2015.11.26 Trump and Disabled Reporter

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💩 WaPo "fact checked" Trump on a claim about arabs in NJ celebrating after 9/11, and claimed it was false. (That was FakeNews too). The reporter that did the fact check had written an article detailing the celebrations back in 2001. Trump mocked WaPo stammering trying to walk back their lie and used a common gesture of his: flailing arms that he'd used many times before to animate being flustered. Instead of apologizing and correcting their error, WaPo, CNN and other FakeNews outlets still-shotted the video of his hand position (with his wrist bent) and claimed he was mocking the reporters disability. The reporter did have a bent wrist, but not a flailing problem. They claimed because Trump might have met the guy, 30 years earlier in one of hundreds of interviews he'd done with the financial Press, that he knowingly mocked him. They ran that as their story for weeks, instead of the retraction/correction that they owed Trump, and they omitted all the key context, so their gullible readers/viewers still believe to this day the FakeNews version, and none seem to remember what actually happened and why.

If anyone believes the whole Trump made fun of a disabled guy, and doesn't know the whole context, it proves the point: they were duped by their media into being ignorant of what happened, and thinking they know something that is flat out wrong (most likely), or at least an out-of-context distortion of what really happened.

There was a bit of a delicious irony -- while the far left and their press is apoplectic about an imaginary slight against a disabled guy -- another disabled white kid was kidnapped and tortured by some black men. ZOMG, since it had a racial component where blacks were being racist, the same Press/Hollywood refused to touch or comment on that story. Since the reasonable know that kidnapping and beating someone is more serious than accidentally making a gesture that some butt-hurt snowflake lying journalist finds offensive, it proves that the left, Hollywood and their Press, doesn't REALLY give a shit about the disabled: they cared about making Trump look bad. And weren't above inventing FakeNews to do it.

And there is of course an army of either the ignorant or dishonest that will repeat the fraud for them, until all the gullible leftists believe it. Like in this case, Michael J. Fox did, as did Meryl Streep during her Golden Globe acceptance speech. [1] You get dumber and angrier (filled with hate) by listening to Hollywood idiots who either don't know what they're talking about, or don't care and are using their celebrity to lie to their audience for their cause. Both are embarrassments to their character.

This is a fake news story about how Trump knowingly mocked a disabled reporter. The true story is the Trump administration exposed the media getting caught spreading fake fact checks, and they desperately needed to change the narrative, so they took an out of context frame of video, doing a gesture he'd done many times before, and showed it next to a reporter Trump claims he didn't know (but he may have met 30 years ago).