2003 The Upper

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Friends bought a resort Rental Property in the "Upper" (Upper Peninsula, Michigan), we went to visit and help with their Vitamin Business website (May).

A friend (Carole Cooper) had been in Grocery business and their on-line vitamin business (https://seacoast.com) was doing good, so they decided to retire up to the Upper Peninsula doing that, and running a little Bed and Breakfast getaway. They invited me up for a semi-working visit to help with their website and just hand: so Melissa and I took a little jaunt and had a great time.

I helped a little -- but I had a couple CMS's (Content Management System) that I'd written for the Newspapers in Ohio (information archive and retrieval) -- but they were really more about the shopping cart, and I didn't have the time/resources to do that. With them being so far away, and me starting my MBA and getting way busy, we lost touch. GeekPirate.small.png