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"Gropegate" is a completely overloaded term, since the most popular way to slander a political opponent in recent years, is to accuse them of sexual harassment.. then trounce out one or more Women with claims ranging from "he said something that they felt was to sexually forward", to "he used his position to intimidate me into sleeping with him", all the way to various kinds of rape to slur their integrity. Thus there is no "one" gropegate -- there's Clinton, Schwarzenegger, Trump ("grabbing pussy" comments on tape, or specifically one of the women on a plane that said he did it to her), everyone in Hollywood, the media, and all those that helped them.


  1. Roger Ailes -
  2. George Herbert Walker Bush - multiple claims that the Octagonian patted their ass while taking photos. Whether that's the right height, or because of diminished capacity, the outrage seems somewhat opportunistic. If only the average Democrat charge was an ass pat. [1]
  3. Larry Craig - Senator - got caught hitting on men in airport bathroom stalls. If you question or out a gay liberal, you're a rat-bastard. But the media doing it to conservatives is sport.
  4. Bill O'Reilly -
  5. Mitt Romney - Bindergate -- had gone to Women's groups and asked for qualified to applicants to increase diversity, and hired them. The media mocked him for saying the Women's organizations brought him, "binders full of Women". (That bastard). [2] It was a news outrage for weeks. Double standard much?
  6. Clearance Thomas - sort of the start of all this (in modern times).
  7. Donald Trump - The same that media conspired to time the release of a video where Trump claiming "he grabbed women" (and they let him), was in moral outrage over such a thing... after the same folks had defended Bill Clinton for worse (molesting interns and raping staff). They forgot they had created the standard of "one free grope": as long as he didn't persist after she said, "no", it was fine [3]... so Trump was innocent by the standard they had defended a few years earlier.
  8. Roy Moore - 40 years after the event a couple of women with ties to Democrats and a history of sexual allegations, came forward at the worst time in an election with the help of Republican-Hating Washington Post, to claim that he dated teenage girls back when he was in his early 30's (but nothing inappropriate happened).


  1. Congressional candidate David Alcon - is arrested for stalking in New Mexico [4]
  2. Joe Biden - inappropriate touching [5]
  3. Senator Richard Blumenthal - accused of grabbing a woman 40 years ago [6]
  4. Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra - forced to resign amid allegations of widespread abuse. [7]
  5. Florida Democratic Party President Sally Boynton Brown resigns amidst sexual harassment controversy[8]
  6. Connecticut Democratic councilman Scott Chamberlain resigns after ‘furry’ profile revealed. [9]
  7. Florida Democratic Sen. Jeff Clemens resigns over sexual misconduct.[10]
  8. Bill Clinton - Juanita Broaddrick, Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewisnski. Connie Hamz , Bobbie Ann Williams, Sally Perdue, Eileen Wellstone, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, University of Arkansas Student, 22 Year old Yale Student, Lencola Sullivan, Elizabeth Ward-Gracen, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Kathy Ferguson, Susie Whitacre all came forward and accused Clinton of sexual assault, abuse, or rape. None other than renowned Feminist Gloria Steinem claimed that while Kathleen Willey claimed the president fondled her breast and placed her hand on his crotch, he stopped after he was told not to -- so no wrong-doing occurred, thus creating the "one free grope" rule. (As long as you stopped after she said to, you were innocent). When Trump professed to grab some strange (and they liked it / let him), suddenly the Clinton standard went out the window and progressive amnesia kicked in: that was only for Democrats. [3]
  9. Michigan Rep. John Conyers - gave a large hush-money settlement to a staffer who said she was fired because she would not “succumb to [his] sexual advances.” [11]
  10. New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo ignored pleas to investigate one of his staffers who was allegedly sexually harassing a woman. [12]
  11. California Democratic Senate leader Kevin de León - was burying evidence (covering up) for Mendoza.[13]
  12. Colorado Democratic House Speaker Crisanta Duran accused of ‘covering up’ sexual allegations against Democrat Steve Lebsock [14]
  13. Congressman Bob Filner - Rep. Diana DeGette accused him of sexually assaulting her. [15]
  14. Oklahoma Democratic lawmaker Will Fourkiller accused of sexual harassment [16]
  15. Barney Frank
  16. Al Franken - just a sleezy guy that demonstrates how to be a sexual harasser to Leeann Tweeden: unwanted kissing, perpetual degrading comments, groping while sleeping. And another woman (Lindsay Menz) that complained groping while awake, then a couple more came forward (anonymously). Class act. [17]
  17. Oregon Democratic lawmaker David Gomberg accused of inappropriately touching women. [18]
  18. Al Gore - He needed his Chakra's released, on multiple occasions, according to multiple masseuses' (and divorce papers) that claimed he asked them for a happy ending massage... and was highly resistant to taking "no" for an answer. [19]
  19. Jesse Jackson - Two people have come forward and accused the Reverend of sexual harassment and discrimination. [20]
  20. John F Kennedy - Took advantage (and the virginity) of a 19 y/o intern when he was 45 [21]. King's privilege?
  21. Teddy Kennedy - The only confirmed kill in the war on Women. Womanslaughter never bothered the left. You can murder Women, aid your family in raping them (his Cousin), and avoid being called misogynist -- as long as you're a fan of abortion and identity politics.[22]
  22. Democratic lawmaker Steve Lebsock - accused by 10 women of sexual harassment [23]
  23. California Democrat Sen. Tony Mendoza charged by 3 women of sexual harassment [24]
  24. Senator Bob Menendez - being tried on federal corruption charges, which included underage hookers. [25]
  25. Nevada Democratic Sen. Mark Manendo resigns amid numerous sexual harassment allegations. [26]
  26. Governor Candidate Bill O'Neill - bragged about bagging 50 Betty's, as his "vote for me" campaign slogan. [27]
  27. New Mexico Democratic legislator Sen. Michael Padilla accused of sexual harassment[28]
  28. Missouri Democratic Rep. Josh Peters accused of sexual harassment [29]
  29. Colorado Democratic Rep. Paul Rosenthal accused of sexual harassment and groping [30]
  30. Minnesota Democratic lawmaker Dan Schoen resigns over sexual harassment allegations [31]
  31. Illinois Democratic Sen. Ira Silverstein accused of sexual harassment [32]
  32. Democrat Rep. Calvin Smyre accused of sexual misconduct [33]
  33. Anthony Wiener
  34. Washington Democratic lawmaker Brendan Williams accused of sexual harassment [34]


