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DNC (Democratic National Committee) is the party that historically has been on the wrong side of almost every issue, while at the time and later, they lectured the public and the other side about how morally superior they are.

Now the past is no proof of the present or future. They could be right on something, lord knows the law of averages says they're due to be right, one of these times. But this isn't about that. This article is about the ways that they were 100% sure they were right in the past, but were not. And thus when they approach every issue in the present with the sanctimony of self congratulations at being on the right side of history, it helps if they're reminded of how they thought that and were wrong in the past. Not to distract or ad hominem them today, but to maybe inject enough historical reality that they can accept some reasonable compromise in the present.


  • 1829 – The first official Democratic Party president, Andrew Jackson, took office
  • 1830 – President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law. Under this act, Native American tribes living east of the Mississippi were rounded up and marched to camps farther west. The US Supreme court ruled in favor of Cherokee Indians in a suit against Georgia and said the Cherokee Nation could not be forcibly removed from their homes. Andrew Jackson was the first President to completely ignore the Constitution and rule-of-law and just ignored the decision, and the Cherokee people were rounded up at gunpoint and forced out. One in four Cherokee people died during the inhumane journey which became known as the Trail of Tears. If Democrats had values, that would have been the last Democrat elected President, instead of just the first.
  • 1840’s – The Democratic Party adopted the doctrine of manifest destiny: the idea that white Americans were divinely entitled to dominate the North American continent.
  • 1854 – A new anti-slave political party was formed to secure equal rights for black Americans and oppose the pro-Slavery Democrat Part. The new party named the Republican Party because it’s founders wanted to return to the principles of freedom and equality set forth in the governing documents of the republic.
  • 1856 – The first Republican presidential candidate ran on a platform that included equal rights for African Americans. The Democratic platform strongly defended slavery. The Democrats won the election. Founding Republican Party member, Sen. Charles Sumner gave a speech in the US Senate against slavery. Angered by Sumner’s message, Democratic House Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina, crossed the rotunda of the Capitol and in front of the entire Senate, literally clubbed Sumner almost to death. Democrats started the tradition of two sets of laws (one for them and one for everyone else) when they never charged Brooks with the attempted murder of a United States Senator on the Senate floor.
  • 1857 – The Democrat-controlled Supreme Court approved the Dred Scott Decision, which declared that black American’s were “not persons but property” and therefore had no rights.
  • 1860 – Republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln won on a platform that opposed the Dred Scott Decision and slavery.
  • 1861 – The confederate flag was created by the Democratic party, seceded from the Union and started the civil war. The Ku Klux Klan was started by Democrats to murder Republicans: black or white.
  • 1866 – A Republican-controlled Congress enacted the 13th Amendment to constitutionally ban slavery in the US.

Democratic Tolerance

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Democratic Tolerance


Democratic National Committee - It's not just one Democrat that says stupid things about gun control, it seems to be the majority who either say stupid things when the party tells them to bark, or at best, they don't resist their side when they say stupid things. So until the party at least has some conflicts and disagreements when their most vocal members saying the most foolish things, then the whole party does deserve to be judged by their leadership and their most popular voices. (Republicans are allowed to disagree and there's few consensus issues. But the Democrats have anti-gun morons and liars, and the silent).


DNC Memes

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This lists a series of meme's about the DNC (Democratic National Committee): note the goal is not always "fairness", this is more tit-for-tat, and if they're going to complain about the mote in their brothers eye, this is looking at the log in their own. In other words, the hypocrisy and double-standards that their side would mercilessly mock the other side on, if the show was on the other foot.