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In 1980 Ted Turner started CNN, and put his left center spin on "the news". His later marriage to Hanoi Jane Fonda didn't help perceptions, nor did the newsrooms agenda convey a fully objective tone. He wanted to be the 24 hour version of the same left of center news outlets like CBS, ABC, NBC. So it was founded on his flavor of bias, and went downhill. It wouldn't be quite so bad, if they were just honest about it: but the faux air of objectivity, and denial of any bias, makes it worse.

History of Cable News Channels

  • CNN entered the left-wing propaganda-as-news market in 1980, and invented the 24 hour Cable News format, and started to gain respectability.
  • However, by 1996 Rupert Murdoch had recognized that the there was room for competition. Since CNN and the broadcast networks were all left leaning, there was a huge gap in the market for centrist to right leaning News, and Fox News was born.
  • MSNBC was started the same year as FoxNews, but with Fox going to the right of the other left-leaning News, and NBC's already leftward slant, they decided to carve their niche to the left of even CNN: where they floundered for decades... until after the election of Trump, and they got a huge influx of pouty Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, that wanted their propaganda even less balanced than CNN.

With 5 mainstream left channels , and only 1 right leaning one (FoxNews), FoxNews flourished and quickly surpassed CNN. The others struggled under hyper-competition. There were just too many suppliers for the same consumers, and FoxNews was peeling away too much of the untapped center/right audience. If CNN had been smart, they could have pivoted to the center (or soft right) and peeled off some of FoxNews's audience (especially later as Fox News drifted more right wing) -- but CNN was founded by ideologues and instead devolved from soft left to hard left, and made blunder after blunder, as their market eroded away from them, and Fox News beat them in ratings for two decades.

CNN was squeezed from all sides. They had broadcast channels beating them on hard news coverage. On cable, they had MSNBC offering more far-left talk shows. FoxNews peeled out any centrists from their lineup -- and had more centrist News, and more right leaning talkshows. Leaving CNN with small gaps in the middle, that they tried to fill with far-left Clinton and Obama cronies. [1] When caught spinning left, or making mistakes they alienated the center and quality seekers with attacks or denials. Thus the right, far-left and center were all served better elsewhere.


During a brief uptick in CNN during the election, the President of CNN (Jeff Zucker) once slipped and admitted the truth (by accident I assume), and said, “I think it was a legitimate criticism of CNN that it was a little too liberal,”. Ya think? [2] Of course he was implying it was going to be different now, right before they went off the cliff to the left.

I don't expect mere evidence to change ideologies mind's -- but here's a small sampling of some of the bias and spin that CNN has put on events, or mistakes they've been caught in. (A comprehensive list would require a dedicated site, and there have been a few, so this is just a taste). Thus, while CNN occasionally does good reporting, they also make many mistakes, and virtually all of their mistakes are from a left or far left position:

