Racism is not black conspiracy theology


I’m not black, but I did live in black communities, and what I saw (as an outsider) was the black community distrusts the system and sees everything as conspiracies, thus every even that happens is seen through that bigoted lens. If most of the things you see are wrong (biased), then most of your reaction will also be wrong, especially if the media/democrats are sensationalizing and feeding the hate/unrest.

This paranoid separatism is quite different from Jews, Mormons, Asians, and other racial or cultural "disenfranchised" minorities in the U.S. — who while they certainly complain about historical victimhood (and even present discrimination), seem much better able to separate fact from fiction, and more importantly, or at least understand the consequences of picking fights with the majority over these infrequent slights against them.

A few examples of this include;many conspiracy theories that are common, past current events, how wrong the "community" got the initial stories (and thus reactions), and their unwillingness to admit those mistakes, or any wrong in the reactions. From Rodney King and OJ, Gates, Eric Garner, Zimmerman / Trayvon, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, and so on. There might be some valid policing problems buried in all the confluence of race baiting, but none of them seem to have a whiff of racism involved. Not because there isn’t racism, but if these are the best examples you can come up with, then you don’t hav emuch.

Until the media starts acting responsibly, and calling out the medias own failures as well as those in the black liberation theology (really black conspiracy theology), then we’ll always have this division between the informed, and the democrats/black community. And when a minority pits itself against the majority, it tends to be the minority that suffers the most.


There’s a lot of folks running around making a hobby or career looking for racism in everything, from Reverends Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and Minister Louis Farrakhan, to many amateurs and aspiring’s participating in these movements. There are community organizations like Acorn, or Black Lives Matter front-groups funded by Democrat-Party Bundlers (George Soros, etc). Obama was even a "community organizer" with is code for fomenter of unrest for political gain. These folks exist to convince the ignorant, that everything is about race, and they need to give the politicians more power/votes, to take away other people’s liberty/money, in order to fix the problems. E.g. they all preach hate and racism in order to cure the ills of hate and racism (by preying on the disenfranchised and often uneducated).

If you’ve lived in, or around, black communities, you should be familiar with many conspiracy theories about how the man/system was out to get black men, like:

  • Churches Fried Chicken (later Popeye’s or sometimes KFC) was owned by the clan, and tainted (the batter?) in order to sterilize virile black men. (1) This moved to other products like Tropical Fantasy drinks, or Kool Cigarettes. This meme was so popular because black fertility rates was causing such a crisis with unwanted pregnancies and single parent homes in the black community [rolls eye’s].
  • A News Satire website (Free Wood Post) claimed that the successful Chick-fil-A appreciation days (backlash against the media over their anti-Gay Marriage position), was such a success, that their President (Cathy) said this about milking the attention, "I will release another statement that says that we don’t like Blacks either!", and "[since] they’re protected by those stupid discrimination laws, we’ll need to be careful", and "we welcome colored folk in our restaurants. I even hire them to work in my restaurants. We do not discriminate against anyone because of their color. However, if I’m being honest, we really don’t care for them.". (2) This of course took off in the black community as urban legend.
  • Troop Sport Clothing supposably stood for " To Rule Over Oppressed People", and Reebok was rumored to support apartheid in South Africa (because they sold products there).
  • Atlanta Child Murders, or in fact any crimes against blacks, were usually seen as conspiracy theories where the local law enforcement, or federal ones like the FBI, dragged their feet, because they didn’t care about the lives lost in the black community — and ignored that the black community has historically been less helpful to law enforcement with the "no snitching" hip-hop and anti-establishment sub-cultures.
  • The (U) or (K) logo for Kosher, on many foods was often rumored in the black community to secretly stand for the Klu Klux Klan (which was why it was prominently displayed on so many products). And product labelling was sometimes also thrown in as part of the grand conspiracy, like Snapple Ice Tea’s use of a ship (for the Boston Tea Party), all to drive home the racist roots of the country, and scare blacks away from certain brands. (3)
  • Crack Cocaine was created by the CIA in order to persecute blacks (started by Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury new). Webb later committed suicide, proving it must be true. And this whole scam was  widely used by Louis Farrakhan’s to foment unrest, especially in L.A. (4)
  • Whitney Houston was murdered, Tupac is still alive and living with his aunt Assata Shakur in Cuba, Beyoncé didn’t carry her own baby (didn’t want to ruin the vadge), Michael Jackson died in the 80’s and was replaced with a lighter skinned imposter (love that one), and so on.
  • Of course 9/11 truthers and Illuminati/Masonic conspiracies are even more popular in the black community than in general.
  • Iraq War (and Vietnam War) were conspiracies to send black men to get killed, as if they’re not doing a much better job on their own. (More are killing in one city like Chicago or Detroit, than in entire wars like Iraq).
  • HIV/AIDS was a failed Tuskegee experiment by government, to get rid of undesirables (black men) that got out of control and spread to whites, with Obama’s favorite preacher, Jeremiah Wright having given long sermons on the topic, that Barack fails to remember hearing (5) .
  • Even the Tuskegee experiments (as horrendous as they were) are exaggerated to be that white doctors gave black men syphilis to secretly study the effects of the disease. The facts were that after a Norwegian study on the impacts of syphilis on white males, the Tuskegee study group wanted to repeat it, and so recruited black caregivers, from a black college (Tuskegee University), to track the impacts of the disease on black males (399 syphilitic, and 201 clean patients), which was openly published in medical journals. 15 years into the 40 year study, we discovered a cure (penicillin treatment), and 240 men that enlisted in the military were cured (against the wishes of some researchers), but another 100+ were never informed of their malady and studies, sometimes passing the disease to their wives and children. Once the public learned of the details of the study in 1972, they were so appalled that we demanded informed consent laws for all future studies (to prevent that from happening). (6)

