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Which party (or side of the aisle) is more authoritarian? That depends on country, culture, time, and personality. But historically, there's no doubt that the left has been, as proven by every Socialists or Communist country in history. If you're individualist/libertarian and someone doesn't comply, oh well, that's the cost of living in a free society. But if you're collectivists (Socialist/Communist/Fascist), and they don't comply, it will be the end of your system of government, so they have to become authoritarian or grow (most don't grow).


Of course the first rule of leftist politics is, "if the facts don't fit your agenda, make them up". So there are many fake studies and many articles created to dupe the gullible (the left's base) into thinking they have the moral high ground (virtue signaling). But all those studies have lousy methodology and with a simple word tweak or inverting the question would result in proving the opposite. So I'm not saying there aren't any right/conservative authoritarians, of course there are. But I'm saying if someone is selling you a load of manure that the right is significantly more so, you either see through it, or you're a rube.

I mean what are you going to believe, all of recorded history, and every authoritarian leftist regime, or how the left acts in Universities, Academia, Antifa, Newspapers, Media, and all over the web.... or what a few made up studies and left wing authoritarians are telling you in the media?

There are also a lot of evidence to the contrary, that the left has been more authoritarian, or the leftist media (intentionally?) misunderstands the right and their motives -- and the only evidence is about 80% of the articles ever written by lefties about righties.


Written: 2018.07.14