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Google decided that in order to get allowed into China, they would censor their results (blacklist sensitive queries) according to what the Chinese Government wanted (called Project Dragonfly). This is the first step, down a very slippery slope, into facilitating tyranny.

  • Google's ex-head of Free Expression (Lokman Tsui) called this disturbing [1] -- and for good reason. Another 5 quit because of their policy with regards to China, according to one of them (Jack Poulson) [2]
  • Google pulled back and said they weren't going to do this.
  • 2019.03.04 Then they secretly continued to work on the project, as detailed by number of bug fixes and check-in's of code. [3]

Look, Google can do what they want and admit the all-mighty dollar (or Yuan) outweighs ethical concerns, just don't pretend you follow the, "Do No Evil" credo, and whine about lesser evils like Trump, after helping to facilitate what has been one of the most murderous and oppressive regimes in History. Just pick one standard.

🗒️ NOTE:
This is the same company that was attacked by employees for aiding the U.S.'s military interest (as too nefarious: Google Project Maven), but the Chinese Secret Thought-Police? That is fine, since Google is more politically aligned with the chicom's.


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