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This is a pile anti-PC articles about what are and aren't 'isms. (Racism, Sexism, Gender'ism, and so on).


  • Black Conspiracy Theology :
    I'm not black, but I did live in black communities, and what I saw (as an outsider) was the black community distrusts the system and sees everything as conspiracies, thus every event that happens is seen through that bigoted lens. If most of the things you see are wrong/biased, then most of your reactions will also be wrong/biased, especially if the media/democrats are sensationalizing and feeding the hate/unrest.
  • Charlottesville Race Riot :
    There's always two sides to History, that of the informed and the other side. The latter may be well intentioned, but if they don't know why something is happening, then their anger, frustration and venting is all misdirected at the wrong thing. Hate is taught, and the left is being taught hate through the media (disinformation). Just about everything the left has raged against (in Charlottesville) shows which side they're on.
  • Cohen v. Trump :
    Context matters. While in a fraudulent lawsuit, Trump's lawyers showed that of the named plaintiff, and the other key witnesses named in the lawsuit, (as well as 98% of the customers) had given glowing exit recommendations, and even testimonials on video tape, getting most of the plaintiffs case thrown out, leaving a minor licensing issue normally handled in arbitration (not a federal RICO case). But a partisan Judge (whose firm had maxed donations and paid the Clinton’s hundreds of thousands in speaking fees), involved with a latino advocacy groups, wouldn't drop the case (as is normal). When FakeNews CNN asks Trump about it, he groused that maybe the Judge wouldn't recuse himself or drop the case for racist (advocacy) reasons). The left says that's racist: but mexicans aren't a race.
  • Democrat Hate : Just a list of Democrat, or their supporters, examples of hate. This isn't used for moral equivalence, and wouldn't excuse Republican/Conservative Hate: but it is a reminder to hypocrites that are always pointing fingers, that they don't have to go so far from home to fix problems. The left, DNC (and American progressives) have a long history of being the party of hate. The right was usually opposed to them, or not as bad. That hardly makes Conservatives/Republicans saints, but there is the old mote in thy brothers eye, while ignoring the log in thy own problem, among the left.
  • Democrat Racism : Just a list of racist Democrats, or their supporters. This isn't used for moral equivalence, and wouldn't excuse Republican/Conservative Racists: but it is a reminder to hypocrites that are always pointing fingers, that they don't have to go so far from home to fix problems. The old mote in thy brothers eye, while ignoring the log in thy own.
  • Fake Hate :
    Fake Hate still feels like hate. Rationalizing bad things, and trying to pin your crimes on the other side is as old as politics. But from making excuses for the Indian Genocides, fo racial lynching and the KKK, or interning the Japanese/Germans/Italians during WWII, 60's and 70's radicals, Antifa, BLM, the Unabomber, or democrats paying thugs to beat up Trump supporters at Trump rally's, and so on, by nature of youthful ignorance and self-righteousness, the left has always been more than willing to go there.
  • Fake Race Crimes : The FakeHate grievance industry is so broad, that they are branching out, and have to have multiple divisions. Hey, you get what you incentivize. and the virtue signaling left rewards victimhood -- so people are lining up to join in. This is just the subset of FakeHate that is specifically about fake racial crimes.
  • Gender Dysphoria : There's a quote, "never be so open-minded that your brains fall out". And the continuation that was, “the real aim of education, is to acquire a philosophy of life, intellectual honesty, and a constant search for truth.” That's the difference between recognizing the malady of Gender Dysphoria and treating trans folks with respect, and demanding that the entire world play along with their delusion.
  • Gender Wage Gap : This one is many myths (lies) in one: (a) Women get $.77-.82 cents on the dollar compared to what men make (this injustice is called the "Gender wage/pay gap" or GWG) (b) We need big government (politicians) and new laws/regulations/taxes to fix it (c) Democrat politicians motives are all sincere, anyone that opposes is a sexist/misogynistic/bigot. All false, and debunked here.
  • How do you start a race war? :
    Let's review the basics of what happened: (a)Two people were shot for being stupid (b) Race baiters and FakeNews conspire for agenda and clickbait (c) the ignorant (like Obama) jump on board based on no hard information (d) cops get retaliatory backlash as the igno-inflamed react (e) the press sensationalizes that backlash too. The only people "winning" in this, are politicians (that prey on these ignorant constituencies), and the press (that prey on the gullible for clickbait).
  • Institutional Racism : Institutional racism is the idea that racism has been so ingrained into the culture, that it's affecting legal or company policies. While Democrats created a lot of institutional racism with their Jim Crow policies (not to mention Andrew Jackson and his extermination campaigns, or Woodrow Wilson), it was really in the 30's when FDR created most of the modern institutional racism with the New Deal, Social Security, Wagner Act, and so on: they all excluded as many blacks as possible from opportunities. But Republicans have been trying to wipe it out since the Civil War (and before). With the Republican civil rights acts of 1957, 1960 and 1964, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968, and Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, there's pretty much no where for institutional racism to hide for many minorities. But not everything is hunky-dory. The Democrats were able to inject their institutional racism into the nations system using "stopping racism" as the excuse for more racism. So they created, "affirmative action" (anti-majority racism), quotas and other ways to keep their racism, but shift it from being racism against blacks, to racism against Asians and Whites (to benefit Blacks and Latino's). Look at any College Admission to a Liberal School and they'll have ways to use race as a qualifier. It's how fake Indian Elizabeth Warren was able to get into Harvard.
  • Is Trump racist for building a wall? : A: It could be, depending on your motives. If your motive is that you think all latinos are inferior to whites, and that's why you want to keep them out, then it could be racism. But the most likely explanation is that you believe in defending the immigration laws of the country, providing national security, and that immigration needs to be controlled. So unless you have evidence against the more likely scenarios, assuming the worst shows the bigotry of the accuser more than the accused. But that won't stop/slow the media left from doing it.