  • 2018.08.29 After smearing McCain during the 2008 election, mentally unfit, temper ridden, wife abuser, and so on, because he and Trump didn't get along, they suddenly spin everything as Trump slighting this wonderful hero. Ignoring that only a bitter little man would ask that the President or his running mate were not invited to his funeral, and then have it littered with political jabs in a show of petty.
  • 2018.08.24 Another young girl is murdered by a repeat felon illegal alien. CNN ignores the story, other than covering it by spinning that the only reason FoxNews and the right cares is because she's white. I'm used to the dishonest stupidity of playing the race card to divide us, but at least they could be smart enough to use the right excuse: the right cares because it proves that not all immigrants are great people or hard working refugees. [3]
  • 2018.07.12 CNN asks a mother how her son is doing in immigration detention. Her response in Spanish, "He's doing very well". What CNN translators say she said, "She says he wants me to be with him. And prays to God to make the day shorter, so we can be together". [4]
  • 2018.07.11 Jeffery Toobin tried to invent a reason why the Democrats politicizing and undermining the Constitution (and Supreme Justice picking) was OK. Because life expectancies had increased since the 1700's. Of course he was ignorant and misleading, but isn't that the norm for them? [5]
  • 2018.02.11 CNN gets everything wrong on the South Korean Olympics.
    • It has been fawning all over the North Korean Brutal Dictator's (Kim Jong Un's) younger Sister (Kim Yo Jong) as the "Korean Ivanka", getting both the familial relationship, accomplishments and politics wrong. This puff piece forgets to mention the regime's assassinations of relatives, thermonuclear aspirations, or that it's one of the most oppressive regimes in the world today. Just adoration for style over mass murder and prison camps. Even HuffPo reported it as propaganda. [6]
    • They were also excited about the regimented North Korean Cheerleaders, forgetting to inform their readers of how serious this is for them, and missing the point that fascist dictators could always put on big displays (like Greek Columns for their inauguration with proclamations of stopping the Ocean's rise). Trump talking about a military parade (as multiple democrats had suggested before) is gosh. But if North Korea has cheerleaders giving state sponsored enthusiasm under the penalty of life in a work/prison-camp if they embarrass the regime, now THAT is adorable. [7]
    • But the pièce de résistance, was when they criticized Vice President Pence's Olympic trip as a 'missed opportunity' for Korean diplomacy -- of course the truth was the exact opposite, but that would have required some fact checking. [8]
  • 2018.01.06 - Fire and Fury - Michael Wolff’s wrote a error-filled hit-piece on Trump, with no credibility, so CNN promoted it/Wolff. When the RNC quoted CNN's Brian Stelter tweeting it contained, “Real factual errors … makes you wonder about the overall content"... Stelter attacked the RNC. And had to mea culpa when they proved he had said it. [9]
  • 2017.12.12 - To show their non-biased professionalism, when the Democrat takes the lead in the Alabama special election (Jones over Moore), cheers can be heard on the set. [10]
  • 2017.12.11 - CNN made a big stink in May about Jeff Sessions lied about contact with the Russians, and the Democrats picked up their baton and called for Sessions to retire over this stink. Sessions pointed out he met them in his duties as Senator, and that was legally excluded by the FBI from disclosure. The CNN "experts" called him a liar, and it was a big story for a month. Then in Dec., CNN quietly admit that the evidence shows Sessions was right all along. The usual page one allegation, page 5 retraction -- and CNN viewers got more ignorant by watching the channel, than if they didn't follow it at all. [11]
  • 2017.10.27 CNN not only buries the lede by ignoring that the only evidence of Russian Collusion we have is Hillary Clinton and the 'Uranium One scandal, (where Hillary sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians, for millions back donated to the Clinton Foundation). CNN actually argues against transparency and journalism. All the news that's fit to bury? [12]
  • 2017.10.23 CNN tried to combat their perception as Fake News, by claiming that they're purveyors of truth, and those saying they aren't are liars, with "This is an Apple" ad campaign. [13]. Which started a trend of ads mocking them, like "this is a man" [14]
  • 2017.09.27 48 hours after Puerto Rico’s own governor, Ricardo Rosselló, was praising Trump’s attention and response to Hurricane Maria, CNN was spinning FakeNews as this was Trump’s ‘Katrina’. [15] Later reports showed while there were problems, it wasn't with getting the food/supplies to the island, it was with the Democrat controlled Island Government, and their failure to distribute those supplies, and had failed to have contingencies, infrastructure, and too much corruption. So it is similar to Katrina, just not in the ways CNN wants to spin it.
  • 2017.09.29 CNN created a FakeNews story, that FakeNews on Twitter is what allowed Trump to win the 2016 election. Only the Oxford Internet Institute study cited was about JunkNews, and it was poorly researched. it included many mainstream conservative site like The Washington Examiner and Breitbart, which both contribute original reporting and have seats in the White House press pool. And they were only commenting on the volume of messages, not the impact of them (as CNN did). [16]
  • 2017.09.28 CNN reporter was shocked when a radio jock said that he loved boobs. Then gushes over Hugh Hefner after he died.[17]
  • 2017.08.18 After years of calling the Tea Party "tea baggers", or misrepresenting the alt-right, they wrote a 100% sympathetic piece of propaganda promoting antifa, after months of not reporting violence at their events or agenda, "these poor enraged kids are fighting for a good cause, just not in a good way".[18]
  • 2017.06.16 After Bernie Sanders supporter and left wing activist (James Hodgkinson) shot Republican Steve Scalise practicing baseball. CNN misreported that only Democrats prayed for Scalise and his recovery (it was both teams). [19] This was compounded thatthey misreported that Trump had not visited Scalise, when he had. [20] And we're not even getting into all the bias about how they didn't report a lot of the details of James Hodgkinson background or motives, or all the fuck ups on anything to do with guns.
