Hillary Clinton: Vandals

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While some partisan sources (FakeNews) will try to spin it as minor “pranks”[1] , reflecting the Clinton Administration’s classlessness, the GAO’s understatements of the severity admitting that they did widespread vandalism to the WhiteHouse totally $13-14K in total damages — things like glue on desk drawers, profane signs, graffiti and insults on voice mail, destroying 62 computer keyboards and 26 cell phones, massive cleaning bills and stealing or breaking doorknobs, medallions, office signs and the large presidential seal.[2]

Of course when the allegations went public, the Democrats tried to spin it that it wasn't THAT bad, and it was tacky of the Republicans to whine about it and make felonious destruction of public property look like anything bad[3]

FactCheck did some DNC water carrying around this, making some excuses for it, or at least downplaying it: