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Annenberg's FactCheck.org is another lefty front posing as a non-partisan fact checker. Actually, since they started taking money from Facebook, they should be called Zuckerberg's FactCheck.org: follow the money. And Facebook is completely non-partisan and has no biases or agendas, right? LOL. History proves that FactCheck.org was partisan and bias, but since their acquisition by Facebook, it seems that they won't have even the false front of being a "J-School", which are all partisan, it's just Zuckerberg's sock-puppet.


Of course that doesn't mean I think that everything FactCheck says is wrong. It's just that if you pool a bunch of far left j-students as interns at a partisan location, and ask them to fact check things, what they choose to check, and omit, is unlikely to be completely fair. And when you have an echo-chamber, they seem especially susceptible to not knowing what they don't know. And if you don't have conservatives on staff, no one to sanity check your biases.

Here are a few examples of their mistakes: 6 items

  • Fact Checking Biases - There are many forms of bias when doing studies or trying to analyze data. When Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers, or the filters we put on what's real, it helps to keep a few of those in mind, like: Selection Bias (what they pick), Oversampling (picking the same thing over, or minute variants), Standards Bias (not holding both sides to the same standard), and so on.

There have been a few studies done, on one or another Fact Checking site, that proves that kind of bias for that site -- yet, you can and should probably genericize the results to all Fact Checkers; the problems of bias in journalism are systemic (don't seem localized). These problems are lightly concerning for trusting the validity of a single fact check, but as any single error is localized, it's not a big deal. But New Media (the Internet: Google, Facebook, the flock) is starting to use their own echo-chamber of fact-checkers to validate what is real or FakeNews in general. That is far more concerning -- as they scale their flawed solution, they're magnifying the problem. And they miss the fatal flaw: if all the samples have the same problem, then adding more samples doesn't fix it. This is how the aggregate polls were wrong in the 2016 election, because all the individual polls were wrong in the same way (read Trump Election: Orange is the new black. GIGO: Garbage-In = Garbage Out. Some rubes are doing that with our "news" or putting that herd filter their reality. The Germans, Italians and Japanese did that just prior to WWII, and it didn't work out too well, for the same reasons.

  • 2018.05 Cagegate - This FakeNews fiasco was the fallacy that Trump's new immigration policy was breaking up families and putting kids in cages. The omitted reality was criminals (border jumpers) have always had the kids separated from the adults, as you aren't sure who are parents, and detaining both in the same place risks harm to children. The media even used faked propaganda images from Obama era to sell it.
  • 2018.04.25 Bible Ban - You can have religious liberty, or a Democrat controlled government, but as California Assembly Bill 2943 shows, rarely both. Basically, it says no church or individual can practice "conversion therapy", or "pray the gay away". While I don't think those are useful, in a country with religious liberty, you don't outlaw stupid things just because you don't agree. And Fact Checkers like Snopes/FactCheck do their jobs and report the facts, instead of doing mental gymnastics to defend Democrats from themselves.
  • 2017.02.28 Sitting for Seal Widow - This is a famous case where the Democrats were remaining seated during Trump's first address to congress in 2017, in protest of his very existence. As Ben Shapiro wrote, the Democrats unfortuitously decided to keep their asses planted for the 2nd standing ovation for a Navy Seal who gave his life (and his widow), and PolitiFact, FactCheck and Snopes misrepresented their stories to not make the Democrats look as bad as their contemptuous partisan behavior had been for the whole night, or to make it look like Ben Shapiro had misrepresented things that he had not.
  • 2016.05.06 Birth of Birthers - Fact checkers (CNN, Politifact, Snopes, FactCheck) answered whether Hillary originated the Birther movement, and exonerated her. It was only her top strategists plan and her campaign staffers, but not her personally -- so they pretended that Trump was lying to imply she had anything to do with creating these rumors that her campaign gleefully twisted and spread. So dishonest.
  • 2013.05.16 Open Border Hillary - Wikileaks leaked the text of private, paid speech to a Brazilian bank where Clinton said: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders..." 3 years later, Politifact, FactCheck and CNN were claiming that Hillary never said or meant it, and spent their energies defending her reputation instead of communicating what was said and leaving it up to their readers.