  • 2017.06.13 Chris Cillizza first mocks four liberal Trump conspiracy theories (that were promoted by CNN). Then joins CNN and decided to whine about Trump's tweets with a challenge to offer specific examples of CNN's FakeNews or where they or other presidents made such blanket statements as Trump... which results in a tidalwave of twitter responses (2,400+ replies) with thousands of examples.[21]
  • 2017.06.06 CNN said they should be viewed as “the one nonpartisan cable news network". Then after a year of prior obvious bias and slander, they had to reluctantly fire Reza Aslan (their "religious scholar") after he called Trump a piece of shit. This happened right after Kathy Griffen beheaded the President in effigy, so the optics were too bad to sweep it under the rug. [22]
  • 2017.06.04 They got caught staging protests for the camera, or they use green screens or split screen to pretend they're somewhere they aren't, all to manipulate the public. [23] Their defense was "everyone does it".
  • 2017.02.15 Repeatedly claimed Trump’s had constant contact with Russians during campaign (following Hillary's campaign agenda that he was conspiring with the Russians, like she did). Only Trump didn't appear to have any, it is normal for their campaigns to have some (Trump had less than normal), and many investigations had not found anything to hint that he colluded with the Russians to fix a campaign (or that the Russians did anything to rig our elections). What contact they have found was after Trump was President elect. [24]
  • 2017.02.09 CNN uses ‘Fake News' widely, then claims it's like using the N-Word when Trump uses it against them. [25] CNN 'accidentally' loses connect when Bernie Sanders jokes that CNN is 'Fake News"[26]
  • 2017.05.04 - CNN Says Trump changes to ACA will make Rape and Domestic Violence a Pre-Existing Condition. Even left of center PolitiFact, had to admit that one was FakeNews, "the bill does not change what is or is not a pre-existing condition; the health insurance companies write those definitions for themselves". No correction from CNN. [27]
  • 2017.01.20 - Nancy Sinatra tweeted a joke about her late father’s song “My Way,” being used at Trump’s Inauguration. She tweeted, "just remember the first line of the song", which is, “And now, the end is near.” CNN used that to invent a FakeNews story that she was “not happy” about Trump using her father’s song at the Inauguration. To which she replied, "That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN? What a rotten spin to put on a harmless joke.” [28]
  • 2017.01.02 - To show how serious this Russia Hacking thing is, CNN used screenshots from Fallout 4, as a graphic. Rolls eye's, made up photos from a game to show the seriousness of the issue? Not good optics. [29]
  • 2016 - CNN falsely claims (and edits a video to show), Sherelle Smith and Kimberly Neal were “calling for peace” amidst riots in their neighborhood. Only they were clearly not. In the unedited video they said, , “Y’all burning down shit we need in our community. Take that shitt to the suburbs. Burn that shit down.” Their correction was still misleading in all they did is say, "She was calling for peace in her community, urging the protesters to go elsewhere". When they're burning shit down, they're not protestors, they're rioters -- and telling rioters to burn down your neighboring community (just not yours) isn't what "Calling for peace in your community" actually means. [30]
  • 2016 - CNN says it’s Illegal to look at wikileaks, even left of center WaPo had to admit that was FakeNews. [31]
  • 2016 - CNN’s Donna Brazile fed Hillary Clinton questions ahead of debate - CNN/Donna denied it, it was later proven.
  • 2016 - CNN defended Hillary and claimed didn't say she wanted open borders in a speech, she did.
  • 2016 - Hillary has 90% chance of winning - she lost.
  • 2016.05.06 Birth of Birthers? - They "fact checked" whether Hillary originated the Birther movement, and exonerated her. It was only her top strategists plan and her campaign staffers, but not her personally -- so they pretended that Trump was lying to imply she had anything to do with the rumors.
  • 2015.12.28 Smart Gun-Controllers? - Misreporting details on caliber or mm. This is just one example among thousands of CNN not having any competent fact checkers on guns, but lots of ignorant pundits with opinions, and them trying to sensationalize stories for their scared audience, that gets more ignorant with each new CNN report on the topic.
  • 2014.08.09 Michael Brown - CNN totally misleads the public with "Gentle Giant" and "hands up, don't shoot" falsehoods, which is bad enough. But 3 years later (in 2017), there's still people on CNN repeating the lies, even though it has been known to be false since 2015. [32]
  • 2013.06.01 During the 2012 Obama election, when Obama Administrations IRS agents targeted conservative not-for-profit political filings, and the blocked them getting their status (to successfully interfere with our election), CNN spun the story as it was "2" low-level folks and completely a regional problem". Later it turned out to be 88 folks that ran the center which controls 401(c)(d)'s for the entire nation. Michelle Obama dated the inspector general involved in this. Nothing to see here, the story was buried, and no investigative journalists at CNN took an interest. [33]
  • 2005.02.11 CNN Director Eason Jordon was forced to resign after claiming the U.S. (and Iraq) was intentionally targeting innocents and journalists in Iraq. [34]
  • 2003 - CNN Admits they had suppressed damning news about Iraq, in order to keep their office open there
  • 1998 - Tailwind: CNN Falsely Reports War Crimes by U.S. Forces
  • 1996.07.27 Richard Jewel - CNN regurgitated NBC as Jewel was a person of interest in the Atlanta Olympic Bombing. He sued, and they settled, but that's what fake news looks like -- getting so far ahead of the story that you're no longer in sight of the truth. [35]
  • 1991 - Arnett’s Air War - Debunked story about a milk-factory bombing [36]
  • 1990 - Mark Dice shows Trump's problem with CNN, and Andrew Dice Clay losing it over their lies (anonymous sources, sketchy questions, more interested in drama than facts), live on the air. [37]



