Ford v Ferrari (2019)

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Ford v Ferrari (2019)
Any racing enthusiast knows the basics of the story. But I'm not really a racing enthusiast, and get a little bored with Hollywood's track shots (which isn't usually about the strategy/tactics of driving, but more about rubbing tires and flaming crashes). Still I was familiar enough with the basics, but I wanted to see it put on digital celluloid. Plus the reviews from friends were coming in that it was really good. While the race scenes were about what I expected, the story was well done and it was an entertaining couple house. Basically it tells the story of '66, '67, '68 Le Mans, where Ferrari insulted Ford, so Ford created the GT40 (with the help of Carol Shelby and Ken Miles) and kicked their Italian asses.

The story was a little Hollywooded (distorted) in ways that weren't really necessary -- but it was highly entertaining, and got the basics of how Ford was a big Bureaucracy that wanted to fuck things up, but you could get around it, if you were high exposure and had connections at the top. Surprisingly, it was a lot about personalities and characters and a lot richer than just another race film. And both reviews and viewers liked it (92/98 on Rotten Tomatoes). In the end, the parts you thought didn't really happen, likely did. And most of the misses or ad libs were in little things, like throwing a wrench, or fist fights. Overall, it was a good time at the movies, and one of the better movies of the year.


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