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"Liberalism" in America is like someone marrying for the 6th time, the triumph of hope over experience.

"Liberals" aren't liberal any more

Liberalism traditionally means liberty (tolerance for). In America, it has grown to mean the opposite. Classical liberals (libertarians) are liberal in both economics, and social arenas. Social liberals are liberal only in Social areas, but not in economic ones. Their economic authoritarianism, in the name of Social Justice, allowed them to became more and more "progressive" with regards to merging Socialist/Marxist economic policies (authoritarianism) to make up for past social injustices... then they gave up on social tolerance as well. They demand you agree/conform with them on social issues as well: the opposite of liberty or tolerance. Thus, they became so focused on Social Justice, they became anti-liberal authoritarians to get it. more...

Real liberals (classical liberals) are Libertarians. But that's not how the term is used.

Libertarian is also known as Classical Liberalism, Randian/Randianism (after Ayn Rand), but is just the belief that liberty should be the core principle of their philosophy, seeking to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association and individual judgment (and responsibility/accountability). In Europe, this would be left wing, in the U.S. it is right wing. (Technically, Libertarian can mean the party, or a form of Classical Liberalism).



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