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Jimmy Carter asked the Russians to interfere in Reagan's election. Ted Kennedy twice reached out to Russia for the same thing. Bill Clinton did a quid-pro-quo deal with the Russians to help his re-election. Barack Obama in an infamous hot-mic incident was colluding with the Russians. The Hillary campaign paid the Russians for a fake Steele "Pee-Pee" dossier and invented this mess to undermine Trump. That dossier gave the Obama administration and their cronies in the FBI an excuse to get illegal FISA wiretaps on Trump's guy (Carter Page), by perjuring themselves to a Judge -- and that allowed them to listen in on Trump's campaign, then illegally unmask and leak that, all to undermine the elected President! Which helps who? The Russians, since undermining confidence in the election was what the Russians were trying to do all along. Oh, and the DNC, FBI and the media got caught colluding to fix the election and get Hillary in the Whitehouse (and undermine our Bernie Sanders and our Democracy), as proven by the Wikileaks documents and later confessions. That's not even touching the "reset button" fiasco, or giving away our Uranium for payoffs in speaking fees. But nothing at all to show Trump Campaign was doing any election-rigging collusion with the Russians. And again, if "Collusion" was a crime (and not "Foreign Policy"), all of them would have been imprisoned.

Evidence of DNC-Russian collusion:

  • DNC during FDR conspired with British Intelligence to create disinformation campaigns about Republican opponents [1].
  • Jimmy Carter - during the 1976 election, the Soviets suggested, "they could... affect the outcome of the election so as to favor Carter." During the 1980 election against Ronald Reagan, Carter lobbied for the Soviet Union to let "Jewish 'refuseniks' emigrate to Israel" in order to strengthen his standing in important states, but the Soviets rebuffed him.
  • Ted Kennedy - twice reached out to the Soviet Union for election help. In 1980 to ask for KGB help against Carter for the democrat Primary. And in 1983 to weaken Ronald Reagan's foreign policy (and undermine him in 1984 election). This was not considered a crime by the Democrats/Media at the time.
  • Tip O'Neill - as Speaker of the House, Tip told Anatoly Dobrynin (Soviet Union's ambassador to the U.S.), "that it was in everyone’s best interests if the Soviets would help the Democrats keep 'that demagogue Reagan' from being re-elected." and to prevent this "dangerous man" from "plunging the world into war," [2]
  • Bill Clinton - tried to quid pro quo deal with Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1996. Clinton would give Yeltsin "positive" U.S. policies toward Russia, if Yeltsin's cleared up the poultry dispute, since 40% of chicken comes from Arkansas (and would help him with donors).
  • Barack Obama -- got caught colluding with America's enemies:
    • Iran: After the 2015 nuclear deal, Obama’s Treasury Department secretly issued a special license allowing Tehran to convert $6 billion in Omani rials to dollars — a violation of still-in-force US sanctions. The deal fell apart only because US banks, with “better legal and moral sense than the Obama Treasury” refused to participate. Still, this was “subterfuge and secrecy objectively aimed at enriching an enemy of the United States” — in other words, “collusion.”[3]
    • Hezbolla: Project Cassandra was tracked cocaine trafficking to the U.S. to Hezbolla's financing, and was ready to make arrests. But the Obama Justice Department got wind, obstructed the investigation, then tore the whole effort down, because it might interfere with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that Obama wanted. That's covertly helping enemies of the U.S., against our interests, AKA collusion. [4]
    • Russia:In an infamous hot-mic incident (2012), Barack Obama said to Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president at the time: "After my election I have more flexibility". Medvedev told Obama, "I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you." Putin proceeded to take advantage of Obama's "flexibility" with his invasion of Crimea and calling the shots in Syria. Despite hard evidence of hacking on many other occasions, on weaker evidence and after 7 years and 11 months of Obama carrying Russia's water and not having any interest in Russian hacking of elections (and in fact sent out directives trying to cool the investigation until after the election), then in his last month in office, Obama suddenly got tough on Russia and Hacking. It's almost like they intentionally didn't want to investigate it at the time, and keep this as insurance (distraction).[5] (That's not touching on Uranium One, Reset Button, and other fiascos).
  • Hillary Clinton (and the DNC) - got caught colluding with the Russians, multiple times:
    • (1) Uranium One was a when she and her Husband got fat payouts after Hillary was involved in selling Uranium rights to Russia. The defenders claim, "oh, she was only one of many on the panel". But that doesn't change she was an influential advocate for the Russians, and benefitted greatly and personally from them. That's more than they have on Trump.
