2016.05.02 Hillary and the Rapist

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One complaint was against Hillary for laughing about getting a child rapist off when she was a defense lawyer. This was true. Even lefty-FactCheck admitted it was true. But Snopes, WaPo and Politifact parsed words, inferred intent (It was just a nervous laugh), and went beyond fact checking into water-carrier status.


Early into her career Hillary was appointed as public defender in a rape case, and made the centerpiece of her defense attacking the 12-year old victim's credibility (eventhough there wasn't a shred of evidence that the victim had any sort of history of making false claims). Going on to claim the victim wanted it by implying that the girl often fantasized and sought out "older men" like Taylor. She omitted this aspect of the case from her 2003 book, "Living History." (Not being nice, and having selective memory of her actions/history seems to be a pattern).

Worst of all, was in a 1980 interview she admits she knew the guy was guilty, but is joking and laughing about it and how she manipulated the situation to get her guilty client a reduced punishment for child rape. (While she claims to be a champion of women's rights, especially sexual assault victims... unless they're victims of her clients or husband).

Now her job was to defend the client, so I don't begrudge her doing her job. But lawyers know that their ethics doesn't require them to do things they don't believe; like attack the credibility of a 12 year old rape victim, or present evidence/ideas that they know are false. There are white, black and grey areas, and she seems to have a pattern of wading neck deep into the grays (at best). more...