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Sunnyvale Dept of Public Safety is doing a gun buy-back Sept 29th (2018), along with a few other departments.[1]
  • Ignoring the math that since a used lorcin arms .380 goes for $29, and you can make a slam gun for $20 in parts, and they’re paying $100 pistol, there’s some real arbitrage opportunities.
  • Or others were talking about showing up with an FFL, and a sign that said, “I’ll pay $120/gun”, and raking in guns below market value from the gullible rubes.
  • A bunch of CalGunners were reporting the post for violating Facebook rules for advertising or buying/selling guns using the facebook site.

Hey, rules are rules. However, since Facebook doesn't follow their own rules, so it didn't matter. They allow buying/selling of guns, as long as it is economic stupidity. The rules only apply to conservatives or individuals: proving the corruption of Facebook. And at least a few people that are pro-Gun decided to leave the platform over the bigoted asshattery of Facebook.



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