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Ilhan Omar (Somali-American) is a racist anti-semitic Muslim who is Minnesota's congressional representative (D). She's advocated for far left causes with far left dishonesty: like vilifying ICE, the Travel ban, and criticizing Israel's settlement policy. She supports the racist BDS movement, Nation of Islam, David Duke supported her, and she made tweets like "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel". Substitute "blacks" for Israel to decide if that's racist or not. After Democrats started admitting she was being anti-semitic, she apologized by blaming "AIPAC, the NRA and the fossil fuel industry" for her actions. [1]


Here's a but more on Ilhan Omar, and the left's double standards with ignoring their racists, while sensationalizing the other side: Ilhan Omar : 11 items

The Master Baiter -
Trump is either a communications genius, or the media/left are complete idiots to be outclassed by a self gratifying dolt. Look at the basics of the latest histrionics over (1) the Racist attack on fab-four: Trump shit-tweets how radical the most fanatical 4 in the far left party, "The Squad" are. The left has to defend them (defining themselves as like them), or admit he was right. (2) The next week it is about Baltimore: Trump shit-tweets the truth about how bad Elijah Cummings district is. The left and the media can admit truth, or make fools of themselves calling him a racist and denying reality: they choose the latter.

The far-left and their media keeps going with "anything Trump says is wrong".... so he keeps saying, "the sun is bright" and they keep saying, "no it is NOT, that's racist!" And the sane public remembers the abrasive truth of Trump, and the foolish dishonesty of the media/left. And the Democrats think they're winning? Either he’s intentionally baiting them, as part of his plan, or they’re so incompetent that they can’t beat a bumbling buffoon and his shit tweets. So if Trump's an idiot, they are dumber. Or he's been using the left's constant under-estimation of him, to bait them into shooting themselves in the foot. (They win the little fight, by losing the bigger one). And the #resistance can't stop falling for it. Either doesn’t bode well for the left.

Racist attack on The Squad -
Trump insults the fab-4 of Anti-Americanism: the far left progressive caucus that's going to get him re-elected. His quip against their (freshmen Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley) constant dishonest rants about how bad America is, and how great everywhere else is, is the age old comment, "you should go fix there first", only he added "and then come back and show us how it's done". Idiots like AOC pretended that this was about race and that Trump didn't know where they were from and was telling all people of her kind to get out. It was more personal/targeted than that. FakeNews outlets like CNN propagated the lie in their headline and omitted key context. But anyone who read his tweets knew better, which is why CNN intentionally didn't link to the source. CNN's pundits made the same claim about Melania, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (before and after Trump): proving either CNN is racist, or this kind of attack is normal fare in politics and on CNN. Only when Republicans do it, it's racist. Pelosi escalated to try to create a resolution condemning these xenophobic tweets (rolls eyes), this is all to cover for the anti-American sentiments of the freshman democrats.

Racism Claims - Ilhan has had a series of racially insensitive claims, especially against Jews/Israel. Not all of them are up to MY standards of racism (racially insensitive isn't racist, unless the folks believe the entire race is inferior to another) -- but that's not the standard the left uses. By their standards, she'd be racist, so they want to do nothing to censure her, because she's a Democrat and a protected class. A Republican would have been excoriated for a fraction of the following:
  1. saying that the only reason Republicans support Israel is their money and AIPAC.
  2. She supports the anti-semitic BDS (boycott, divest and sanction) movement which wants to destroy Israel
  3. claimed pro-Israel lawmakers hold dual loyalty, twice (touching on an old racist trope, and doubling down when called on it)
  4. claimed that Israel (Jews) "hypnotized the world" and did "evil things", both also old racist dirty-Jew tropes .
  5. If you think people like you are better than everyone else, and those that aren't are inferior, you're a racist. Like she does with constantly bragging about the women of color, and demeaning those who aren't.
  6. If you falsely claim someone else is racist, that's racist. (Assuming you only do that to people who aren't of color). Omar does this to individuals and the entire nation. If you don't agree with her, and aren't of color, you're a racist. (Which means she's a racist to judge everyone by their color and see them through that lens).
  7. In 2018, when asked by Al Jezeera about some people's legitimate concerns about Jihadist terrorism, she dodged and claimed "the country should be more fearful of White Men", and we should be profiling, monitoring and racially profiling, to prevent their radicalization. She might have been trying to flip the attack around, but it was awkward, math challenged and racist. Can you imagine if Trump said something so gosh about Blacks or Muslims? To date, no "journalist" has bothered to ask her to defend/clarify that inflammatory claims, but a few Fake Facts outlets like Politifact tried to carry her water and make excuses for it.

Omar and Les Miserables - She was talking to High School kids and described a "sweet, old ... African American lady" who got arrested for stealing a $2 loaf of bread to feed her starving 5-year-old granddaughter and spent the weekend in jail, to talk about racial injustice. Omar embellished that she was in the courtroom when the sentence was handed down and, “I couldn’t control my emotions, because I couldn’t understand how a roomful of educated adults could do something so unjust. Bulls--t!” she screamed. Only the city doesn't arrest people for shoplifting, the punishment is a 3 hour class. Even left of PRAVDA Bezos Blog (Washington Post) denounced her story, saying it "echoed the plot of Les Miserables." When confronted Omar admitted, “She might have had a prior [arrest], I’m not sure…The details might not have all matched, but that’s what I remember.”

