We know gun control doesn’t work anywhere it’s been tried:
  • Guns: U.S. vs World – Murder Rates by Country – The U.S. is 121 in a list of 218 countries (#4 out of 49 counties most like us), or 19 out of 36 OECD countries (normalized), and the only clear correlation between guns and murder is that more guns = less murder.
  • U.S. vs U.K. — when you correct for their creative-accounting, the U.S. has a lower white murder rate, and less violent crime. The UK’s murder and crime went up since gun control. It didn’t work.
  • U.S. vs Canada — the U.S. has a lower white murder rate than Canada, and if you just look at trends: Canada enacted gun control and their murder rates followed exactly what the U.S’s did, which loosening gun restrictions — so there’s no evidence that gun control had any positive impact.
  • U.S. vs Australia — Australia took away guns and had a decrease in gun murder/crime/suicide, with a larger increase in murder/crime/suicide overall. Decades later they are down in murders and suicides, but not by any more than the U.S, or trends that started 30 years before the gun ban. They’re up in Violent Crime, Robbery, Rape and aggravated assault by much more. Their mass murderers moved to burning down buildings (with rates about flat). So they spent $500M, still have 3M illegal guns in their country., and higher violent crime: I’m not seeing the win
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