The point of this is NOT to paint the black community as a bunch of loons. White, Asian and Hispanic communities all have their buckets of bat-shit crazy theories as well. But it is to set the tone. The black community, as any disenfranchised group, has a deep seething distrust of the system, at least some of that for valid reasons. But that leads to gullibility and over-reaction; made much worse when race hucksters prey on that gullibility for money and attention. It has lead to problems like the "no snitching" sub-culture, where reporting crimes, or helping the police eliminate the criminal element, is seen as a bad thing — with the resulting increases in crimes in their own communities as a result. Not to mention herd retaliation against anyone that helps the police stop those crimes. As well as fostering a community where kids are more likely to join gangs to defend against, or seek retaliation (street justice) against, various threats and rivals.

So while it may not be the black communities fault, and fault is irrelevant to the point. The communities response, does make things worse for the community. You don’t see White or Asian communities burning down and looting their local shops in protest over affirmative action, or the double standards when whites are killed by black police officers. Thus it’s with this lens (filter), that we need to look at various "current events" (whether past or present), and how the media and communities respond.

Here’s a bunch of not-racism things that generated news:

O.J. Simpson was NOT anti-black racism

There was never one shred of evidence that O.J. was being framed because he was black. There was no evidence that people wanted to convict him because he was black. There was a lot of evidence that he got special treatment because he was a celebrity. The only racism involved in the trial was by a lawyer that tried to create a racial issue, because that was the only way to distract from his clients guilt. The media played up racism, and by jurors who finally gave in to their inherent racism, and thus they set a guilty man free, and chose to ignore the facts in the case. It wasn’t even close. If O.J. had been white, and Nicole and Ron had been black, he would have been convicted.

The media loved to study the racial breakdown and how blacks and whites felt differently (70% of Whites thought he was guilty, 70% of Blacks thought he was innocent). I saw no studies where they broke it down based on education. I suspect that the educated Blacks would have thought he was guilty, and a large percentage of the whites who thought he was innocent would have had lesser-educated. They didn’t really break it down by age. I suspect again, that those from O.J.’s football career days were more likely to ignore reason for the sake of their memories. They didn’t really do gender differences in view, much. The press and the Democrats made it the issue that they wanted to make it into, something that polarized and divided us — and some naively bought into it.

Rodney King was NOT racism

Rodney King was a drugged out idiot that ran from the police, then wouldn’t submit to being arrested, he attacked the police, got tazed (electrically stunned) and still charged them again and again — so the cops beat him to the ground, and then told him to lay down and submit to being arrested. He would not submit to being arrested and got up and charged again (and again), so the cops beat the holy shit out of him. Which is exactly what the LAPD would have done to a big dumb white guy, or an Asian, or Hispanic, or native american and so on. But because he was black (and the cops, including black ones, made racially insensitive remarks), some stupidly claimed that this was racism. At worst, it was a police abuse issue — but there was never a single thing presented that made it a racial issue — except in the minds of the media.

