This section is not comprehensive analysis of all the complexities of a persons life, but more the points most often brushed over (the counter-balances to the myth-making/propaganda). So these are not meant to be read in isolation, but as complimentary aspects on people or issues that are on the road that’s less travelled.

Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Andrew Breitbart
Fly over of what is the alt-right, and who are the characters that are being painted with those labels.

Garikai Chengu
Activist goes full Michael Moore, on Winston Churchill, using lies and lies of omission.

George Ciccariello-Maher, Drexel Tweets & White Genocide
A Marxist Professor (but I repeat myself) goes full retard in a tweet and defense of it. But the anger should be over this dolt being paid at all.

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Detailed breakdown of the many scandals to her name, with lots-o-links to research more.

Leonardo DiCaprio
A few factoids on a high school dropout actor trying to lecture those who know a lot more than he does, on the dangers of his CO2 hypocrisy

Bob Dornan and Loretta “Dirty” Sanchez
Overview of voter fraud that lead to Dornan’s demise, and Sanchez’s rise

Longer piece that covers the darker parts of FDR’s Presidency and legacy, that isn’t covered in most history books.

Hamilton vs Hamilton
The cast of Hamilton went full hypocrite on the VP-elect, this covers what Hamilton thought, and how ignorant they were.

Charleton Heston
Heston was vilified ever since he got involved with the NRA: this is a reminder of what he stood for.

Joe McCarthy, and the truth about McCarthyism
M. Stanton Evans painstakingly documented how what most people know about McCarthy is wrong, and how the biggest victim of McCarthyism was Joe himself.

Barack Obama’s post-partisan timeline
Confabulation (also called the Mandela effect) is where people sincerely remember events that didn’t happen (or in the order they think they did), like when liberals remember Republicans as obstructing Obama from the day he was elected, or forgetting what Obama did in the first two years, to set the tone for the next 6. This is a reminder of that timeline, with sources.

Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez
These two oft quoted far-left polemics posing as economists have used lies of omission to convince the gullible that (a) household incomes have been flat (b) class mobility has slowed or stopped (c) that we need wealth redistribution to fix the first two lies. This explains and sources how anyone with a cursory understanding of the topics, knows better.

Bernie Sanders
The oft omitted backstory of our favorite Jewish National Socialist, and the backstory that the left often doesn’t know or remember: from his pro-war positions, to his errors on the Iraq war, pro-establishment and anti-liberty positions, to his Trotskyist roots.

Margaret Sanger
The progressive icon and eugenicist, who is celebrated for her dedication to killing as many brown babies as possible, so that they wouldn’t outbreed the more important races.

Nate Silver (538) –
The legendary liberal statistician who got all of his little-picture predictions wrong, yet the errors cancelled each other out in the big picture. Since he was close in final count on Obama (whether others were wrong), the left often ignored how wrong he was on all the specifics, or how shockingly wrong he was on Trump, or any conservative victories.

Aaron Sorkin (by proxy of his failed Newsroom show) –
Newsroom had this oft-linked speech about how great the left’s misinformation is. This reminds people, line-by-line, of the many lies and omissions in Sorkin’s staccato-blather meant to burn an alternate reality (Mandela effect) in his viewers gullible minds.