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How to shoot yourself in the dick? Be a Sporting Goods store named Dick's, then alienate a large swath of your customer base who are hunters and gun owners.

Cause and effect

Dick's CEO (Edward Stack) got preachy against some guns and banned "assault rifles" (see small caliber hunting rifles with a few plastic parts)[1]. They had done this once before, in 2012 [2], but they weren't serious -- just get the publicity, then do nothing. But this time they decided to destroy those weapons in a sign of solidarity with anti-2A fascists[3], then they decided to invent their own law/policy to NOT sell rifles to anyone under the age of 21 (despite the law saying the age is 18). Since that's against the law (age descrimination), they of course, got sued, and will likely settle or lose. [4]. Then they hired some anti-gun lobbyists to push for gun control[5].... and a few suppliers, advocacy groups and enthusiast decided a little tit-for-tat was in place.

  • The NRA-ILA (their institute for legislative action), took offense and responded accordingly, hurting Dick's [6]
  • The NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) decided to kick Dick's out[7]
  • Springfield Armory - has chosen to sever ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods, in a counter move to support 2nd Amendment rights. Results, Springfield sales are up, Dick's sales are down. [8]
  • MKS Supply (Hi-Point Firearms and Inland M1911s) told Dick's their business is no longer welcomed [9]
  • Mossberg (famous for their shotguns) has severed ties with Dick's.[10]

The results are a predictable drop in sales. [11]


In the end, I leave it to private companies to decide what their policies are. But when they choose to make up their own laws, and force-feed their customers their far-left, ignorance-based-agenda, then I choose to not buy anything from them again. This isn't a boycott, per say. I just take my purchases to places that want what my business, not to pry into my business, or try to tell me what to think or do.

So each of these snowflakes thinking their opinions are important, and trying to deliver their sanctimony to their customers, deserves to learn that actions have reactions. They can be Social Justice Warriors, but everyone who isn't (and has a triple digit IQ) is likely to just buy on-line or from Cabella's or their competitors. And maybe the board/investors can learn that Edward Stack is undermining the company, employees and investors that he claims to represent.


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Written: 2018.05.07