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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about Guns, or in the gun control debate. People should know all these answers before participating in a gun discussion. Each of the answers is a link that dives into the evidence that supports the answer. 3 items

Is the 2A only for the militia?

There are a few fallacies, invented by progressives in the 1930’s and 1960’s to try to violate the Constitution by re-inventing what 2nd Amendment meant. Like the 2A is dependent on being in the Militia (National Guard), when the National Guard wasn't created for 100+ years after the constitution, the militia meant "all men not in the army", and it wasn't dependent on it -- it was what is known as a nominative absolute (unnecessary support).

Does gun-control lead to genocide?

Of course not every time... just more often than not. Put another way, not all gun control leads to genocide, but virtually every genocide was precipitated and facilitate by gun control. Since gun control has no good (positive) correlation with crime, suicide or murder rates the obvious question is why risk it?

Are AR-15 bullets high powered?

The AR-15 uses a high velocity but low powered hunting bullet. The reason for this fast and light strategy was because it's easier to shoot at shorter ranges (where most combat happens), and troops can carry more rounds. But in power or lethality, or range, it is one of the lowest powered rifle rounds.