2012 Hawaii (Big Island)

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Another Hawai'i get-away, this time to the Big Island in March. We were in Kona (the Dry side), but did a drive around the Island (and saw the Lava and the Wet Side). With some hanging out at the pool or water with a Mai Thai.

Big Island

The dry side of the big Island is either Lava Landscape or a resort, with some lush areas. The wet side, much more lush.

To do's

My story with the Mai Thai's the first day by the pool, is I got one, and I was casually watching her pour... and thinking, "that can't all be clear/white rum... it has to be a mix", because she kept pouring that while adding other stuff. I sipped it, and it tasted fine. So I nursed the thing to empty over the next 15-20 minutes while reading, and got up to pee, and just about fell onto my face. I'd skipped from buzzed to hammered, and had to concentrate to walk a straight line. I "walked" back to the room, in a blurry haze of warmth and affection.


Nice Room