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I have family in Iran, an Iranian Birth Certificate, and it's where much of my family comes from. This is a collection of stories about Iran.

Iran Related Articles

Countdown to Zero Day


My knowledge runs deep into security, but I loved the book: through I wanted it a bit more technical in some areas and a bit tighter overall. Definitely a good book for futurists who want to think about what the future might look like as these hacks and attacks become more common.

City of Lies


“City of Lies” by Ramita Navai. Ramita is a bit of a Social Justice Warrior, traveling the world and telling you what's wrong with it. Tehran, Iran was seen through that lens. Still, very interesting vignettes that point out a lot of the hypocrisy and contradictions, as any outside culture would look to "outsiders". Definitely worth the read, if you like cultural travel books.

Islamic Phrases

I'm not a cunning linguist, nor a middle eastern expert -- but my Dad is Iranian and Muslim, as is 1/2 my family, and being "not from here" means I've been more observant of different cultures than most. Just like when you say "Fuck you", it rarely means want to copulate with them, when middle easterners say some phrases like "Death to America", or "God is good" (Allahu Ahbar), it probably shouldn't be literally translated either.

Iran Nuclear Deal


Like most things Obama did, he fucked up negotiations with Iran. He signed a shitty deal, in the worst way possible, and Trump fixed it by wiping the slate clean and starting over, and Obama had his usual impotent tantrum over that. Obama didn't even require the Iranians to sign the deal, and he didn't ratify it through the senate (it was no treaty). While I'm not sure if throwing the whole deal away was the right move, it's easy to see why keeping wasn't, and why signing it was a disaster. And anyone that claims Trump hurt the U.S.'s credibility by not following the terms of a non-signed deal, that wasn't in our interests, is completely clueless about what all those words mean.

Written: 2018.05.08