Mexico VoterID

Voter Registration underway
Chicago Illinois