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Mike Pence went to see the rap-musical about Alexander Hamilton. And was rewarded by the classless audience with boos, and by the less classy cast, with a call-out and civil lecture about how inclusive they all are, and welcome him to be (with bitten tongue snark implying that he/Trump are bigots). [1] The motto seems to be: never miss an opportunity to lower the bar, or whine when this gets reflected back.

Divided we fall

Of course a divided nation, responded by being divided between those that understand tact and civility, and the rest. [2]

NOTE: There’s a lot of democrats that “got it” and wen’t impressed, so it's just the majority that gave the rest a bad name.[3] This is what "when they go high, we go low", looks like.

Many coastal's ignored decorum and sensitivity and claimed it was a perfectly civil sanctimonious lecture, so nothing was wrong at all. And they have a minor point, the lecture itself wasn’t rudely written, just the act of calling out an individual in the audience is rude. I explain it thusly:

  • An audience member has paid for his ticket — but unless he purchased it knowing that it was a participation piece, he expects not to be chided or harangued when just taking his family to a show. They are entitled to receive the service free of prejudice — and a call out on their differences is not that. Failure to deliver that, actually gives him potential legal recourse (or at least the right to demand an apology).
  • When an audience boos another member, that’s a form of harassment. When the the stage tells them to stop boo’ing, that’s good. But when it’s only so they can lecture the person and intimidate them more, that not so good. That’s targeted, unusual (not the norm) and a form of aggressive intimidation. It certainly didn’t make Pence or his security feel comfortable amongst friends.
  • If they want to put themselves in the other sides shoes, then imagine this: Obama goes to NASCAR/Country Music Concert or a Rodeo, and the audience boo’s him as he came in, and at the end of the show, the entertainers explain (civilly) how they disagree with him: "Obama, unlike you, we're less tolerant of human rights abuses than you, and believe appeasement of regimes that murder dissidents and gays (such as Cuba or Iran has done), is a bad thing".... and then the audience cheered that public shaming/airing of grievances. Do you sincerely think that wouldn’t be considered a hostile or impolite act (despite the civility of the message)? The left and media would find that as offensive as a Congressmen expressing his free speech rights by proclaiming “you lie” during a speech, just because the President was actually lying at the time (as was proven later). [4]
  • Free speech is fine. If the cast was interviewed and responded with their opinions later, that’s completely acceptable. But during the play, it is just the wrong time/place for lectures from sanctimonious hypocritical thespians. The fact that they (the cast and their supporters) are tacky (or self-centered) enough to not understand that the other side isn't going to a show to be lectured on the merits of multi-culturalism, shows a failure of manners and tact in that community. That they and the media would fully get and rail against, if the shoe was on the other foot.

And the context is that part of the reason the coastal elites lost the election, was because most of middle America found them crass and their complaints too shrill. They were tired of being called racists and bigots by the PC-gestapo for just wanting reasonable immigration controls, especially against threats like globalization taking away their jobs, and Islamic radical fundamentalists taking away folks lives. In response to that democratic scolding, the far-left had apoplexy exaggerating more everything about how bigoted Trump and his supporters are. Why I haven't seen Democrats this mad since the Republicans took away their slaves, or asked them to stop interning the Japanese.


When anyone questioned Obama’s conviction to uphold the Constitution, for flagrantly ignoring it over his term, the left cried foul and how rude it was -- even when it was in more civil settings. But a thespian does it for someone who isn’t even in office yet, let alone done anything in office (let alone anything wrong), and they’re all for it.

Plus, the cast missed the irony that:

  1. their own casting calls for the same play included “whites need not apply” (seriously)[5]
  2. by a cast that was too lazy to vote
  3. and by a black actor that made jokes on twitter about raping drunk white chicks (in the name of inclusiveness). [6]
  4. this wasn’t the first time: when Netanyahu saw the show, he too was heckled.[7]

It seems in identity politics, inclusiveness only applies to the other side, or the folks mad at pence would take some offense at those who tackily called him out. .

Trump's response

Trump made it worse (as always), by demanding an apology on Twitter for his VP, but he’s the un-politically correct President. And his actions were in response to classlessness, so he gets a buy, since it was in retaliation for an insult, instead of an unprovoked attack in the wrong venue. And what he said wasn't wrong.

While Pence took the higher road, with claims that he “wasn’t offended”... of course that’s all a politician can do without looking petty/thin skinned. So Pence was forced into an awkward corner by the rude cast. [8]

History Lesson

The irony around Hamilton and Democrats behaving badly, is that actions have consequences. And if mocking people for saying things you don’t like is OK, then let’s mock their blindness and stupidity.

