10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

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We went and saw 10 Cloverfield lane. On Rotten Tomatoes it was getting a 90/84% -- so the kiddies and reviewers really liked it. I was in the like category, my spousal unit was in the disgust column. She disliked it so much, I had to buy her Psycho Donuts afterwards as a reward having suffered through that. I had the hush puffies, and she had the Peep show (with a peep on top). Her comment was, "we should have seen Batman vs. Superman instead". (I had no interest in seeing a drawn out battle where in DC's universe, it should have looked like the infamous Bambi meets Godzilla).

The reason I'm spending as much time on the post-movie donut experience as the movie itself, is everything I want to say is a spoiler. So I can't say anything, without stealing what little amusement you might wring out of the film.

It's got a Hitchcock pacing -- all the drama/suspense is in what you don't know and not being completely sure what's happening. So if you like a movie where you're not completely sure of anything, then this will be your flick. It's not the most violent film (PG-13). It's more derivative than Lagrange's notation (sorry, Math geek humor). The answer to every flitting thought that crosses your mind is, "yup". Suffice it to say, if you can't see pieces of a dozen other movies in it, you need to get out less (and watch more movies). But it's got so many other pieces, in unexpected ways, that it's unique in its own way. So it still worked for me. But I expect most people will fall into the like it, or hate it, column.

The acting was spot on, the filming was as good as could be expected for something shot in a very small set (claustrophobic). And one reviewer summed it up perfectly, "If Hitchcock had ever directed an episode of The Twilight Zone, it might have looked something like this." If that appeals to you, go see it. If that sounds bad, then it will emit the stench of 1,000 gas giants.


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