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The Government has a program to research AI (Artificial Intelligence) and imaging, hopefully to reduce collateral damage with Drones, or recognize things of interest, and thus save lives. But if you put things through a garbage filter (like Google's academic hiring one), you're going to filter for a lot of young/naive/far-left Social Justice Warriors, that get upset over things like Google working with the military on things that would save American or other lives, as long as it includes the word, "military" in it. This caused snowflake drifts of anger, that couldn't get plowed through with mere facts, common sense, or education. I mean why fight to educate your flock on why national defense (or combatting terrorists) might be in their best interests, when you can first try to be secretive, and then when that fails, just give up on the effort? There's no reasoning with stupid. And being sneaky about what you're doing to keep from upsetting the hoard, may not be overtly evil, but a lack of transparency is the fertilizer in which evil grows. And capitulating to the dumb (or evil) because it's unpopular, isn't any better. But it's the Google Way™.


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