CNN despises all conservative candidates -- but they had a special hate for Trump, from before he even announced or won the primary. They wanted him to run and be the front-runner, because they were so blinded by their own hate, that they thought it was a slam-dunk. They could exaggerate the worst things he said, and since their audience/rubes would buy it, they thought the nation would too. But their lack of understanding about the "Fly-Over Country" (non-coast elites) left them blind-sided when he won. And then after that, they were unconsolable, bitter, and spun every story from the far left "How is this guy in office" point of view -- which meant the only moderates or right leaning folks that watched, did so for comedy relief. We may not drink from the skulls of our enemies any more, but we can still get enjoyment hearing the lamentation of their women (by watching CNN's caterwauling).

So CNN is comedy relief from day-to-day life, for the right. They have gotten almost every major theme they posted about Donald Trump, Russiagate, the Election, James Comey, Impeachment, and various "scandals" since Trump won, wrong. Some laughably so. Examples include:

  • 2018.07.31 - False Opacity - Jeff Zeleny (WH Reporter) tweeted that Trump had not taken questions from reporters in at least a week. He had done so at a press conference the day before. No retraction, apology or consequences. [38]
  • 2017.12.08 - Trump Jr. (Wikileaks) - CNN had a "bombshell" report that Donald Trump Jr. had early, secret early access to hacked DNC emails from WikiLeaks, 9 days before they were public. It was actually the day after they went public, and no special access had been given. CNN eventually quietly revised their story (buried the lede), but never apologized or admitted how they got the dates wrong. [39]
  • 2017.11.06 During Trump's Japan trip, they got caught deceptively editing a reel to make it look like Trump made a fish feeding blunder by dumping the box of food in the Koi pond, and turned it into a big story... after omitting that PM Abe did the same thing first. [40]. Then they deceptively edited a quote on where the Japanese build cars (he was implying they should build more cars in America, and they played it as if he didn't know they already did). CNN's author did later issue a correction for the second FakeNews lie of the day. [41]
  • 2017.10.19 CNN blames Trump for Harvey Weinstein, seriously. [42] This happened after they got caught burying 24 other sexual scandals by Democrats. [43]. As you can see in my Gropegate index, the single biggest factor on whether CNN will cover it or bury it, is whether there's an (R) or (D) after the persons name.
  • 2017.06.26 Russia Trump-Collusion Fake News Fiasco
  • 2017.03 CNN denounces Trump’s claim that Obama was wiretapped phones in Trump Tower as a “flat-out lie.” In September they admitted that Carter Page and Paul Manafort were both wiretapped (and in Trump Tower). But still repeats and mocks the idea that he was wiretapped, long after it was proven true. No apology, correction or retraction. [44]
  • 2017.02.01 Erol Lewis pushes False Story that Trump’s Executive Immigration Order caused Michigan Woman’s Death [45]
  • 2017.01.31 Falsely Claims Trump Brought Judge Neil Hardiman to DC as Supreme Court Nominee ‘Decoy’. He wasn't in town, and wasn't a decoy. [46]
  • 2017 - Jim Sciutto insisted Donald Trump didn’t “say anything” about the wall of sacrifice behind him during his speech to employees at the Central Intelligence Agency - proven false
  • CNN claimed many times that Trump is under investigation by the FBI - Comey admitted he was not.
  • 2016 - 17 Intelligence Agencies Lie - The Hillary Campaign Talking Point was that "17 intelligence agencies" agreed that Russians had hacked the election. The NYT printed it, James Clapper admitted in front of congress that was bullshit and that he only had 3 (or 4) agencies under his purview (and 2 of them disagreed until pressured). CNN repeated it for over a year after it was debunked and NYT and others offered retractions and apologies for repeating it. CNN's trolls and followers still think it's true, as CNN never apologized or retracted this FakeNews story. [47]
  • 2016 - Anthony Scaramucci - CNN published a story claiming Anthony Scaramucci was being investigated by the Senate into the Russian Direct Investment Fund. They had to retract it, and admit it wasn't up to their editorial standards, and three reporters had to resign.[48].
  • 2016.10.24 - CNN predicts a Trump win will crash stock markets 10-15%, but a Clinton win would be great. The stock market responded to a Trump win by leaping upward, and has continued to break records ever since. The point is not that CNN is often wrong, but that they sounds more like DNC mouthpiece than actual news. [49]
  • Trump pulled the MLK bust out of WH - later proven false (it was moved in the same room).
  • Carter Paige colluded with Russia - later proven false
  • Trump has no path to 270 - can't win. Hillary has 90% chance of winning.
  • Trump had two scoops of ice cream to everyone else's one
  • Flynn is spilling the beans on Trump
  • Trump will fire Spicer
  • Trump fired Comey over investigation