  1. Roy Price - Amazon executive - one woman of sexual harassment. Resigned
  2. Kirt Webster - Webster Public Relations CEO - 1 woman of sexual harassment. Resigned
  3. SEIU there's no bigger business than Unions, and SEIU is a big one. Few are surprised at the allegations of Unions being places full of sexist pigs. At least five SEIU executives/workers have been accused in recent weeks. [35]


  1. Stephen Blackwell - Billboard magazine executive - 1 woman of sexual harassment. Resigned
  2. Hamilton Fish - publisher New Republic - multiple sexual harassment charges. Resigned
  3. Arianna Huffington / Huffington Post - many accusers claim she swept multiple cases of sexual harassment/abuse under the rug -- but sure was pissed over less by Trump. [36]
  4. Knight Landesman - Artforum publisher - multiple women of sexual harassment. Resigned
  5. Politico and NYT Editor Glenn Thrush - was quick to throw Halpern under the bus, but suspended and sent to rehab after 3 young women came forward with accounts of sexual predation (under the auspices of being a "mentor"). [37]
  6. Jann Wenner - Rolling Stone publisher - 1 man of sexual harassment.
  7. Leon Wieseltier - editor New Republic - multiple sexually harassment charges.
  8. Vice Media - a dozen former and current employees talk about the sexually toxic culture for women inside Vice Media[38]


  1. Ben Affleck - multiple gropes and inappropriate touching and suggestions coming to light. [39]
  2. John Besh - Celebrity Chef - 25 women of sexual harassment
  3. Louis C.K - Comedian - 3 women of sexual misconduct
  4. Bill Cosby - Comedian - 60 women of rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct
  5. Richard Dreyfuss - Actor/Director - 1 woman (Hollywood Writer Jessica Teich) accused him of sexual harassment [40]
  6. Lena Dunham - defends her producer, as she's an expert on fake-rape allegations, but has admitted to incest rape, and is accused of being a racist. [41]
  7. Gary Goddard - Director-producer - 1 man, sexually molesting him @ age 12
  8. Mark Halperin - Journalist w/ABC news - 12 women of sexual harassment
  9. Dustin Hoffman - Actor - 1 woman sexual harassment when she was 17, he apologized
  10. Robert Knepper - Actor - 1 woman of sexual assault
  11. John Lasseter - Pixar/Disney Producer - multiple accusations of "missteps" [42]
  12. Michael Oreskes - NPR news chief - 4 women of sexual harassment
  13. Jeremy Piven - Actor - 3 women of sexual misconduct
  14. Roman Polanski - Director - multiple accusations of rape, including ass-raping a 13 year old actress and fleeing the country. But Hollywood only had great things to say about him and his career for decades.
  15. Brett Ratner - Filmmaker - 7 women of sexual harassment
  16. Charlie Rose - CBS/PBS - 8 women of sexual harassment [43]
  17. Chris Savino -Producer for Nickelodeon- 12 women of sexual harassment
  18. Steven Seagal - Actor - 2 women of rape
  19. Jerry Seinfeld - Commedian - Dated a 17 year old. While nothing untoward likely happened (everything appears consensual), the point is the difference on how the media treated their larger different, to that of what the younger Roy Moore might have done, 40 years ago (in 1979).
  20. Russell Simons - Partnered with Brett Ratner to entice 17 year old model (Claussen Khalighi) into their room, and raped her. [44]
  21. Kevin Spacey - Actor - 14 men of sexual misconduct
  22. Oliver Stone - Melissa Gilbert claims Stone wrote a special revenge audition for her, that required her to get on all fours and beg, “Do me, baby.” [45]
  23. Jeffrey Tambor - Actor - 1 woman sexual misconduct
  24. James Toback - Writer-director - 100's of women of sexual harassment
  25. Matthew Weiner - creator of Mad Men - 1 woman of sexual harassment
  26. Harvey Weinstein - Producer - 12+ women, sexual harassment. Serial mollestor of Women for 30 years[46] -- and more importantly, Democratic Bundler that contributed heavily to Hillary, Obama and others. Everyone knew it was going on for years, it was a running joke in Hollywood.[47] Until finally some PR critical mass is achieved, then he's sacrificed at the alter of shame. Democrats appear to not have a problem with the behavior, only with getting caught.
  27. Ed Westwick - Actor - 2 women of sexual assault

