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ABC has quite a bit of bias (as demonstrated by the ratings dog that won't die: The View. Another of the most egregious examples was them cancelling a show with great ratings for its time slot: the ironically named, "Last Man Standing".

The View

This is the channel that keeps " The View" after driving off the one conservative (Elizabeth Hasselbeck) amongst the 4 other catty liberal shrews, because "they were worried she was too Christian/Conservative for their audience". E.g. they were worried about the balance and likability she might bring to the show. Ratings plummeted on The View, while Hasselbeck grew the FoxNews Channel ratings (she went to immediately afterwards) by 9%. Yeah, Elizabeth was the problem.

Last Man Standing

Tim Allen was loved, they didn't appear to be getting many complaints. The show had good ratings in its time slot, the replacements fell on their face. So why would they cancel a show that wasn't costing them a ton, and getting great viewers: and more importantly, a different segment than most other shows. A competent organization could fill those advertising slots all day long.