Automation will destroy us

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Old truckers never die, they just re-tire. Anyways, the point is those screaming automation will destroy us all, are missing that they've been saying the same thing since Ug first tied a spear tip to a spear, and Zug predicted that would end all animal life. This is nothing new.

There's a rate of change that can cause short term localized issues. But historically the costs of labor versus costs of automation balance each other out. Eliminating drivers ups the demand for loaders/unloaders and sales/repair people. Even disruptive technologies don't happen overnight. Look at smart phones, the most massively disruptive technology of our era... poor flip phone builders were devastated. But we created more jobs in Apple stores than were lost at nokia. Smart phones didn't eliminate laptops and desktops. And lots of jobs were created in improving data networks and mall kiosks for phone accessories and repairs. The systems balance. More people are better off now, and enjoy the fruits of the transition than before. Most of those predicting catastrophe are ignoring history, or the parts of the equations they don't want to see.

There's even a 200 year old word for them, having to do with those that would destroy the tools of automation in the early 19th century... luddites.

Malthus - link