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Short intro

I was for Gay Marriage long before it was cool.

There's a difference between being pro-Gay and anti-Gay-Activist. There are many close-minded and caustic gays that give the rest a bad name.

Hit or miss is the hypocrite George Takei.

Tranny Brigade

If you lie for a cause, or become an activist, it can undermine that cause to the informed. An example is the whole fake-fight over bathrooms started in Charlotte: Trans-tolerance, Charlotte and Lady's Restrooms

Transgender NatGeo

Trump v. Tranny Brigade

Jesus Fucking Christ

Full description
Something wicked, this way comes



  1. I love and respect my gay/trans friends and family, a lot.
  2. I don't care how people get their friction, and I expect God has higher priorities than where people rub their junk.
  3. My religious friends have as much right to express their views on others behaviors as my gay and progressive friends do.
  4. My LGBT Friends and Fam are proud adults that can defend themselves (they don't need condescending protection).
  5. Those that can't handle triggering thoughts, need to get out more, grow, and learn to cope with a society that won't always agree with them.