Here's some reminders of the history that their play is really about:

  • Hamilton was a patient Vice-President and the ultimate Wall Street banker and Republican. C. W. Cooke put it, "For the record, Alexander Hamilton was an immigration hawk who endorsed the Alien and Sedition Acts and wanted to deport troublemakers.” — e.g. the Trump platform. Yup a play about a nationalist, an opponent of uninhibited democracy, the creator of the electoral college (which the democrats hate), a supporter of tarrifs, and someone who believed in restricting immigration at times for the good of the nation. Why wouldn't Pence want a lecture on inclusiveness from actors who had no idea about the history of the characters they were playing?
  • Pence was bullied by liberals booing the Vice-President Elect, then the crowd sided with the King George character ridiculing Pence with, "You’re on your own”, in a song where the mad King George (the snob), is telling working-class America they will never make it without the Brits. If the audience was historically literate enough to get the irony, they might feel shame. But they weren't. [9]
  • Bullying is bad in all cases, except if it’s Democrats lecturing or being snotty to Trump or his cabinet or supporters. They don’t even get the hypocrisy of what they did.
  • It's OK to refuse equal service when it’s an actor criticizing republicans, or with clothing designers (Sophie Theallet) refusing their services to minorities/immigrants (Malania Trump), while they simultaneously criticizing Republicans for being rude to immigrants, or saying that bakers should be able to refuse services to things they don’t support. Seems bigotry is allowed, but only if it’s for left-leaning ideological reasons. [10]
  • As a friend wrote, "This morning as I pondered the best way to reform the federal laws and regulations concerning medical care, it occurred to me that I didn't know what Dancer #3 in Hamilton thought”.


Then there’s the meme’s that sum things up:

If you’re trying to get the new party in power to be inclusive and compromising, you might start by being gracious losers, instead of sanctimonious lecturers, and projecting your own poor sportsmanship on them, when they come to see a play to show unity.

Once one side behaves poorly, and heckles the audience, then why shouldn’t the audience be rude and heckle the stage back? And that's exactly what happened.[11] Isn't it great when both sides follow the lead of the Democrats towards politicization and divisiveness?

So while the stage idiots claimed they wanted inclusiveness and unification, if you can think of cause and effect, the truth was they worked towards the opposite, whether they were bright enough to recognize it or not.[12]


I don't buy a football ticket for the athletes (entertainers) to ram their moronic political interests down my throat. Nor did I buy a play ticket with the expectation that they'd single me out as a viewer for heckling, under the false flag of "caring about diversity" from a hypocritica,l misgynist, bigoted cast. So if they want to protest, that's fine. If they want to be the waitress that lectures me on my dinner choice (for picking veal: which is really none of her f'in business), then a restaurant that valued their patrons and would fire their asses. Fortunately, for the actors, the owners don't have that level of class or caring. But whatever backlash they get, protests, interruptions, heckling, or boycotts, is what they asked for by turning a simple evening of entertainment, into yet another way we can’t escape stupid liberals and their sanctimonious hypocrisy.


More Links

Trump is like Alexander Hamilton

  • Trump is the boorish offspring of a minor real estate fortune who has spent most of his life trying to buy his way into New York's old money aristocracy. Hamilton was the bastard progeny of a minor Caribbean merchant fortune who married his way into New York's old money aristocracy.
  • Trump is a trade protectionist. Hamilton invented the American school of trade protectionism.
  • Trump wants massive infrastructure expenditures on public works projects. Hamilton wanted massive infrastructure expenditures on canals, harbors, and roadways.
  • Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants and restrict pathways to citizenship. Hamilton was the architect of the Alien and Naturalization Acts of 1798, which empowered the president to deport illegal immigrants and restricted pathways to citizenship.
  • Trump wants to use libel laws to silence reporters who criticize him. Hamilton waged an extended libel lawsuit against Greenleaf's Argus, a New York newspaper that criticized him.
  • Trump views free speech that criticizes him as traitorous and insinuates it should be illegal. Hamilton used the Sedition Acts to deem newspapers that criticized him as traitorous and have their editors imprisoned.
  • Trump believes that illegal immigrants cost him the popular vote on election day. Hamilton accused Thomas Jefferson of winning the 1800 election with illegal immigrant voters.
  • Trump routinely makes militaristic threats to use the army to forcibly resolve political conflicts around the world. Hamilton deployed the army to shut down a minor whiskey tax protest that was already being resolved in the civilian courts.
  • Trump thinks hundreds of secret ISIS cells have infiltrated our borders and are about to carry out terrorist attacks. Hamilton thought hundreds of secret French Jacobins had infiltrated our borders and were about to foment a reign of terror.
  • Trump uses the distant threat of a war with China to drum up domestic support for tariffs, economic nationalism, and military spending. Hamilton used the distant threat of a war with France to drum up domestic support for tariffs, economic nationalism, and military spending.
  • Trump is a master of hiding massive amounts of debt and insolvency that accumulated from his companies' many bankruptcies. Hamilton created our first national banking system.
  • A video of Trump's salacious sexcapades was leaked to the media on the eve of his election. Hamilton's salacious love letters to his mistress, along with evidence that he had paid off her husband with money he laundered through the Treasury Department, were leaked to a newspaper prior to the 1798 congressional election.
  • Trump uses Breitbart to promote his political attacks and spread trashy conspiratorial rumors about his opponents. Hamilton co-founded the New York Post for the same purpose.
  • Trump routinely picks fights with politicians and celebrities on twitter over inane grievances about personal insults. Hamilton got himself involved in at least 10 different duels over petty insults and political disputes.
  • Trump brags that he could shoot a man in public in broad daylight and his supporters would still adore him. Hamilton tried to shoot a man in public in broad daylight, failed, and his supporters adore him for it over 200 years later.