Omar and Al Qaeda - Ilhan did a 2013 interview where she joked and giggled about Al Qaeda and compared them to the U.S. military which she claimed did acts of terrorism (such as the Westgate shopping mall terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya). And she said, “When I think of al Qaeda, I can hold my chest out.” Of course that attack she named wasn't the U.S. military, and equating the two and joking about it comes across to many as defending Muslim terrorism. Especially added to her claims that, “CAIR was founded after 9/11, because they recognize that some people did something, and then all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”. CAIR (a racist organization) was founded far earlier, and "some people" sounded like minimizing Islamic extremism. She's tone-deaf to her own bigotry, but happy to throw the term around casually against anyone she disagrees with. And the left defends her for being far worse than Trump, then vilifies him. Hypocrisy much?

Married her brother - There's a rumor that she married her brother (Ahmed Hirsi) to get around immigration law. There is no doubt that something extremely suspicious and illegal (immigration fraud) appears to be going on, and has been known for some time. But she won't answer questions about it and attacks anyone who asks as racist. Leftist news sources like Snopes seem to be disinterested and only cover it to do very cursory investigations and find excuses to waive off any accusations as conspiracy theory. But David Steinberg (at powerline) has a lot of interesting points that are not just wild conspiracy stuff. There's more than enough to do a deep investigation of any conservative -- but the press seems to take her word that there's nothing there. (Their job is not to trust, but to verify).

2019.08.14 Israel boycotts the Squad - "The Squad", or at least Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, planned on going to Israel, meet with terrorist, do a bunch of PR stuff to support terrorists, and mock and annoy Israel. Israel had other plans and denied permission for the visit. Because Trump publicly tweeted his support for Israel banning them, the Press/left took the opposite position and made a lot of FakeNews around the topic (NYT, CNN, etc). But the truth is:
  • (1)They were NOT an emissary or dignitary of the U.S. government, these are low level government functionaries, visiting in a non-government capacity or they'd be violating the Logan Act. Thus there's no slight to the State Department, or the U.S. government.
  • (2) These are people that have encouraged economic warfare to Israel (BDS movement), refused to condemn terrorism or human rights (Female Genital Mutilation), aided and abetted Israel's enemies (terrorist organizations), were planning on visiting terrorist organizations while there, and they even called their trip a "Delegation to Palestine".

2019.04.12 Some People - Ilhan Omar was on video saying the terrorist supporting, anti-semitic CAIR, was founded because they recognized "Some people did something", meaning Islamic Terrorists took down the Twin Towers on 9/11. Fair was actually founded nearly a decade earlier. President Trump tweeted the video because it shows the truth about the left's PC apologism for 9/11. The left couldn't argue the facts, so they put their lie-machine in overdrive. WaPo FakeNews'ed by trying to claim that Bush said it too... before we'd identified the source of the attack (as if the context was the same). Atlantic tried to deflect for her. Other operatives for the DNC pretended that Trump was inciting violence or islamaphobia by showing the video of Ilhan's own words. This is moronic, the Republicans love her! She's the poster-child for stupid, racist (anti-Semitic), Politically Correct terrorist apologism. They need her to run-against in 2020. They're more likely to hire a security detail for her, than wish any harm on her. But still, Dems started a "#IStandWithIlhan", and cries about poor her, for having her own message magnified. The fake pearl clutching is an insult to our intelligence, and is obvious gaslighting.

2019.03.11 NBC puff-piece on racism - The NBC spin was that Ilhan's anti-Israeli commends aren't racist, because her district doesn't see them as a problem. Buried in 6 paragraphs into the article are hints that many are having problems with her racist comments. Others (WaPo, SFGate, etc), who have looked into think NBC is whitewashing it, as they found more serious concerns. The DNC couldn't bring themselves to spank her for her anti-semitism, instead they denounced all hate (except against conservatives), and didn't mention what prompted the issue.

2019.03.08 Obama Fraud - Omar attacked the Obama administration, saying "Hope and Change was a fraud", condemning drone strikes, and the caging of kids on the border. She earns a gold star for apply the same standards to both side: 🌟. Since democrats called anyone on the right who attacked an Obama policy a racist, doesn't that make her a racist too? 🙊 Of course she then lied and claimed she was taken out of context... and the audio proves she wasn't (and was lying).

2019.03.07 David Duke - The Grand Wizard of the KKK (emeritus), called Ilhan Omar, “[the] most important member of the US Congress”. Whenever Duke, Spencer or another racist said less about Trump or a Republican, the Democrat Media Complex goes off their rocker, "see RACIST!". CNN reported it 172+ times for Trump/Duke alone, zero for Ilhan. While I don't think a racist saying they agree with you on something automatically makes you a racist, the hypocrisy of the left having two standards is offensive: pick one standard for both sides.


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