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I like Disney. I think they've done a lot of good stuff. But that doesn't mean they're beyond reproach and haven't done some crappy stuff too. These are just some articles on one or the other side of that issue.


Disney : 4 items

Beauty and the Beast (2017) -
My wife’s birthday, and she wanted to see Beauty and the Beast, though I wanted to go too: the live action version of an animated classic was sort of on the must see list. It did not disappoint. It got a 71% by reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes but 85% viewer scores, and the reason both were that low is likely that the snowflakes were melting over traditional gender roles, and others got bent over some gay references. Puhlease.

Jungle Book (2016) - I wasn't that interested in seeing the new live-action Disney Jungle Book: the original books being creepy and dark, with singing. But it was all the rage in India,so I checked Rotten Tomatoes and it was a high 95/92% approval, and I figured, I might as well see it, for social value. It was over-rated, but not bad.

Ricky Gervais - At the 2020 Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais did a monologue that finally told the self-important Hollywood elites how the rest of the country (and world) see them and their sanctimonious speeches at masturbatory award shows. It was the best award monologue ever. He trashed Apple, Amazon, Disney (perhaps unfairly), and the Hollywood elites sanctimony (completely deserved). It took a while to get to the punchline, but the whole thing had its moments, especially watching the Hollywood elites being uncomfortable with finally seeing themselves in the mirror. It almost made me regret not watching the rest of the show.

Star Wars - Star Wars... it's not just a series of movies, it's a cultural phenomena. I'm not a huge fan, but I've seen all of them to be up on pop-culture. And I don't mind them. 4 and 5 were good. 6 diverged as Lucas replaced Kurtz as Producer, took more control, and converted the series from serious adult story into merchandising for kids. Then Lucas ruined 1, 2, 3, and his re-edits of 4 let us know he was trite, shallow, and not good at listening to anyone with better instincts than his own. When Disney took over 7, 8, 9, Lucas criticized them for doing what he'd already done. And while none of them were great, they were better than any Lucas was most involved in (6, 1, 2, 3, or the re-edits of 4). And both Solo and Rogue 1 were the best (most adult) of the Series to me.



Written 2020.01.06