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Places we've lived, owned, or had as rental properties. Where you're from and what experiences you had, sort of define us -- or at least leave marks. Plus re-visiting them in pictures brings back memories.

Home Tours

San Jose Home

Home Virtual Tour for our San Jose home. You just click on the various arrows (or floorplan) to nav various rooms of our home.
Main article: 1040KC

Ohio Home

I wrote a Home Virtual Tour App for the Ohio Newspapers (and Realtors). I recreated the App/Solution using Wiki-Macros. You just click on the various arrows to see various rooms of our home.
Main article: 1200MV

Other Homes

Grovewood.png1974- My growing up home. Mom still lives there with Marcus.
Curtner.JPG2008-2010 When my wife and I came to San Jose, we rented this place for a couple years until we bought KC.
Caminito Festivo.pngxxx-xxx San Diego (Scripps Ranch). This burned to the ground in the Cedar Fire of 200x, after we had moved out.
Brownlee-GG.pngxxx-xxx Garden Grove. Ah, 3rd and 4th grade twice, I have lots of memories of that place, from losing my virginity, to getting a big toenail ripped off wearing sandals when a gym door opened.
TowneCenterDrive.pngThis was our first place in San Diego. Loved being across the street from the mall (lots of things walkable). And while we didn't have a view, we had a hot exhibitionist neighbor who had a full size window in her shower.
CabrilloRedwoods.jpgMy first property -- a little 1 bedroom Townhome I bought in Santa Ana. Transitional neighborhood: this is where I pulled a gun on some kids for trying to break into a car: Grand Theft Auto. [1].
1436Pinewood.jpg1987-1991 Fullerton. Right before I bought my first condo. Roommate (Gary Blitz) did underground nightclubs, Limo Parties with Depeche Mode, and we housed underage run-aways.
209CHapmanHall.jpg1982-1983 My College Dorm @ Olivette Nazarene University. [2]
106PierPoint.pngWhile working a startup (PowerSchool) in Folsom (Sacramento), this is where we called home. We became friends with the landlord, and we both moved to Austin later, and stayed in touch for years.
101A5Redding.pngWhen I first moved to San Jose, I rented a room (Crash-pad).
18040SantaCecilia.pngFountain Valley - from 1st-3rd Grade. Neighbor across the street was into car racing, fell into the pool next door. Around the corner new a French couple who fed me snails (escargot), got my bike stolen at the school, or in the yard.

Rental Properties

650ElkoReno.jpgOur first 4-plex in Reno.
4508Duval.JPGOur Austin Townhome that we kept as a rental for many years.

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