    • (2) The Dossier was all her and the DNC, and Russians were paid in that, to undermine the election and American trust in it or their candidate. Everything the Democrats are accusing Trump Administration of, Hillary actually did.
    • Anyone TRULY against Russian Collusion, would be screaming for Hillary's head. Those that won't, prove what they care about (and it isn't Russian Collusion).
  • Peter Strzok - Peter Strzok is the #NeverTrump'er that was in charge of investigating Hillary's email abuse, which he did by giving immunity to her staff, doctoring the exoneration letter before failing to put her under-oath for her softball interview, that he didn't record. Then he was responsible for the investigation into Russian Collusion that lead to illegal FISA warrant, tapping and illegal unmasking of Trump administration folks.
  • Lisa Page - Peter Strzok's #NeverTrump'er mistress, and Lawyer involved in many FBI investigations.
  • Andrew McCabe - discredited #NeverTrump Assistant Jr. FBI director, who was part of the Strzok/Page cabal, and who was fired and is in legal hot water for lying under oath in the Trump Obstruction of Justice investigation, about how the Obama administration WAS actually Obstructing Justice (Obama Justice Department pressured the FBI to stand down on an investigation of the Clinton Foundation)... and McCabe's lie is also Obstruction of Justice. So he and Obama administration are guilty of what he and Democrats are accusing Trump of. Lock him up!
  • James Comey - Failed FBI director, hated by Democrats (until Trump fired him). He leaked government secrets, stole government property, got caught being incompetent, lying and perjuring himself, and was fired by the Attorney General... so the Democrats screamed "Obstruction of Justice" and demanded a special council. Comey wrote a book that proved his detractors right on every point: he was a political Trump hating polemic with a double standard, who botched the Hillary email scandal, and is now under investigation for various crimes.
  • Robert Mueller - is leading the witch hunt into non-existen Trump Russian collusion, and since his investigation will be seen as a failure if he doesn't find anything, he's been picking off people around Trump for things completely unrelated to his charter (Russian Collusion or Obstruction of Justice with regards to Russian Collusion). Which only makes things worse. He comes across as an Obama crony, desperate to find something to distract from the fact that his very reason for existence, was a fake paid-for dossier created as opposition disinformation, invented by the Clinton Campaign, and used as an excuse to violate FISA law, and taint the office of the President with the stain of the prior administrations corruption.
  • Bruce Ohr - DOJ Associate DA whose wife was a Clinton/Obama crony, got demoted for his involvement, while working for the DOJ he was running as go-between for Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS (where his wife worked). And Steele was working with the Russians. That's what collusion would look like. And because his and his wife's associations (and all these go-betweens) were hidden from various investigations or request for warrants, that's called intent to obstruct justice. So far the DOJ hasn't released all the information around this to investigators.
  • Christopher Steele and the Russian "pee-pee" Dossier - Hillary Clinton's Campaign and the DNC, paid Russian Operatives (though Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, and Marc Elias/Perkins Coie), to do salacious hit-job on Donald Trump, then leaked it to the Press (and lied about it) in order to undermine confidence in the President and the Election. The FBI colluded in it, and used that fake dossier to illegally spy (wiretap), unmask and leak the named of Trump administration officials. This is the smoking gun that proves Russian Collusion, Election Manipulation and Obstruction of Justice. The media has no interest in any of that, and is still looking for Trump's crimes.
  • Adam Schiff (D) tried to tie Trump to Russia, but all he does is show that 2 years in, how shrill and irresponsible the Democrats and the media have been.
  • Unnamed Mueller Team Attorney - An FBI attorney who worked on the Hillary Clinton email investigation and was the FBI’s lead attorney on the investigation into Russian election interference on Mueller's special counsel got caught sending anti-Trump text messages to a colleague, including one exclaiming: “Viva le Resistance.” He was removed after being on the team for nearly a year. [6]
  • Natalia Veselnitskaya - a Russian Lawyer (Advocate) who had a short meeting with Don Jr., but had a relationship with the DNC and Obama administration. The Dems/Media point to her as proof of collusion, while she was in country because of Obama and met and worked with many in the Hillary or Obama administration for years. If she's proof of collusion, then Democrats are guilty as sin. [7]


