Asso­ci­a­tion of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geo­phys­icists of Alberta

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APEGGA 2008 did a survey of their members and discovered that only 25.7% felt that Climate Change is primarily caused by human factors. So they did a follow up in 2012 and found that only 36% agreed with the IPCC claims on climate change, and 51% think there's little or no danger from anthropogenic causes. More of a consensus against the IPCC than for it.

2012 in a followup to APEGA 2008 survey found that:

  • only 36% agreed with the IPCC’s claims on climate change
  • 51% think there's little or no danger from anthropogenic climate change
  • There’s more consensus against the IPCC and against any big concern, than there is for it’s statements

2008 APEGGA found that:

  • 27.4% believe climate change is caused by primarily natural factors
  • 25.7% believe it is caused by primarily human factors
  • 45.2% believe that climate change is caused by both human and natural factors
  • Again, with the bell curve distribution of views when you look at scientists not paid by politicians to find a manmade problem.

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