The first Rodney King trial found the police not-guilty of recklessly endangering Rodney King to the point of it being attempted murder. Was letting the white police offers go, racism? I don’t think so. The District Attorney had dropped the lesser charges (of assault, excessive behavior, and so on) as a way to try to force the jurors into convicting the police of a far harsher crime than they were guilty of, and it failed. The Jurors were presented with deciding whether the Cops went out there to knowingly assault Rodney King and violently disregard his civil rights to the point of trying to kill him. That didn’t fly with the rational Jury — after all, the Cops kept pausing in their beating, and yelling at Rodney King to "lay down" and submit to being arrested, and he kept getting up — so they would hit him some more (with clubs). That wasn’t attempted murder, or they wouldn’t have stopped. Even the prosecutors’ expert witnesses admitted that of the 2 minutes we have film of (not including the time before), all of it was according to procedure, except maybe the last 10-15 seconds (where anger and contempt of cop, was taking over). So the first jury wisely decided that the cops were not guilty of what they were accused of. And thus riots.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the police went overboard, and were excessive. They joked about it afterwards, and were basically pretty stupid about it all. They should have tried other options — but it had nothing to do with racism, and far more to do with an "us vs. them" attitude, and police abuse issues that were not uncommon with the LAPD, and I witnessed first hand.

The way the media responded was to incite racial anger, polarize the issue, and compound the problem — helping to encourage the L.A. Riots which followed the aquital. The media almost never stressed the DA’s decision to throw out the lesser charges. They never mentioned that the police would have (or have) done similar things to people of other races.

Were the Riots racism? It was a bunch of ignorant inner-city people attacking the establishment, and in a fit of brilliance, burning their own neighborhoods down. It showed the great problems we have in our inner-cities, and the incredible ignorance, lack of morality, and attitudes about opportunism that exists there. But it didn’t have much to do with racism.  Beating Reginald Denny for being white and in the wrong part of town (an intersection, I’d gone through, many times myself), was closer to overt racism.

The second trial (by the Federal Govt. against the police officers) was also racism. The police officers were convicted of crimes far harsher than they were guilty of, to appease the communities — they might as well have of burned them at the stake for being witches. So much for white privilege. But that was really a way for some to try force some justice on the situation, by unjustly convicting some who needed to be sacrificed for the good of society. (Or so the rationalle goes). The jury was not about to consider anything other than "guilty", because they had seen the results of the first trial. So it was more an example of politics in our justice system (or our justice systems shortcoming), more than it was an example of racism.

Henry Louis Gates arrest controversy

Gates was was a "black guy arrested for being black", by racist cop. Obama jumps in and makes a federal case out of it (has a beer summit) and so on. Turns out non-racist cop was responding to community call for someone looking like breaking in, and Gates had been a dick about it and caused his own issues by assuming racism. Obama made it worse by jumping to conclusions, and never corrected the race-huckster angle. This emboldened the race baiters, and started us down 8 years of racial extremism.

Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman media lynching

The meme was a white guy stalked a shot an innocent black 14 year old kid, for wearing a hoodie and walking while black. (They showed shots of the little boy). He had just gone to the local convenience store for some medicine and skittles for his sick sister . That was how the media/left/black community and Obama played it (one and the same thing). Obama jumps in, makes a federal case about it, and empathizes with the kid that, "If I had a son, he could be Trayvon".

Turns out a non-racist latino community watch guy was responding to black 17 year old kid, with a history of drugs, violence and robbery, walking in the rain at night, looking in windows (house to house). After he had the 3 ingredients for a common thug-drink called Lean or Purple Drank (skittles, cough medicine and AZ Ice Tea). When the community watch guy tried to see where the 6′ 3" football playing MMA wanna-be gang-banger got to, he was jumped, assaulted, mounted, and beaten on, until he fired his gun in self defense.

There was no evidence of racism. And if Trayvon had been white, asian, or latino and done the same stuff, the same result probably would have happened, and it wouldn’t have been a media store. The President never corrected the race-huckster angle and never tried to calm the racial animus, which emboldened the race baiters, and lead to many more incidents. (You reward their bad behavior with media attention, and you get more of it).

Shooting of Michael Brown

The media meme was a racist white cop picked up a a 6’6" black kid by the scruff of the neck (from inside the squad car) for jay-walking, and the kid tries to run-away, and gets shot in the back and then in the front when he turns with his hand up saying "don’t shoot". This starts a whole, "hands up, don’t shoot" public outcry, based on that false report.

Turns out, a stoned thug strong armed robbed a liquor store, jaywalked, verbally and then physically assaulted a cop when he’s getting pulled over for it, and he goes for the cops gun and gets shot in the hand. Then he runs, but when the cop tells him to freeze, he turns around, and charges the cop and gets shot with his hands down, while trying to tackle a cop (after already assaulting him multiple times).

