Steve Elliott hates tools (and is one)

If this guy’s story is real (and he uses a few too many loaded terms for that to be guaranteed), all we learned is that some idiot made a symbolic gesture to get attention, and destroyed a useful tool (a few hundred dollar gun), to impress his anti-liberty / anti-responsibility friends.

His theory is that the gun might be abused (against his will) if doesn’t sacrifice it to the Gods of gullibility. Of course, if he wants to make a real difference, he still needs to crush his car in protest to drunk driving, burn his house down because of domestic abuse, and remove Mr. Wiggly and the Olson twins as a symbolic gesture against potential rape. If you’re going to take a stand, do it right.

I would also suggest self immolation as a solution for future blog posts that might lower the IQ of everyone that reads them. 

Of course his liberal friends are impressed that they could hen-peck the weak-minded into giving up their right to self defense and blame an inanimate object for the actions of mentally broken repeat felons that the system repeatedly failed to take off our streets.

Ever since EST fell out of vogue, many left of sentience folks have been searching for the next cult-FAD they could use to convince sheep that they could be leaders, if they just followed hard enough. And those that value symbolism over substance, are falling all over themselves to give him the accolades he deserves. This is the participation trophies they always give each other for being one of the herd: it’s how Obama got the Nobel Peace prize for being the first PPR (peace prize recipient) to bomb another one (though not for Arafat’s lack of trying).

I suspect at some point in the future, Steve will have an epiphany and realize that when seconds count, the cops are a mere 15-20 minutes away.

Sadly, in related news, his girlfriend left him a Dear John letter explaining she was leaving him to start dating men. 


I am a responsible gun owner.
I bought my first gun when I was 12. It was a Browning 12-gauge shotgun, and I saved money from my paper route and cleaning a drive-in restaurant to buy it in time for dove season. In the years before I could legally drive, I’d tie the Browning across the handlebars of my bike and ride to the fields outside town to hunt.
I’ve owned several guns since, and own a handgun now. I bought that gun to keep my family safe, and lock it up to keep them safe from it. Like I said, responsible.
And so while I’d like to believe I’m not part and party to the gun violence that stains America, I can’t. My grandmother shot and killed herself with a gun, and a few years ago my father shot and didn’t quite kill himself with one. My stepbrother died in a murder-suicide with a gun, and the husband of one of my sister’s co-workers was killed in a mass shooting.
None of that happened with my gun, of course, but after every new mass shooting, I’m reminded that I bear a portion of the responsibility for our nation’s gun violence. There are too many guns to do anything about it, the gun lobby says. Regulations are a slippery slope that only limit the rights of responsible gun owners, they say.
My gun is being used to argue against common-sense laws and policies that could reduce gun violence in America, arguments I find unconscionable. That’s what being a responsible gun owner means today – I’m responsible. I’ve been uneasy about that for a while now, and ashamed to admit it’s taken two more mass shootings for me to do anything about it.
That ended today. Today I disassembled my handgun, a 9mm Ruger, clamped the pieces in a vice and cut them in half with an angle grinder. I’m sending the proper paperwork into the state to report it destroyed.
None of us individually can stop gun violence in America, but as a responsible gun owner, I will no longer be used as a justification for doing nothing about it. Today I did what I could. Today there is ‪#‎ONELESSGUN‬.

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