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Examples of Google Bias include:

  • 90% of their donations have been to Democrats - that's not what diversity of thought looks like.
  • Google got caught in an email chain, admitting they tried to fix the 2016 election for Hillary, that's worse than what Russia did, since they had more impact. While they did manipulate the public to get hispanic turn-out, Hispanics/Latino's came out more for Trump than Romney or McCain, far more than they figured they would. It also turns out that the NYT knew about the story but suppressed it like it was the John Edwards scandal. Citizens United (something Democrats oppose) allows Google to do this contribution legally, IF THEY DISCLOSE IT, but the fact that they didn't, implies there's a crime involved. [1]
  • Dozens of employees flowed freely between jobs at Google or the Clinton staff. [2]
  • Google got caught many times manipulating Autocomplete suggestions in search, to filter out, or add in, things that were obviously biased. They claim it is accidental, but when virtually all accidents seem to go against conservatives (or for Hillary Clinton), and they don't show up in Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines, it hints that there's a taint/bias somewhere. And it isn't random. (Remember, later Google got caught in email threads admitting they were trying to swing the election towards Hillary in Latino turn-out, so who believes they didn't try in regular election as well?) [3]
  • Climate Science searches are intentionally biased so that people find Climate Scarism more than Climate Realism articles. That's softer than political searches which are about twice as likely to return liberal views on a topic than conservative ones. [4] Here's a page of 400 Links that are being suppressed or manipulated. Even if some are wrong, the facts that it appears this way to so many, proves they're not good at communication or transparency. [5]
  • "The New America Foundation" was created with $21M from Google and has Eric Schmidt on it and Google's board. This is a far left and Google advocacy front that uses it's political power to intimidate/buy Politicians and fire or pressure academics that say things they disagree with, like supporting anti-trust actions against Google. [6]
  • Google has funded/supported many left wing hate groups like SPLC, Sleeping Giants (a group that exists to mislabel conservative organizations as racists), or starting false-front "immigration" groups that really exist to undermine Trump or immigration enforcement (support OpenBorders). [7]
  • Steve Yegge left Google, and explained why he didn't have to get James Damore'd to see the writing on the wall. Both about how uninspiring they were, political, and biased. [8]
  • When Dr. Robert Epstein released details on a project to monitor big tech to make sure they're not injecting bias, and being transparent, shockingly, Google snubbed such efforts at increasing the transparency and trust of services that Google offers. They then went on to attack Epstein for creating conspiracy theories, even if they're well documented facts. [9]


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