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How sad it must be -- believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists and journalists have devoted their lives to deceiving you, while a reality-TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively-documented lying is your only beacon of honesty.

Someone posted this silly meme.

I destroyed it with the following response: How incredibly naive it must be -- believing that becoming a man of science, scholar, historian, economist or journolist with a (D) after your name means you have no biases. But the ones with an (R) after theirs, or those with more evidence and disagrees with you, must all be corrupt idiots paid by the oil companies. While you yourself or so uninformed that you think an appeal to authority or appeal to popularity fallacy (wrapped in a strawman) is a cogent argument.

The trolls response to my retort, was to Gish Gallop and distract from the point. Which is the norm for many on the left. When wrong you either avoid admitting it (or you might grow as a person and then no longer be a leftist), or you stick stubbornly to your wrongness or change the topic or attack the source. Or as I replied,

❝ If the left could think and mature, they wouldn't be progressive never-Trumpers in their 30's or beyond, they'd be moderates. They might also have the intellectual honesty to admit a point, or concede that their meme was a shallow fallacy wrapped in strawman, instead of trying to gish gallop or filibuster. But again, if they could grow, they would have already, instead of taking the low road.

For the record: I know 1,000+ people that support or don't oppose Trump, and likely twice as many that do. Yet, I don't know a single pro-Trumper that believes Trump is "a beacon of honesty". But over half the anti-Trumpers are ignorant and self absorbed enough to believe the Trump'ers do think that. Even when a group of us are flat out denying it, they tell us they know what we think better than we do. Which tells me which side is more ignorant, superstitious and less open-minded. ❞


It just goes to show that the left can't meme. The problem is for meme's to work on the right, they need to appeal to truth. And to appeal to the left they need to appeal to lies or ignorances. Thus the ones to the right are funnier (ironic) to more people than ones on the left. And it's near impossible to tell the difference between left memes from propaganda, an attack based on ignorance, or hate speech. (There's a reason Mein Kampf was written by a Progressive Democratic Socialist).



Examples of naiveté.


Examples of naiveté. more...