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This one needs to be fleshed out a bunch. But Fake News and Fake Newsmen are nothing new. Some claim to be commedians, or commentators, many pretend to be serious New Journalists. But real Journalists are trained to just give all sides of a story and trust their readers. Anyone that decides what parts to omit, and if they don't edit both sides equally, is not a real newsman -- even if they're treated as one.

David Lettermen


Bill Maher


Edward R. Murrow


Dan Rather: CBS

Main article: Dan Rather: CBS
Dan Rather has it all, fired from CBS for failing to vet forged documents, suing CBS and losing, and still defending his actions to this day. To a career of sloppy rumormongering, from reporting JFK's death before he could have it verified, taking the Vietcong's side in the Vietnam war, dressing up as a mujahideen fighter during Afghanistan war, his career is a parody of Ron Burgundy.

Jon Stewart

{TBD} - Even his name is fake: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.

Brian Williams