They've been complete asshats to one of the best looking and dressed of our First Ladies ever (she was a model). She did events that went off better than the Obama's, and gets no credit. They basically ignore her, compared to other First Ladies. If they weren't so fawning over Jackie O, or Michelle Obama, and so on, they could claim they don't want to sensationalize appearance -- but of course they care, unless it's someone who is stunning and Republican.

  • 2018.06.06 Propagates Conspiracy Theories about Melania - After undergoing kidney surgery, Mrs. Trump took a month off of public events. CNN first feeds the fire with stories about how, "she hasn't been seen in 24 days", "Where's Melania", on the station, twitter and in newsletters. Then when Trump gets upset and calls them FakeNews for feeding the conspiracy theories like she had plastic surgery, or moved back to NYC, they claim that was just random twitter users hypothesis. Yes, but it was started by CNN speculation and those theories were repeated on CNN. [50]
  • 2017.02.10 Falsely claims Melania Trump blew off Akie Abe (the PM's wife) during Japanese PM's visit. Photos show Donald and Melania with her at the time. [51]


This deserves it's own sub-section, as so much of their Comey reporting was embarrassingly wrong.

  • 2017.06.07 - CNN reported that former FBI director James Comey would contradict President Donald Trump’s claim that he was not under FBI investigation, which showed that his firing was impeachable obstruction of justice. Comey admitted in his opening statement of his congressional testimony that Trump was correct. CNN had to correct their story.[52]
  • CNN claimed Comey wasn't granted more resources for investigation - later proven false
  • Trump is going to live tweet during Comey hearing - he didn't.
  • Comey is a Boy Scout and apolitical
  • Trump fired Comey over investigation (not incompetence or violation of ethics) -- FBI report shows that's false.


  • 2018.02.08 - CNN claims Cody Shearer, the private intel operative for Hillary Clinton (and the author of Dossier #2), was an "independent journalist." He hasn't been an active journalist in DECADES. This is like referring to Adolf Hitler as an artist. [53]
  • 2018.02.02 - Over a year and a half after the Steele Dossier was shown to be the creation of the Clinton campaign, Jim Sciutto at CNN is still repeating the lie that it was created by the Republicans. [54]
  • 2017.06.26 - The FBI/CIA and Comey all said that there's no evidence of Trump collusion. But CNN has been harping on the issue for a year, so when the only evidence of collusion was of the Hillary campaign and DNC paying for the Fake Dossier (what real collusion looks like), CNN ignored it (lie of omission), and desperately tries to sensationalize a Trump-Russia collusion story than was so bad, it ended with 3 of their reporters getting fired. [55]
    • At the same time, Project Veritas showed a senior CNN producer, John Bonifield, admitting the whole Russia meme is bullshit, they have no evidence, and they'd been on a witchhunt (like the President said)[56]. Even their producers know they're way out ahead of their ski's on this thread, but they have been for a year. And they've intentionally suppressed and under-reported the Hillary/Dossier collusion angles.
  • 2017.02.24 - CNN whines (after getting shut out of a Press event after running the Fake Dossier) that it was retaliation because "Apparently this is how they retaliate when you report facts they don't like. We'll keep reporting regardless". Only the Dossier wasn't "facts" it was lies. (Lie #1). Thus the reason they were shut out wasn't because because they told the truth, it was because they repeated a long discredited story, in order to attack the President, thus their complaint as to why they frozen out was also a lie. (Lie #2). No retractions or apologies for FakeNews to cover up their FakeNews. [57]