Obama jumps in at the protests, doesn’t correct any of their ignorant claims about what happened, empathizes with them (claims their view is reasonable and understandable) and implies this is part of a bigger problem (not black kids killing each other, or getting shot for being stupid, but some bullshit racism theme), but that he can’t abide by the violence of the protesters (nor will he do anything about it). This emboldened the race baiters even more, and implies, again, that their ignorance based cause is just

Death of Eric Garner

Some poor innocent black guy (Eric Garner), who is known as the generous "neighborhood peacemaker  is choked to death by the cops (in a blatant abuse of power), for the crime of selling "loosies" (single cigarettes), and nothing is done about it. See, Black Lives don’t matter, and Obama and the other race hucksters jumps on board, making it about race.

Only the facts are that a repeat felon arrested over, thirty times on charges such as assault, resisting arrest, and grand larceny, had repeated run-ins with the local cops, and while resisting arrest (for selling smuggled cigarettes, and contempt of cop), he gets taken down and it put in a chokehold for 15 seconds. When he complains of breathing problems (because of his poor health) the cops roll him on his side to help, call an ambulance, and try to save him.. Immediate investigation was started into the event to figure out what happened — but he died from a normal take-down because of asthma, heart disease and obesity (no damage to the windpipe). And a grand jury that looks into the case exonerates the cop (Pantaleo), so Obama has the DOJ get involved, which never found anything — but never came forth with their findings and tried to calm folks down either. A few cops are assassinated in retaliation for these events, Obama, Sharpton and others, say nothing.

Horrid event. Absolutely nothing to do with race. But some start making it about race. Sharpton/Obama and the media side with the race baiters, as does Democratic Party Bundlers like Soros and the black lives matters movement, really gets moving (this time with the meme, "I can’t breathe").

Sandra Bland dies in Jail

Media meme: innocent black girl, pulled over for a minor traffic violation by a white cop, gets arrested and dies in jail: but conspiracy rumors abound that she was dead before ever getting to jail and it was all a cover-up.

Truth: obnoxious activist (part of black lives matter hate group), had at least ten prior encounters with police in Illinois and Texas (and open fines of $7,500), and a history of mental health issues (depression), gets pulled over for a minor violation by a Hispanic officer (and is issued a ticket) and makes a huge deal out of it (being bitchy, filming the cop, not following officers directions and so on). This escalates minor traffic ticket into an arrest, that she resists, and her friends and family don’t post the $500 bail (after multiple attempts) for 3 days (probably they were sick of her too). She hangs herself in her cell. Cops release videos of her from the 3 days she was in prison to quell the conspiracy theorists.

There’s an ongoing investigation for why she wasn’t put on suicide watch, and whether she really deserved to be brought in for contempt of cop (being obnoxious) — but a word to the wise, if you’re a repeat felon activist in Texas, and you get lippy and cop attitude with a local constable, you’re likely to have your lilly-white/latino/asian ass thrown in jail overnight too — thus there’s never been any evidence that this had anything to do with race by anyone but the activists complaining about it.


We have real cases of racism (where some innocent black guy is dragged to death for being black), and so on. But these are EXTREMELY rare and infrequent, less frequent than in almost any other country in the world. What we have is a Press/Left with an active imagination, that is continually rewarded for turning non-events into big racial crimes. Then we have idiots with agendas climging out of the woodwork, and the press catering to them, to increase racial friction, while these fools claim that blacks are the only victims, or that things are getting worse.

Selectively ignoring how many whites may get shot for being in the wrong part of town after dark, or real statistics that show black men have 100 times more to fear from other black men, than they do from whites or cops. The press ignores that most of the violence problems in this nation are innerracial (and not interracial), and instead of trying to quell concerns, they fan the flames of racial animus (race riots bring good ratings). 

Racism is just a false cry used to get attention or to shut down communication — instead of as a tool to foster more communications. THAT is the biggest problem with racism in America. The more the black community isolates itself, and blames everyone else for problems within the community, or has a double-standards where 4,000+ black on black murders per year mean nothing, but 3 or 4 black deaths (of repeat violent felons_ are the problem? Thus the rational part of society will ignore that stupidity, the race hucksters will play that off to the conspiracy nuts and uninformed, and things will continue to get worse.


Caught Faking Racism

Written: 1997.05.26
Updated: 2015.12.23

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