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There are really two different histories of America -- the one that I know existed based on extensive reading and studying of history, and the one that my left of center friends know by repeating what they were taught in School, what they read in their version of the media, or what they choose to believe. Without someone having an accurate understanding of the past, they have a distorted view of the present, and no ability to understand what's coming in the future. Which explains how they can demand such ruinous things with the glee of a cult follower reaching for their glass of flavor aid). Thus our realities will only occasionally intersect, and when they do, it's usually not a great reaction.

My world view was formed early with things like in the 5th Grade while studying The American Revolution, I found out that what my teachers were teaching me was far from the whole truth: it had lies of omission and commission, and that if I wanted to really know something, I had to become a critical thinker: skeptical of what I was told, and to dive in a research what they weren't telling me. Lefties never got that memo, and will vehemently defend their fiction against any and all documented proof to the contrary. They hated me in school for arguing with the teacher, especially when I won, and it hasn't gotten better with age or social media. Mere facts, books, pictures or video just makes them madder. While learning something new is exciting to me, for them, conceding their heroes were wrong is ripping the foundation of their reality away. So while they demanded we speak truth to power, they didn't mean we speak actual truth to actual power. Their ego needs a flock, a safe space and their fake truth -- while mine needs the freedom to question, learn and accept facts that matched the data before my eyes. All my world view offers them is a dark and scary world with doubt, growth and enlightenment. This article is just a few examples where our realities collide.


Constitution and Liberty

The left is enamored with authoritarianism and change, and the Constitution is in the way, so they aren't really enemies of the Nation -- just on the limits on their power that the constitution represents.

  • Patriots: They claim to love America on one hand, and that's why they criticize it continuously on the other. They want to destroy it (as it exists) and remake it into something else, in the name of loving it. Think about that in application to your child or spouse -- you love them as they are, that's why you want to break them and remold them into something else? They invert logic: protests are good, disagreeing with those protests (and the violence the left brings) is bad. Ironically, almost everything they hate most about America was things that Democrats did when they got power: the racism, wars, imperialism, income inequality, corporatism -- that's why they need more Democrats in power, so they can hate American history more in 20 or 100 years.
  • First Amendment: when it comes to Free Speech and the 1A the progressive left has almost always opposed it -- at least if you're saying anything they don't like.
    • They claim they only want to ban things like "Hate Speech" or "Fake News", but the first Amendment wasn't written to defend only the speech you like/agree with. They support speech codes and politically correct safe spaces in our universities, and defend groups like Antifa or BLM beating people up.
    • Progressives created the Propaganda ministries for WWI and later WWII to control the messaging.
    • Licensing is where they take your rights away, and sell it back to you if you follow their rules: so they created the FCC, and FDR took licenses away from his political opponents. They created the “fairness doctrine” to punish those who weren't pro-administration enough.
    • They fought for Net Neutrality to give government more taxing/regulatory authority over the Internet.
    • The most liberal tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google are the ones that are most likely to censor/filter what the public sees... in the name of free speech of course.
    • "Congress shall make NO LAW…” to them meant some laws are OK. First they gave us the "draft", then they arrested people for opposing it -- and their excuse for that behavior was allowing people to protest against the draft was the equivalent of yelling “Fire in a crowded theater”.
    • Democrats created FISA (passed under Carter) to tap phones and read people's email. They screamed when Bush extended it to tap foreigners and look for terrorists, but they were silent when Obama abused it to tap Reporters or Trump.
  • Second Amendment: they are consistently against the 2A (Second Amendment) and have been a polarizing anti-Constitutional activists, their views on Guns in general, and that the 2nd Amendment was about the militia or the 2nd Amendment was for muskets in specific, are distorted. If you show them dozens of quotes and rulings that contradict them, they change the topic. And don't you dare bring up facts about mass shootings that have been stopped by civilians, or civilian Defensive Gun Use. They want to ban all guns, and lie about it because they know that's unpopular.
  • Eighteenth Amendment: Progressive Conservative Democrats helped give us Alcohol Prohibition: the right way for once (through the Amendment process). While their propaganda tries to label it "right wing": most of the leadership and effort came from the Progressive, Democrats and left. The whole idea that you should limit what other people put in their bodies is quite a bit against the whole spirit of liberty and the constitution. This was a huge lesson to the informed that laws need to follow society, not try to force society before the culture is ready or you get lawlessness and empowerment of organized crime. The Democrats still get this backwards and still think the law can lead society.
    • Twenty-First Amendment: this repealed prohibition -- but since the left hates giving up government power over our lives, they converted the anti-Alcohol cops and regulations into the DEA and Anti-Drug and Guns instead. Yes, it's the conservatives that want to enforce the laws - but it's usually the Democrats that give us those laws first. The other aspect of this is the anti-tobacco movements were popular with temperance leftists, and most of our anti-smoking laws also sprung out of this movement.
  • They gave us our anti-immigration policies as a favor to organized labor (Unions)
  • Champions of the regulatory state: the FDA was created after Upton Sinclair wrote his fiction piece called "the jungle" to protect us from a non-problem, and the FCC and fairness doctrine was created so FDR could bully any TV/Radio stations that did unfavorable pieces
  • they created the poverty industrial complex which is over 2/3rds of our budget and 9/10ths of our future liabilities -- all to declare a war on poverty (by economic conscription).
  • they have always been in bed with big business (like organized labor) and created the biggest cartels in our country
  • they love/hate the separation of powers depending on whether they're getting what they want (or obstructing the other side from giving us more liberty) -- but selective ethics are not ethics.
  • All the worst changes to our constitution can be traced to progressives: amendments 16, 17, 18, supreme court stacking and politicizing the court, the idea of precedence/living document over originalism/law. progressives broke the bi-cameral design of our legislature (put there by our constitution), so that directly elected senators would do whatever bad idea the people could be duped into, instead of what the states wanted