  • Jesus Fucking Christ : There was a comment that Democrats are "learning" to hate God, and that's a danger to them both morally and politically. But it's much worse than that. The party of identity politics (that divides us for votes) has not come to this behavior recently. They decided long ago, that if the establishment believes X, it must be wrong (unless they're the establishment). And the other side is worthy of contempt and mocking, while proclaiming their sides superior tolerance, political correctness and respect. And nothing demonstrates this more than the Hunky Jesus Contest.
  • Margaret Sanger : Progressive activist racist eugenicist founded Planned Parenthood to exterminate as many inferior (brown) babies as possible, to advance white protestantism. The party that loves to hate and remove Confederate heroes and statues has no problem worshiping at the feet of their bigots: proving all standards don't apply equally.
  • NAACP : The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is a racist organizations wrapped in the camouflage of civil rights. Of course it wasn't always like that. Founded in 1909, as a follow-on to the 5 year older Niagara Movement, it was created during the Jim Crow era, and meant to help prevent oppression against their constituency based on race. A noble mission. And many things they've done have been net positive for our society and humanity. But that hardly makes them flawless, or means their current mission today matches their original charters. They are devolving into being for racist reparations, racist quotas, fanatical far-left causes, identity politics (supporting black candidates if they're far left, and opposing them or any whites if they're conservative), and becoming something far different than their original intent.
  • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia :
    The more you dilute/expand and abuse a word, the weaker the meaning becomes. And the crybullies are abusing words like Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Islamophobia, and so on, by either not understanding the meaning, or putting their agenda above the truth. This article tries to explain what is (and is NOT) an 'ism. Because obviously a lot of people seem to be getting their understanding wrong.
  • Starbucks :
    If there's ever a stupid cause, Starbucks will be there. It plays well to their base... most rational people roll their eye's and move on. The latest was an Social Justice Warrior named Holly, call the cops on two guys for loitering. Because they were black, #BoycottStarbucks went viral and they got accused of unconscious bias, before anyone bothered to investigate or explore why the cops were called. Holly was thrown under the bus, the CEO apologized and decided to shut down every store for a day for indoctrination training, and everyone did the right overreactions to the movement. The only thing sacrificed was any truth, skepticism or investigation.
  • Survivorgate : A player on survivor outed another as trans, the SJW's had a meltdown. When fascism comes to America it will look like anti-fascism. Just like this.
  • That's President Racist to you : Obama does his impression of a divisive polarizer that splits the community into "us" vs "them", and blames it all on "them" -- based on getting all the facts wrong, but appealing to the ignorance and emotion of his base. In other words, he goes full community organizer, exposing that he was never the racial uniter he promised to be.
  • The Root : I've watched a few things by The Root and this presenter. They're obviously a propaganda outfit (probably funded by the Russians). They do NOT present the FULL facts, though there are a few grains of truth, wrapped in lies and lies of omission. They show how racists see everything as racism, and how the left will prey on the gullible with exaggerations, distortions and half-truths (at best). Which is a shame, if they were more tame and honest, there are valid points buried in there, but they're so covered in bullshit, that their purpose must be to divide, inflame the gullible, and people get dumber for watching them by thinking they know what they're talking about.
  • Tired of suppressing my whiteness : Salon ran a stupid race-baiting article by Priscilla Ward, but I know, I repeat myself: it was Salon. Still, her racist polarizing diatribe, made me want to retaliate in kind, re-living a mostly true tales of woe and racism in my past, in a parody of her article. Just to point out there's a whole lot of backstory in others lives that we may not know.
  • Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses :
    Some have argued all this American xenophobia is new and has gotten worse, or is because of Republicans -- all of this is false. If the people coming in were like you, it was fine. If they weren't like you, they generally got pushed to their own areas of the city/country/state. This article covers a few pieces of history, glossed over in the poem about your tired, poor, huddled masse, yearning to be free.
  • Trans-Actors : BuzzFeed and other far-left SJW organizations keep looking for new excuses to prove that you need them to turn the world something that it isn't: fair. So they see injustice everywhere and whine about it, polarizing everyone against everyone else, with silliness like this video which has a few trans-actors whining about how they don't get pay equity (or jobs). Of course the reason they don't get jobs, is because they're waiting for people to hand them to them, instead of working for them.
  • Trans-tolerance, Charlotte and Lady's Restrooms :
    support trans-folks being able to use whatever bathroom they want. Right up until they try to bully others and pass laws forcing others to [Gender Dysphoria| adapt to their delusion]. That's where they jump the shark and go from defending the little guy, into being the bullies. This article documents how the timeline went down, and where the bullied became the lying bullies.
  • Transgender NatGeo :
    I don't like people exploiting children. NatGeo, the parents, and the LGBTQ community is exploiting this child for their agenda (or advertising). We know that most kids with gender dysphoria grow out of it, most that don't, are in for a lifetime of depression and challenges, and gender re-assignment doesn't help. So this to me is like celebrating and sensationalizing childhood schizophrenia, I'm not sure that helps anyone.
  • Trump vs refugees :
    Don't even get started on this canard, it doesn't end well for Democrats. Immigration is a highly complex issue, and not everyone against more of it, is racist or a xenophobe. Being anti-refugee isn't racist. Trumps position is too extreme for me, but protecting Americans of all races against mass immigration (which hurts the people on the bottom of the economy), or reduces migrants from places where they've stated they want to kill us (and we can't properly vet them), isn't racism. You don't have to agree with the policy, but at least admit Americanism/Nationalism isn't racism.