Facilitators & Hypocrites

  • The media (NBC, NYT, CBS, ABC, NYT, etc) - they had all been suppressing the story about powerful Democrats sexual harassment (Weinstein, Clinton, etc), but when it's Trump doing less, they are shocked and can't stop talking about it for months longer than when it's one of their own. [48]
  • Twitter punished the whistleblower and suspended her (Rose McGowan) account for exposing the criminal -- the way progressives usually turn on anyone that disagrees with them and backs it up with facts. [49]
  • Saturday Night Live - Many of them came out in mass to defend Al Franken. While he's a sexist harasser, he's an alum, and they put that over any women he assaulted, made uncomfortable or pressured. [50]

  1. Gloria Allred - by enabling false claims (like Beverly Young Nelson), she provides excuses for ignoring valid complaints. And if she believed Beverly/Yearbook was valid, she wouldn't resist releasing it.
  2. Joy Behar - hypocrite enablers. Scolds Kellyanne Conway for defending Moore, defended Clinton for rape, groped Robin Williams, and more. If you're going to be sanctimoneous, don't get caught being a hypocrite. [51]
  3. Hillary Clinton - Worse than Bill's behavior of serial sexual assault, was Hillary's attack on the Bimbo squad, while simultaneously pretending she was an advocate for Women. Bill was an honest cad: you know what you were getting. Hillary was a dishonest rape facilitator, that abused victims of Bill, again. One could argue that Bill's bumbling would have got him thrown out much sooner with Hillary managing the smear campaign against his victims, and she was the bigger abuser.
  4. Matt Damon called to kill a NYT story that might have exposed Weinstein. [52]
  5. Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin - At the Emmy's Spoke about in 1980 movie (9 to 5), and refusing to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot, then compared the boss to Trump. Never called out any of the other sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigots in Hollywood, or the rapist Bill Clinton
  6. Jimmy Kimmel's "guess what's in my pants". Again, I don't begrudge the game -- I just have a problem with the double standard of being santimoneously shocked by Trump doing less. [53]
  7. Brad Pitt knew, but remained silent. [54]
  8. George Clooney claims he never "saw" it. Sure, but did he ever hear any women that complained or men that bragged and remained silent? For a many that wants Hollywood to be the moral conscience of the country, isn't looking the other way and not investigating, taking the low road? He either is stupid, or immoral (on this issue) and either doesn't bode well for being taken seriously. [55]. And he has his own issues with harassment [56]
  9. Meryl Streep, wasted one acceptance speech slamming President Trump for doing less. But who said in her acceptance speech for Iron Lady, “I want to thank God — Harvey Weinstein.” (The latter for campaigning for her 3rd Oscar, and molesting countless starlets). Again, ignorance is the best defense she has, but blatant hypocrisy seems more likely.
  10. Barbara Walters - Scolds Corey Feldman on TV for coming forward as a victim of sexual abuse (Corey Haim was also a victim) [57]
  11. Elizabeth Warren - Defends Al Franken, or at least evades condemning the actions [58]


111417 SexualHarassment column fig 2 1040px.png

I don't like seeing anyone get hurt, but there's something delicious about watching sanctimonious hypocrites fall.

Here's a chart by VOX and Center for American Progress (far far left site, with a history of distortion), that does a breakdown by sector.

It shows "accommodation and food services industry", which includes restaurants, coffee shops, hotels as the worst. But remember, it's not:

  • adjusting by the size of the sector
  • they also don't explain if that's patrons or employers
  • or the severity of the complaints
  • it's self reported (so it could be that other sectors like entertainment are worse, they just remain silent)

So odds are, in the services industry, it's likely the public with an occasional drunk douche slapping a hostess or maid on the ass, which while "not acceptable behavior" in anyone's book, is not exactly to the level of a manager coercing sex under threat of unemployment. All of it is wrong. But there are degrees of wrong. So the chart is offered for completeness, though I'm not sure how much weight I'd give it.


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