  • Democrat Presidents have always been the party of race hate. It started with Andrew Jackson and his celebrated trail of tears, they fought against Lincoln, and they gave us four of the most racist Presidents of the last century: (1) Wilson playing the racist "Birth of a Nation"[1] (2) FDR's segregated military and interning the Japanese and giving Jewish refugees back the Nazi's and keeping blacks out of the New Deal and speaking to the KKK and appointing two members to the Supreme Court (3) Johnson's many comments about niggers or calling his chauffeur "boy" or asians as "hordes of barbaric yellow dwarves” (4) Obama hanging out with the likes of Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, sheilding the New Black Panthers from prosecution, defending and encouraging racial violence and being a black supremacists [2]. To this day, the Democrats point fingers to distract from who the heroes of the left really were.



  • Their economics says that tax cuts won't result in people spending or investing (the only things they can do with that money), thus they mock Trickle Down Economics. They don't believe in Unintended Consequences and showing them is a distraction. They subscribe to the theory that by giving state a $1 Million dollars will stimulate their economy, even when you have to take out $2.63 million to do it. We could tax ourselves into prosperity, called Keynesianism, if only fiscal conservatives would get out of their way, and thus you're a bad person if you won't celebrate the seen benefits and ignore the unseen costs, called The Broken Window Fallacy. You're even a worse person if you show them when Keynesian has failed, or why it fails. This time will be different.
  • They will tell you mistruths about Income inequality or the vanishing middle class, and if you show them how Real GDP has doubled, or how much better we have it than our parents, they get mad, or change the topic. They know better than the data.
  • To them, raising the Minimum Wage will help people: and they'll unemploy as many people as it takes, to get us to utopia.
  • The same with Rent Control, you want to help people reduce their housing, never mind that anyone with a clue knows it makes housing worse.
  • They have an elaborate fictional view of what happened before the Great Depression, about Herbert Hoover and FDR, what happened during the depression, how we pulled out.
  • The same with their view of the Financial crisis of 2007-2008 -- their version of events was that removing Glass-Steagall and deregulation lead to over-leveraging with derivatives and the Big Fraud Theory that caused the crisis. They can't tell you how that causes as crash, why it never happened anywhere else that didn't have Glass Steagall, or why we pulled out of that tailspin. Explaining who the Overregulation, and government intervention and the best of intentions caused it, will just induce swearing or going away. When it's facts versus feelings (or their beliefs), the facts don't win.
  • You can show how Obama created the weakest economic recovery in history since the Great Depression, or how Trump, Reagan, JFK cut taxes and stimulated the economy -- and they won't believe it. Ignore consumer confidence, GDP, employment numbers, and so on. In the left's mind, Obama created the Trump recovery -- even if they can't explain why it only started working after Barack left office.


For them, I didn't fit in to the tribe, so I had to be driven out or destroyed. And for me, they weren't yet self aware humans, that learned to question or think for themselves: the latest vogue term for them is NPC's (In computer games non-player characters are pre-programmed, can't adapt to new information and react in a very predictable and scripted ways: a simplistic shadow's of real players/sentient humans who can think for themselves).

As Churchill put it, if you aren't liberal by 20, then you have no heart. If you aren't conservative by 30, then you have no brain. So any liberals past 30 are NPC's -- they can't change now because changing others is easy and comes without consequences (to them), but changing themselves is scary. that would also mean they couldn't remain left learning SJW's, Democrats or Socialists.

So my life was always doubting my parents, teachers and the media, finding out what else was out there. Not conspiracies, most of those are implausible and unlikely, but just curiosity about the context, nuance and most of all the omissions. Many of the NPC's.

Some need to believe that my criticisms of the left, are because I'm just a fan of the right -- but it's more the opposite: the more I learned about what the left wasn't telling me, the more I learned to distrust them. And the more I argued with both sides, the more I learned that the right/center would occasionally listen to reason, or at least consider uncomfortable truths. But the left (or at least far left that poses as the moderate left) could not. Their history is full of half truths and worse... and trying to change any one misunderstanding was usually too much. So the 3, 10 or 20 misunderstandings they had around any topic just overloaded them and shut them down completely. Either I was completely crazy, or everything they understood was wrong and they had been lied to -- and if they accepted the latter, then they couldn't be Democrats any more, and their whole species might end.

, any one item I try to teach them is too much, and if they admit the mistakes in one thing, it might cascade and show that they're wrong in just about everything they know. And if I show 2, 3 or 20 things they're wrong it, it just overloads them and they completely shut down. They prefer to see me as a crazy that knows nothing, that consider the facts presented -- which shows that they're wrong in just about everything.

Thus, I try to ignore, block, or just use the NPC's as a teaching tool for the rest. The truth is they are still humans -- and while they might be narcissistic and overvalue feelings over facts, they are hyper sensitive to others slights, and not-self-aware enough to recognize or admit their own (or those of their clique).

-- they'd also lose the security of their herd/flock and be kicked out of their clique of friends or family. So challenging one thing is challenging everything -- thus they can't admit to anything. And worse than me challenging them on one thing, any discussion with them on any one topic, tends to cross over into many misconceptions they hold as their truth: their alternate reality. And thus growth for them, would require ripping the fabric of their reality away, and replacing it with mine.

Thus they couldn't learn, and I couldn't unlearn.


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