They finally had to pull people off the fraud (months later) because nothing showed up (it was all a fraud)


CNN - For 38 years, there have been many, many bad shows that demonstrated CNN's anti-liberty (Anti-2A) biases, and their lack of competent fact checkers. Piers Morgan deserves special mention as a gun-incompetent expert for CNN, regularly getting schooled by guests. Everyone makes mistakes. But the example image shows a screen cap with the kind of consistently bad slop that comes to define CNN when it comes to guns. And I have yet to see something in them about guns that wasn't mockworthy. Some examples:
  • They don't even know the difference between caliber and millimeter (pretty basic stuff).
  • 0.223mm is about 1/128th of an inch. It is either a .223 Caliber (how much of an inch across it is), or it's a 5.56mm.
  • They also got wrong 0.9mm (9mm) and .22mm long rifle (22LR).
  • I think they only tried to add the "long rifle" because it sounded "scary". In truth, the 22LR is the weakest common rifle or pistol round you can get. (Though the .22 short was first created in 1857 for kids to learn to shoot paper with).
  • To give you a sense of scale on 2,000 rounds: boxes are 50-100 rounds, bulk is 500-1,000 rounds (5-10 boxes). The average person shoots a few boxes every time they practice. So this maniac had enough ammo to go shooting 3 or 4 times with each gun. In Texas or Arkansas upon hearing of that stockpile, their first thought would be, "Bubba's running bone dry on ammo".

That isn't the first time they've been stupid or dishonest about guns. Including:

  • 2018.05.18 Jim Sciutto and Sara Murray both tweeted how we had 22 school shootings so far this year, using Everytown for Gun Safety's long discredited fake methodology. [58]
  • 2018.02.27 In a FakeNews story trying to sensationalize how dangerous an AR-15 is, they got some dingleberry General to do/say everything wrong in firing it, and totally fuck up the "facts", like "Full Semi-Automatic". Their "report" became a meme mocked by anyone who knows the basics of guns. [59]
  • 2018.03.21 They invite every far left anti-Gun parkland teen to pontificate on ideas beyond their intellectual carry capacity, but refuse to invite a single conservative teen on (they're too informed). They finally, invite one, to preserve the sham of being a news site, but quickly disinvite him for a retweet about one of their sports commentators. It's almost like they were looking for an excuse to avoid letting the other side on. [60]
  • 2018.02.21 A story CNN was pumping about a school shooting survivor, just happens to have a mom who was a CNN VIP (and they never disclosed that). [61]
  • 2018.02.21 CNN's Chris Cuomo posts false story about being able to buy a gun without proper ID or background check. Lies about it. Refuses to apologize. None demanded by CNN. [62]
  • 2018.02.06 - Parkland Lies: after Parkland shooting, CNN media reporter Brian Stelter attacked Republicans for being "scared" to come on CNN and debate gun control. Chris Cuomo specifically called out Ted Cruz for not rising to the challenge. Ted Cruz had done a 15 minute interview earlier that day, and they aired none of it, because he made them look stupid. (Which isn't hard). [63]

So we have an example of CNN tarting up their slides (Click-bait), being obviously biased, getting fundamental facts wrong, not doing quality work or having competent fact checkers with a basic clue about guns. So this little example sums up CNN on Guns for the last 38 years: you get dumber watching them.

Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta is to "journalism" what Hitler was to comedy: the grandstanding douchebag making himself into the story through obscene antics, and being wrong in virtually everything he does. When the President said "next" and tried to move on. Acosta decided to "lay hands" on a WhiteHouse intern, and physically prevent her from doing her job - which is handing the microphone to the next person. For that he got his White House credentials suspended, and the left proved their insanity by whining that this was an intrusions on the first amendment or a Free Press. Words mean things, and they don't mean what the left seems to think they do.


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