Trust the Democrats this time, they'd never lie to the public for political gains, unlike all the other times.

To summarize, we know:

  • The Hillary campaign paid for the dossier and invented the Russian Dossier to distract from their election loss
  • whenever the latest clickbait falls apart, the Dems/Media shift what this is about to something else (avoiding Hillary, DNC, poor sportsmanship or the Media's failings).
  • the DNC, FBI and the media colluded to fix the election and get Hillary in the Whitehouse (and undermine our Democracy)
  • Evidence of Trump-Russia collusion is scant after 2+ years of muckraking
  • Evidence of DNC and Russian collusion (election tampering and obstruction of justice) is common, brazen and obvious
  • But nothing at all to show Trump (or even his campaign) was doing any collusion with the Russians

Who knows, maybe there's something there. But we sure haven't seen it. What we've seen is lots of abuses of power and Russian collusion: by the Democrats.

  • the Obama administrations hid facts, obstructed justice, abused power, broke the law (FISA, unmasking, and so on)
  • the Democrats and the media worked to help Hillary win the primary over Bernie Sanders (giving her debate questions in advance and so on).
  • we have evidence the FBI was corrupted by Pro-Hillary / Anti-Trump political agents, proven by the FBI exonerating Hillary for many crimes before the investigation/interview was complete, and a highly unusual investigation (that violated FBI standards and procedures) to make sure Hillary wasn't held accountable for her crimes. The FBI's reputation is in tatters, and many people have had to be fired
  • Trump folks were railroaded for political reasons, or things unrelated to the Trump Russia investigation
  • an incredible double-standard by the media in showing no interest in the dark side of Hillary, the DNC or FBI's actions, and abandoning journalistic standards when it comes to Trump. Most of her Press was positive, most of Trump's was negative and out of context. And the media has had dozens of scoops against Trump that later turned out to be discredited DNC talking points that they had to offer corrections/retractions on. And many of their claims defending accusations against Hillary, turned out to be wrong too.
  • all in the context of Hillary's normal dirty campaign tricks, and the gullibility to believe that within hours of losing on a grueling election day, she and her staff personally discovered the Russian Electoral Meddling that the FBI, CIA and NSA have been unable to find any significant evidence of (then or in the couple years since).

Tthe Dems have gotten caught doing everything they accuse the Trump administration of: election rigging, colluding with Russians, obstructing justice, trying to undermine an election, tearing the nation apart, polarizing the nation, attacking minorities (Coal/Oil workers, Gun owners, Blue collar workers, and other deplorables).

You'd think in the face of all that, the public would be getting wise. Well, some are... but others are Democrats. Dems might be smart or nice people in other aspects of their lives, but when you get them on some wild, unproven political conspiracy theory like "the vast right-wing conspiracy", "Trump-Russia collusion", "true Socialism has never been tried", or any excuse for why their side might lose an election other than a uniquely bad candidate (running on unpopular issues), and they're completely unreasonable.


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