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Award shows are the participation trophies for the left. It's where insecure people award themselves prizes for doing their jobs, and then have sanctimonious speeches where high school drop-outs and insular and spoiled rich divas try to tell the rest of us what we're doing wrong and how great they all are.


Award Shows : 2 items

Academy Awards - Satire Site Babylon-Bee summed up the Academy Awards as, "4-Hour-Long Political Lecture To Be Disguised As Awards Show". Yeah, it's worse than that. The lack of intellectual diversity, the demands of political correctness/conformity have sucked the drama and interest out of what was already a boring idea: industry wonks patting other industry wonks on the ass, over their ability to play make-believe and pretend to be people more important than they are. The results are the smallest audiences in the shows history.

Ricky Gervais - At the 2020 Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais did a monologue that finally told the self-important Hollywood elites how the rest of the country (and world) see them and their sanctimonious speeches at masturbatory award shows. It was the best award monologue ever. He trashed Apple, Amazon, Disney (perhaps unfairly), and the Hollywood elites sanctimony (completely deserved). It took a while to get to the punchline, but the whole thing had its moments, especially watching the Hollywood elites being uncomfortable with finally seeing themselves in the mirror. It almost made me regret not watching the rest of the show.



Written 2020.01.06