Gay Cred

I shouldn't have to defend my views, and I'm not sure any of this matters as the trolls and haters will use any evidence of tolerance as proof of hate. "All the racists claim they have black friends". And stuff like that. But the facts are that growing up:

  • I had a Gay Communist Uncle (Roger), who would bring his leather-buddy partner (Paul) to our holiday dinners (Christmas, Thanksgiving and sometimes Easter). My Conservative WWII Veteran Grandfather only had problems that he was a card-carrying communist, and that Paul could be a lightweight drunk, but never once complained that they were gay. And my Grandfather was not the kind to hold back if he had a problem with something. Same with the rest of my Italian family -- though the Grandkids once had to explain to Grandma that they were a couple, to Grandma's consternation. (I think she knew, she was just playing dumb to see how much the kids knew, because that's what Italian Grandmothers do).
    • I went backpacking through the Sierra's for 3 weeks with Roger, and later he took my wife and I to a couple classical concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. So I don't think my Parents or Grandparents were exactly freaked out about Roger. My biggest reserves with him were around his political views, where he was pretty unreasonable/irrational, not his gender preference. We fell out of touch when he moved to a Cabin in the Sierra's. But I'll have some fun memories of my childhood, thanks to him.
  • My closest cousin growing up lived about 6 miles away, and our families would drop one of us off at the others house for days or weeks, fairly regularly -- as well as family events. He came out in his teens and later became a gay activist and therapist. No one in the family had problems with it, self included
  • My next door neighbor (Craig) was bi... he was my best friend's brother, who we interacted with regularly (and stole his pot from occasionally)
  • I lived near Newport Beach (and would go there regularly), and back in the day, it had a lot of gays. And I was hit on more than a few times. (I was a young buff kid that was a bit of a fag magnet... e.g. I broke some gaydar's, or they liked sporting with me, because they realized while I might flip them off at their offers to join their sexual escapades, I wasn't really THAT outraged).
  • I had two different close friends in HS and college that were gay.
  • We had a group that used to come up to various Apple conferences (like the first MacWorld Expo's and so on), and a bunch of us would split a room and rotate around on bed or floor. I had no problems when I shared the bed with our gay friend (who was crushing on me, with another friend trying to convince him that he could get me to switch teams: because that's what friends did to each other). This wasn't a big deal at the time. But I can say, I've slept with gay men (though that might not mean what people imagine -- those aren't the words of deeds of homophobic's).
  • As a Martial Arts instructor, I had quite a few Gay/Lesbian students over the years: the thing I wanted most for them, was for them to be able to defend themselves if attacked
  • And as a working in the Bay Area (or elsewhere), I've had dozens of coworker/friends and partners I interacted with that are somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum -- and I want them to be treated exactly like everyone else
  • I wrote articles and letters to the editor in support of gay marriage in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's.

So haters gotta hate. But I'll throw my background against theirs, if they really challenge me. It won't change their minds, heck I don't think most will even believe me (because it's easier for them to think everyone who disagrees with them is a hater, than understand the rich nuances of life) -- but it'll make the lurkers and audience laugh at the absurd hypocrisy of those claiming they want to spread love and tolerance, by attacking folks that have a richer and more tolerant history than their own.

  • Trans-Actors : BuzzFeed and other far-left SJW organizations keep looking for new excuses to prove that you need them to turn the world something that it isn't: fair. So they see injustice everywhere and whine about it, polarizing everyone against everyone else, with silliness like this video which has a few trans-actors whining about how they don't get pay equity (or jobs). Of course the reason they don't get jobs, is because they're waiting for people to hand them to them, instead of working for them.